Hey! You fans! Get offa my lawn!

Judging from the commentary here, at other blogs and in my e-mail box, I think it’s safe to say that the new tailgating restrictions announced by Michael Adams yesterday are being met with something less than universal acclaim.

Kinda scary how much that scene resonates here, isn’t it?

And, yeah, it’s certainly fair to vent some wrath in the direction of a few bad apples.  But looking back at how things have gotten to this point from the perspective of someone who’s tailgated on North Campus for almost thirty years, I find it pretty easy to discern the school’s fingerprints on the body, too.  Stadium expansion, an unprecedented level of campus construction over the past decade and the decision to move fraternities off Lumpkin Street each have had a noticeable impact on the North Campus tailgate scene.

Throw in the rising number of night games, with crowds consuming for longer and longer periods of time, together with the administration’s ineptness in planning for the same, and you’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect storm.  That’s basically what we got with the Auburn 2007 game.  And then we saw more of the same last season.  As we’ve seen on more than one occasion, giving Michael Adams an excuse to act generally isn’t going to end well.  So here we are.

The thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t being totally driven by a power trip.  In fact, I don’t think that’s even the primary motivation for this.  The bottom line for this is the bottom line.  This is about changing the motivations and the expectations for the (reasonably) well-heeled – the folks like you and me who spend the money on season tickets and like to make a social event out of six Saturday afternoons in the fall.  We’re being herded in a new, more profitable direction.

The first hint of that is in the timing of the announcement itself.  If you think choosing to impose the new policy shortly after contributions were due was merely innocent timing, I’ve still got that Hahira beachfront property for sale.

But there’s more than that in play here.  One real key to what’s in store is the four-hour pre-game restriction.  That’s not going to impact the uppah crust folks who’ve paid a lot more money to tailgate elsewhere and it’s not going to have an effect on the twenty one-year olds who’ll stroll up to North Campus with styrofoam coolers and chilled cases of Natty Light, both of which will be thoughtlessly abandoned at the first opportunity.  Nah, that’s only going to matter to the families and groups who travel on game day and want to have a chance to set up tents and grills and settle in for a while with folks.  The responsible people.

The other key, which seems to have gotten less attention than the North Campus rules, is the complete campus ban on pull-behinds like trailers and cookers.  Again, this affects the same group – the very well-to-do and the irresponsible will care less about it.

When you look at this, it’s hard to see how it’s going to have much of an impact on what Adams is crying about.  If you’re really worried about trash, for example, how do you not ban something like styrofoam coolers?  But if you look at it as a step along the way to monetizing more of the tailgating experience, it makes much more sense.

I posted a long time ago that if these guys could figure out a way to charge you for the air you breathe on campus, they’d do it.  An exaggeration, sure, but consider where this is all likely headed, at least in my humble opinion – to a point when the university charges a fee to retain a designated tailgate space on North Campus and a license fee for pull-behinds.  The gamble in the short term is to create enough grumbling about how the new rules don’t really fix the underlying problems – much of which the school had a hand in creating – so that Adams can use that to take things to the next level and wring a few dollars more out of a block of folks who don’t share as much of the blame for existing conditions.

There’s no way to win on this.  If you complain about the new rules and threaten to pull financial support over it, they’ll spin that as part of the concern over how things have gotten out of hand.  If you complain that the new rules don’t really fix the problem (they won’t) and that something more effective needs to be done, you’ll give Adams another excuse to take action.

And that’s the perverse genius of the man here.  It’s not just that he’s going to get us to pay money for something that we used to get without charge.  It’s that he’s going to do that and make us grateful for the opportunity.

In the end, we’re all nothing more than wallets.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Charging for air. Hmmmm. I gotta figure out how to measure that.

    Around here we call people like that egg suckers.

  2. Noonan

    I long for the days when RVs would pull into Athens on Friday and park in the dorm lots on Lumpkin street.

    • 69Dawg

      Heck I long for the days when the RV’s parked in the Coliseum lot. The RV’s were the precursor of this whole pattern of fan abuse. In order to keep any area for RV’s on campus the UGA RV Club had to first offer money ($300 per RV) to the UGAAA. If you don’t belong to the UGA RV Club (another set of dues) then you can’t bring an RV on campus.

  3. Joja Girl

    There is a major flaw in Adam’s logic, though. The “uppah crust”, with few exceptions, don’t just spring forth as such. At one time they were the-better-off-than-most tailgaters and have worked their way up to where they are. If the administration wholesale disenfranchises those of us making a conscious desicion to sink our disposable income into tailgating, where is that upper crust going to come from in 10, 15, 20 years? Today’s big boosters are just yesterday’s little contributors. I’m still so mad I could spit.

