Wednesday morning buffet

Grab your plate and get your day started…

  • I missed this when it was initially posted, but Ivan Maisel shares something Texas AD DeLoss Dodds has to say about slowing down the conference expansion talk“Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds believes all the nerves on edge because of expansion could be calmed if the NCAA passed legislation removing the minimum of 12 members needed to stage a conference championship game. Then there would be no need to add members in order to jumpstart revenue…” Okay, but then what would be the point of playing a round robin schedule in the Big East or Pac-10?
  • This isn’t about football, but I’m not pleased that Kentucky was able to out-recruit Georgia for this student-athlete.  A school with our obvious resources should never lose out on a player like Fetch.
  • Spencer Hall is rather colorfully upset with Turner Gill’s decision to ban cursing at Kansas’ practices.
  • Bobby Bowden’s tower stood empty on FSU’s first day of spring practice.
  • The header on Mike Hugenin’s preview of South Carolina says it all.
  • Don’t miss this look back at one of my favorite Dawgs of all time, Jake Scott.  I think of him every time I walk up to Stegeman.
  • And cocknfire posts the mother of all did-Urban Meyer-do-Tim Tebow-right examinations.


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9 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    I think I have read the Jake piece before, but Godamighty….Jake Scott….Godamighty….seeing him play it was like having 12 men on the field on defense, absolutely amazing sense of where the ball was going..and double gulp…that was what? 43 years ago?

    Jesus. I gotta go call Medicare about my arthritis prescription.

    Jake Scott…jesus


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    RE: Fetch Who is Tom Calipari?


  3. Thinking Bulldog

    “Rather colorfully.” LMAO. The best EDSBS post ever was Orson’s breakdown of the 2007 Georgia Florida game.


  4. bulldoggg

    Jake Scott and Bill Stanfield


  5. Alex

    It’s Stanfill both were great players on that team.imo Billy Payne another teammate has the best job ever. lol


  6. stick jackson

    How did Scott manage a 90-yard punt return? Why would you have your best athlete back in that situation, with orders to bring it to the house if he can, when you could have a back up QB calling for a fair catch?

    As you say Senator, the staff has just convinced itself that there is no hope of executing on some pretty basic stuff. One hopes running down and making a tackle on a KO is back in our repertoire, but there is still this.

    Maybe Grantham is just bidding his time until he builds up enough credibility to be able to say in a coaches’ meeting: “Uh, Coach, with all due respect — and remember, I did say, ‘with all due respect’ — WTF are we doing here?” Or maybe they’ll get to him, too.


    • 69Dawg

      Good point hopefully the new D staff can elevate the whole staff. Maybe now the O staff knows CMR will fire you if you keep doing the wrong things. I think the new guys are not looking to be assistant coaches for their careers so they will bring the heat.


  7. 69Dawg

    Was lucky enough to be at UGA for the Standfill, Patton, Scott and Lawrence years. Jake marched to a different drummer. I was at the UT game in 68 and we were robbed. UT had to go for two to tie it at the end and they passed for it and as per usual the SEC refs screwed us and call it complete but in the SI coverage of the game a still photo clearly showed the ball being tramped on the ground by the receiver. Somethings never change and bad SEC refs is one of them.