Michael Adams defends his turf.

Your president has a vision:

President Michael Adams said he still wants fans to be on campus and enjoy the games.

Just not so much on North Campus anymore.

Tailgating on North Campus can begin only four hours before kickoff, according to the rules the UGA Cabinet released Thursday. Tailgaters also will not be allowed to bring tents, kegs, generators, grills, tables, folding chairs and other items to that area on game days.

I guess that means you can have a cooler, unless that falls into the “other items” category.  Otherwise, it looks like all you can do is stand there with a drink in one hand and a sandwich in the other.  Sounds like fun.  I suppose we should be happy that there’s no charge for that.


UPDATE: The AJ-C‘s list isn’t accurate.  Here’s what’s posted at Gameday Gameplan 2010.

To reduce physical damage to North Campus grounds and mitigate behavioral concerns, the following new procedures are being implemented:

  • Tailgating on North Campus will be allowed beginning four (4) hours before kickoff.
  • The following items will not be allowed on North Campus on gamedays:
    • Tents
    • Kegs
    • Generators
    • Televisions
    • Amplified music
    • Grills or cookers of any type
    • Tables larger than 4 ft. long
    • Household furniture (folding chairs not included)

So you can still sit. That’s a good thing.

By the way, I share Paul’s sentiment on this development.


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32 responses to “Michael Adams defends his turf.

  1. Chuck

    Fry up some chicken, make some tater salad and sweet tea, and have Miss Crump pack it in a pic-a-nic basket and put a blanket and enjoy the old time genteel sweetness that is North Campus.


  2. RusDawg

    Thanks Senator.

    I think we all know how badly the NC Tailgaters trashed the campus last season, but by effectively not allowing tailgating on NC, doesn’t Adams et al realize that the tailgaters are just going to move somewhere else.

    Basically they are putting the onus on some other part of campus or on ACC….and I am betting that they do find their way to Myers, which irks me, because I like having a Quad to tailgate on and throw a football etc…..


  3. The Realist

    Way to go, morons. Now a precedent has been set. If problems persist elsewhere, we know exactly what the administration will do. So, do we want to maintain tailgating on campus, or do we want four hour picnics?


  4. Dawgaholic

    I guess that my “perfect tailgate” as a student is still workable on North Campus and we can throw a football again.

    This consists of one 12 pack per person, one large pizza per two people and a football.

    If we decide against beer, 1 handle of Makers per three people. If you don’t want your Makers straight, 3 mixer drinks of your choice.

    This tailgate is always portable and gets you “ready” for the game. Also, no need to start drinking more than 4 hours before the game – especially if you had a good time on Friday night.

    I’m sure this type of tailgate is what Dr. Adams had in mind. Thank you sir.

    PS – If there is a trash can accessible, I will use it. Otherwise…….


  5. Will (the other one)

    Here’s hoping this plan lasts about as long as Adams’ last half-assed bit of fascism, the “family friendly zones” did.


  6. dean

    Way to go DIPSHITS! It’s a damn shame adults cannot clean up after themselves. Please keep your sorry asses away from west campus.


  7. Dawgaholic

    A large part of the problem is the lack of security on North Campus during the game.

    I always hated it when someone would steal or destroy my styrofoam cooler.


  8. RusDawg

    I don’t get the no kegs thing. People have to pay a keg deposit before getting a keg from most liquor stores. If they leave a keg it is pretty easy to find out who they are and catch them….


    • JasonC

      I doubt Adams is well-versed in the proper procedures of obtaining and maintaining kegs.


      • Puffdawg

        Although he is well versed in throwing a shit kicker of a party on the University’s dime, based on the law school graduation party he gave his son.


  9. Senator,

    About the use of Gray as designated fair punt catcher, it cost us about .118 points/game in 2009.

    Not a big deal, imho.


  10. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    What does this really accomplish?

    The drunken students and recent alum can still stand around & get trashed – while they trash the area around them. They just cannot do it under a tent or while watching a tv. Most of them didn’t have TVs up there any way.

    The older alum/fans had TVs and bigger spreads. They’ll now move, which will create more space for the recent alum/students.

    The net effect will be a rowdier corwd on North Campus IMO.


  11. Richard

    Has anyone considered whether the fact that Adams shut down the Lumpkin Street fraternities ended up having a role in putting extra pressure on the North Campus tailgating scene? What do y’all think?

    The North Campus scene after South Carolina game was simply atrocious. I’m surprised the University didn’t act more quickly and even more harshly.


    • Charles D.

      Of course it did, and I dare say, it was the biggest factor. All of the people who used to tailgate across the street on Lumpkin simply moved to North Campus.

      I am pretty sad and disillusioned about the entire thing. I quit going to home games last year and am afraid that will be my permanent stance from now on.