  4. Hootie Bookems

    Well said Senator. Preverse genius is the best description I have heard of Doc Adams.
    At the end of the day though, something had to be done, the scene on North campus had gotten out of hand, this may seem a bit heavy handed but it is the only way to get it “cleaned up.” The real question is where are these thousands of students, recent alumni and their buddies going to congregate next? The sad thing is these people will just take their trash somewhere else, they will still blare music, still discard coolers and tents without care it may now not be concentrated in one area. This won’t change behavior of thost who made the mess it will only change the location of the behavior.

    • Puffdawg

      ” this may seem a bit heavy handed but it is the only way to get it “cleaned up.””

      I totally disagree here. This will not discourage the people who trashed North Campus in the first place. Those people don’t have tents and radios and pull behind cookers. They only bring what they plan to leave behind. The rational and most effective way would have been to outlaw disposable coolers and put out more trashcans. It is as simple as that.

      • Hackerdog

        I disagree. I’ve tailgated on NC for years and the tailgates without one of the banned items are a small minority.

        And I don’t buy the “not enough trashcans” excuse. I agree that there weren’t enough. But when I couldn’t fit my trash in a trashcan, I left it bagged next to a trashcan. Any idiot who leaves his beer cans all over the ground and then blames the administration because there weren’t enough trashcans has no credibility.

        • Will (the other one)

          The school (like every public university) has a serious budget hole.
          If they’ve got enough rent-a-cops to enforce Adams’ draconian new rules, couldn’t said cops have administered littering fines instead?

          • Hackerdog

            The logistics of the new rules are much easier than administering littering fines.

            When a tailgate is breaking up, should the cops fine each person, or wait until the last guy leaves? Also, north campus has about 500 tailgates that break up within about 15 minutes of each other. It would take an army to effectively police that many people in such a short time.

            The new rules are much easier. Anybody on north campus before a certain time gets runnoft (or fined). Ditto with any tents, grills, etc. One or two police can easily stroll through the area over the course of the day enforcing the new rules.

            • Will (the other one)

              I thought this morning there could be a great micro-market in designing and selling keg-hiding equipment.

              A modified tap could be integrated into something that looks like a water cooler right?

            • Phocion

              Unless of course you got ahead of the problem and sectioned off the area and required registration before tailgting commenced. Driver’s License ID information would then be on file for every tailgate area. Better yet, since teh property belongs to the University, require that the driver’s license be surrendered and held until the tailgating is finished. An inspection of the assigned area can then be conducted before the DL is returned.

  5. Farsider

    Did you ever nail that point. Holy Cow.

    That’s a post worth framing, Senator.

    One of my kids is in a dorm at UGA and I told him recently that the university would toss his ass out in the road on game weekends and rent out his tiny little room if they could.

    • NCT

      Absolutely. In a very small way, we had this kind of experience back in the 1980s. Those of us who lived in Reed Hall were not permitted to use a chunk of our “Housing” parking lot on game days, because said chunk was reserved for fancy-pants president’s-box types. But I loved me some Fred.

      • MT

        I’m sure they still do it now, but when I was there they started forcing the Russell/Brumby ground lot parking into the Deck/other areas to open up more football parking too

      • Phocion

        This happens at other Universities as well.

  6. Normaltown Mike

    A few points:
    (1) This is partly a pissing contest b/w Adams and Evans. Evans’ mission more or less is the support of student athletes. The AA is banking big money off football and using this on all the other programs. In recent years, the amount left over after all expenses is 8 figures (to the left of the period). If I recall, the AA has then transferred some of this to Adams turf. Evans, wisely, never commits or promises that the AA will “donate” but has a wait and see approach. Adams wants more and he’s using this issue as a proxy war to get AA to give more $$. Don’t be surprised by a proposal for AA to “rent” facilities or pay $$ to offset gamed day expenses.
    (2) Adams is a ham handed ego maniac. It would be far too easy to divide up N. Campus and require spots be reserved for all home games. $$ would be used for expense of cleaning up during and after the game. By licensing a spot to someone and using funds to monitor and maintain the quads, you are holding folks accountable while also providing them structure and order and a guaranteed spot.
    (3) Adams has apparently never plunged his hand into a pitcher of water filled to the brim. This move will further displace tailgaters off campus and downtown. When I attended skool in the 90’s, I don’t recall people being downtown tailgating (maybe I missed it?). I DO recall cars being on every sidewalk or patch of grass available (remember “the white house”). This changed in 2K and as others point out has only increased since razing of Lumpkin and replacement of parking lots with more buildings (Zell Miller, Paul Coverdell, Tate expansion). The downtown partying more resembles something like Mardi Gras than what college football ought to be (good drink, good food under a nice shade tree).
    (4) We’re stuck with Adams until he’s got somewhere better to go. So if you meet someone at some fancy think tank, the NCAA, or you know Barak Obama, make sure and name drop what an amazing job Adams has done at Georgia. Describe how, if not for Mike, Georgia would be some small regional party school but his tireless effort have elevated Georgia to one of the top academic regional party schools in the country.

    • Drunk Redneck

      “Describe how, if not for Mike, Georgia would be some small regional party school but his tireless effort have elevated Georgia to one of the top academic regional party schools in the country.”

      Absolutely. Academics have no place at UGA. If students care about academics, they should go to Tech, Emory, or out of state. At UGA, we don’t study. We shit in the bushes on north campus.

      • Normaltown Mike

        And you think Adams gets credit for “academics”? Is this Tom Landrum?

        • Drunk Redneck

          Given that academics at UGA are better now than before Adams arrived, I can easily see how he should get no credit. Sure.

          • Jim

            Zell Miller deserves the credit.

          • MT

            98% of the academic increase can be tied back to HOPE.

            Grades have been trending better continuously since ol’ Zell instituted HOPE, but from the 2000 market crash until now, there have been plenty of financial incentives to keep the best students in-state on a full academic ride and headed to UGA.

            Correlation is not causation when it comes to Adams saving academics at UGA.

            • Normaltown Mike

              Sophomore Polly Sci major, I mean “drunk redneck”:
              Correlation is not causation.As others have already said, the HOPE is the overwhelming difference, not Mike Adams. What’s more, ATL’s growth over the past 30 years has caused the population of the state to double. If you took Economics, you’d know that as the Demand for instate education has grown, standards have risen. Since admissions could pick their applicants from a large pool, they picked the better ones. What’s more, Chuck Knapp spent the 90’s bringing nationally known researchers to UGA. This is crucial to a research university, which UGA is. Adams greatest success is ingratiating himself to the few people that control his fate, the Board of Regents.

              • Drunk Redneck

                I doubt I could handle Polly Sci (whatever that is). But since you only need one hand to work a calculator, leaving the other free for 12-ounce curls, I’m pretty handy at math. So I get the economic arguments. And as I said, I agree that the HOPE certainly contributed to the rise in standards in Athens. But what escapes me is why the HOPE didn’t apply equally to the other schools in the state. You know, the ones Adams isn’t at.

                I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m on your side. The guy is trying to reduce the amount of human excrement on north campus, so he’s no friend of ours. Next thing you know, he’ll be requiring students to wear shirts and shoes to class. I want him out before it comes to that.

                I just want all his crimes clearly enumerated.

                • Normaltown Mike

                  If you were literate instead of just semi-literate, you’d note that I suggest charging and monitoring for access to NC. So your asinine “shittin in the shrubs” argument is only a tell on how opaque you are.

                  Now that I’ve disposed of your sophomoronic “straw man” argument, do I really have to explain why a larger # of applicants will always favor the greatest to the least in descending order? If given a choice of steak vs. sloppy joe, how many opt for the joe? All things being equal, if you’re admitted to Georgia and ABAC, which do you choose?
                  Georgia and Armstrong?
                  Georgia and N. Ga?
                  Georgia and W. Ga?
                  Georgia and Southern?
                  Georgia and Valdosta?

                  • Drunk Redneck

                    I get it. If you’re against trash and human excrement on north campus, then I guess it’s you and Adams against the rest of us.😉

                    But seriously. If you can put aside your insults for just a moment, you might be able to explain how you can quantify the HOPE’s effect on rising academic standards at UGA as 100% and Adams’ effect as 0%. If not, feel free to go back to insulting me, if it’s working for you.

                    • Normaltown Mike

                      You ought to google “straw man argument” before coming back. I never said either so you’re asking me to defend an argument I didn’t make (a false choice dilemma).

                      I can play that game: When did you stop beating your wife?
                      Or, how long have you been off black tar?

                      After your first semester at Woodrow Wilson, I’m sure you’ll hold court at the family Christmas all about bargained contracts, res ipso loquitar, inchoate crimes and other impressive things absorbed in your first semester of law school.

                      But sadly that day has not come. Today you’ve picked a sports blog administered by an attorney and frequented by various professionals and tried your weak rhetorical skills.

                      Go back to the vent, its more your speed.

                    • Drunk Redneck

                      Insults it is. I expected as much. Now, I’m no fancy Normaltown lawyer earning upwards of $30k per year like you, but I can debate.

                      So what I would like to know is, which is it? Are you arguing that Adams should get no credit for academic gains at UGA during his tenure? Or are you arguing that he should get some credit?

                      If you are arguing the first point, then you have done a poor job since you have presented no evidence in support of your position.