      The parking is being taken away. The places to tailgate are being taken away. Prices keeep going up, value keeps going down. Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it to be a fan?


  12. Dawgaholic

    Exactly Ubiquitous, Exactly. I once had aspirations for a tailgate with a flatscreen, grill and/or deep fryer on North Campus.

    Then again, these restrictions will probably be gone by the time I can afford all of that in a portable format. For now, I’ll do as I have in the past.

    Btw – I’ve only littered on campus when there was absolutely nowhere to put something, even then it was usually put in a bag or box of some sort and right next to an overfilled trash can.


  13. I can’t say I blame the administration. It isn’t like this reaction is a surprise. We know who Michael Adams is. Problem folks knew exactly what was going to happen if they didn’t clean up their act.

    They made a choice to damn the consequences and have their jollies last year. This is the result. It ruins a good thing for everyone else, and thats a shame.

    But it ain’t a surprise.


  14. MT

    I’m wondering how much more Dr. Adams will try to dictate before he is finally run out of town on a rail.

    Every action that Dr. Adams has taken, from limiting parking on sidewalks (which in some parts of campus, was definitely the right thing to do), to closing down the Lumpkin Street fraternities, led North Campus to become over-crowded. Concentrating tailgaters in such a sensitive area of campus by default was not the brightest thing.

    I agree, though, this primarily runs off the older fans with the bigger spreads. Students will adapt and find another outlet; alums will raise their hands, say “Enough”, and quit donating


    • S.E. Dawg

      MT, if we couldn’t run Adams out of town during the Dooly fiasco, then he’s a permanent fixture. Sad but it’s true.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Adams is not an educator. His background is on Capitol Hill. He got each college job he has had because of politics, particularly the UGA gig. He is protected and he knows it. That is why he behaves with such impunity. A member of the Board of Regents swore to me that they were just going to let the furor die down and then Adams quietly would be gone in 1 year, 2 years tops. That was 6 years ago. Read “Behind The Hedges” by Richard Whitt if you really want to find out about the UGA President.


  15. Puffdawg

    I agree that something needed to be done, but I don’t think this will fix anything. In my opinion, the people who typically bring the items on the banned list are the ones who clean up after themselves. The people they are trying to stop – the ones who bring styrofoam coolers and fried chicken boxes and piss on the trees – will still be fine. These rules don’t make sense. But this is more of the same from a trio (ACCPD, parking services, UGA admin, namely Mike Adams) who – according to our parking lot entry guy – gets together to throw out random ideas to justify their existence, none of which make any logistical sense.

    Ultimately though, we will all be moved into parking decks, namely those of us who are required to contribute $2500 for an AA issued parking pass who actually follow the rules. They already started that trend at Tate, and I guarantee that is the eventual plan (especially when they close down Lumpkin altogether and extend Baldwin all the way to Hull. Slowly but surely, they are punishing the people who have been faithful to the University by placing all these restrictions where they don’t belong, and it all started when they wouldn’t let people set up on Friday afternoon. The rule about not setting up until 7am on gameday was absurd. It was meant to “prevent disrupting campus,” but instead of setting up the shell of our tent on friday and not coming back until Saturday morning, we’d go sit in our cars at 630am and wait to set up. Then there was always a rush of people trying to get their space (even within our parking lot), despite years and many $$$$ of support later. That was more disruptive than before. And now we aren’t even allowed INTO our lot until 7am AND we can’t wait in our cars on the sidewalk. Where the f$*$%$% are we supposed to go? It is obvious they are trying to get us to quit showing up, but they’ve underestimated our dedication. And all of that is our reward for giving $2500 minimum to Hartman Fund to be eligible for the pass. So instead of quietly setting up on Friday and leaving until the next morning, now we drive around campus, waiting for our lot to open, trying to avoid the harrassing cops (because we are obviously a threat to society). It’s gotten so absurd it makes you want to quit (which is exactly what adams wants). Last year, we were parked in BSU lot waiting on our lot to open and a cop came and told us to move. IT’S PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! But of course the only way to fight that is to spend some time downtown in an 8×8 cell. The irony is that all the money we contribute goes towards paying the top notch security force who drives around to make sure we don’t enjoy our stay. The tailgate police outnumber tailgaters 3 to 1 on Saturday morning at 6:30.

    It is a damn shame what they are trying to do. I get that it was bad what happened on North Campus and I do have pride in that part of campus – I am a Terry alum. But this is just more of the same bullshit that discriminates aginst the law abiding, faithful fan who respects the campus.


    • I still think the administration winds up renting out space to tailgaters on North Campus when all is said and done.


      • ThetaDog

        No question, it’s a chance to make money literally in Adams’ front yard. What an opportunity to hand pick elite donors and shmooze them without leaving the office.

        Want to bet fall of 2011 will be the inaugural year for some kind of Velvet Rope set up?


  16. 69Dawg

    This is nothing new, I used to bring an RV and park in the Coliseum Lot pre parking deck. This was the area to be used. We were not allowed in until 5:00 PM Friday and it was enforced. So you started to get a traffic jam of RV’s around 4:00 PM. Then they built the Deck and moved the RV’s to East Campus area where the new dorms were built so they then decided that only the UGA RV Club would be allowed in the Ramsey area and that was because the UGA RV Club would collect a tribute payment of $300.00 per RV over and above what the members had already paid the UGAAA. By now having an RV at the game was as much fun as having a root canal. But wait they finally moved the UGA RV Club to the intramural fields and banned all other RV’s from campus. Ask any other SEC schools big boosters and they will tell you UGA sucks. They can’t get close. I gave up as I gave enough to get a Hull St parking space anyway. I guess what I’m saying is if you aren’t a corporate level (Skybox) contributor, Adams could give a S less if you are inconvenienced.


    • Puffdawg

      My dad used to park our pull-behind camper in the lot on corner of Baxter and Lumpkin, across street from Tate. Talk about being close to the action! That was before Czar Adams. I remember one time when I was a kid, some drunk got on top of our camper at 2am, presumably on way to dorm from downtown. My dad chased him off pissed as hell, but we laugh about it now. Ah the good old days!


  17. Hoshney

    Why are people surprised by this?

    We have been an embarrassment cleaning up our own trash the last few years? Our campus gets torn to shreds by our own fans.

    I say good job, Adams.

    If we can’t respect the campus AT ALL, why should we allow our fans to ruin it?


    • Drunk Redneck

      Come on Hoshney! It’s our God-given right as fans and taxpayers to destroy the campus 6 times a year. If Adams doesn’t like it, he can hire extra people to clean up my turds from the North Campus bushes.

      It’s obvious that Adams is a fascist. Expecting people to be responsible and tailgate using folding chairs, blankets, and coolers is completely ridiculous.

      I, for one, will practice civil disobedience here. I plan to get to campus on Thursday night, set up a tent in front of Old College, and crap all over the chapel steps until after the game on Saturday.

      Cause that’s how tailgating should be done!


      • Puffdawg

        Because everybody that tailgates trashes campus. And these new rules only effect those that trash campus. Good call, Chubs.


        • Drunk Redneck

          I’m with you. What good is tailgating if you can’t trash the place?

          But, given that >90% of the north campus tailgates last year had one or more of the items that are now banned, I don’t think you can argue that only the 5-10% who didn’t were the ones trashing the place. When I proudly left my trash strewn all over my spot, as is my right, the voids in the quad where tailgate spots were cleaned up were few and far between.


  18. Puffdawg

    Speak for yourself, pal. I’ve never trashed the campus nor excused those that did.

    There’s fighting a battle, and then there’s dropping an A-bomb. The problem is Hartman Fund donors are typically punished for casual fans’ Pearl Harbor. The solution does not properly address the problem.


  19. BeerMoney89

    Everybody shoulders the blame on this:

    1. UGA: for a number of reasons:
    –not supplying enough porto-potties, security/police force, and most importantly trash cans.

    –forcing the majority of fans who cannot afford parking passes to park downtown and making them walk long distances to a tailgate area of any sort…the closest being N. Campus.

    –closing all of the Lumpkin fraternities and thereby forcing all those folks somewhere else.

    2. The fans for obvious reasons. There’s no excuse for the styrofoam cooler ridiculousness.

    But I take issue with UGA the most. They are hypocrites. On the one hand, they have no problem making STH’s cough up a huge wad of cash every year for their tickets/parking. Yet, some of you have mentioned, want that to be it. A “just don”t bother showing up now that we have your money, or else you are in for a fight” attitude from all authority over there. I am ashamed of the leadership of my alma mater and it goes way beyond all of this.

    And you guys are right. It is more of a hassle tailgating in Athens than anywhere else. I don’t sweat it all on the road and we usually have no idea where we are going to go or what time we need to get there by in order to get a small patch of grass. Hell it’s even welcomed at most schools (LSU, Auburn, Kentucky, and South Carolina come to mind). What a novel idea? Let your fans enjoy themselves on gameday. For its one of the few “escapes” most of us have from the daily grind. But no, throw the baby out with the bathwater Adam$. I guess that is just asking too much.

    It would be like if I invited 100 people to my house and provided one small trashcan, one case of beer, and only had one bathroom…and then get pissed when people leave their stuff everywhere as the trashcan overflows they and piss and throw up in my yard.

    The town is already landlocked. Where the hell are these displaced folks now going to go? Of course there’s no plan in place to accomodate any of the spillover that is sure to happen.


  20. fetch

    No more fun of any kind!!


    • Puffdawg


      Apparently the basketball playing dog from University of Kentucky is also a frequent reader of GTP. Who knew!