                      If you are arguing the second point, then you’re arguing my point, while simultaneously trying to insult me for arguing the same point that you are.

                      If you’re arguing neither, then you’re just an idiot who gets off blathering nonsense and insulting anonymous posters. Typical junior-high crap. Take it to Facebook.

                    • Normaltown Mike

                      you’re out of your element.

                      I’m not arguing either point so I won’t indulge your “it’s either A or B” walleye logic.

                      Read “Behind the Hedges” for some background on the MO of MA. Then compare UGA’s endowment growth to our peer institutions (southern land grant research universities) over the past 15 years. Finally, examine Georgia’s population growth over the past 50 years.

                      UGA is a great school and the student body continues to rank highly, FWTW. But don’t allow yourself to be deluded into thinking the head honcho is sitting on N. Campus working the Mensa phone list for students. If you don’t know the story of Georgia and Atlanta from 1960 forward, you don’t have a point of reference for achievements and expectations.

                    • Drunken Redneck

                      More insults. What a surprise. Tell me, does that kind of BS work in court? If so, it’s no wonder there are so many lawyers. I know plenty of 12 year-old girls who are ready to hang out a shingle right now.

                      And FWIW, it’s not “walleye logic”, it’s just logic. Either Adams has had some impact, or he has had no impact. There is no other choice. I know you want to keep dancing around that issue, which is the core of our disagreement. But it’s not going away.

                    • Normaltown Mike

                      I don’t roll on shabbos.

                      But I’ll make an exception for you grasshopper.

                      There’s no dancing here. If you begin at the top of this thread you’ll see that the “Adams academics” subject only comes up tangentially as a means to help usher him out (which is what he wants but he can’t move on til he’s got somewhere to go). I would no more state that Adams has all/nothing to do w/ academics as I would saying POTUS has all/nothing to do w/ economy. Both are a fool’s errand.
                      However, I’ll say this: (1) Other than his son, I’ve never met one student that came to UGA BECAUSE of Mike Adams
                      (2) I’ve never met a professor that came to UGA b/c of MA
                      (3) I’ve never met a booster/donor who is giving/or giving more to UGA b/c of MA (full disclosure, I’ve never met Don)
                      (4) I know of several people who LEFT UGA b/c of MA
                      (5) Every single Dean on campus when he got here has subsequently left

                    • Drunken Redneck

                      Abnormal Mike,

                      I’m happy to see you starting to come around to something that could, eventually, resemble a point.

                      If you’re not arguing academics, then what have you spent umpteen posts railing about? I made a sarcastic remark about giving Adams no credit for academics and you took exception. You then posted a whole lot of tangential information and/or hearsay that had little or nothing to do with whether Adams has impacted academics at UGA.

                      If you now want to abandon the argument that Adams has had no impact on academics, I welcome your temporary sanity.

                      If not, feel free to continue the insults. There’s a chance that somebody might mistake it for discourse. So good luck.

                    • Normaltown Mike

                      DR, let’s recap:
                      me 9:49 – 4 points
                      u 10:07 – straw man
                      me 10:31 – question
                      u 11:56 – false dilemma
                      me 2:20 – insults,facts,opinions
                      u 2:39 – humor, questions, straw man
                      me 3:59 – insults,facts,opinions
                      u 4:19 – false dilemma “Given that academics at UGA are better now than before Adams arrived, I can easily see how he should get no credit. Sure.”
                      me 4:45 – advice,humor
                      u 6:37 – insult, effort to dial down false dilemma
                      me 8:37 – humor,facts,advice
                      u 8:08 – more effort to move away from your false dilemma
                      me 10:05 – humor,facts,opinions
                      u 4:55 – insults, more spin away from your own false dilemma

                      To quote Virginia Slim, you’ve come a long way baby. Don’t be a stranger (though your handle is a bit silly)

                      In time and through education & training, you’ll gain greater ability to discern the subtleties of rhetoric and be able to thrash all comers at the All Valley Academic Achievement Corollary vs. Causation Tournament.

                    • Drunken Redneck

                      Abnormal Mike,

                      The YMCA called. They want their diploma back. This entire thread has just been embarrassing for you.

                      First you want to use Adams’ role in increasing the academic standards at UGA as a reason to get rid of him, then you argue vehemently that he had no role in increasing those standards, then you deny the positions you have argued for. And all the while, the highest level of discourse you can muster is to insult me.

                      But I can appreciate you “arguments” since they kept reminding me of a classic movie line.

            • Drunk Redneck

              Wow! With a figure like 98%, you must have a peer-reviewed, statistically rigorous study to back up your argument. Because otherwise, you would just be talking out of your ass.

              And just for the record, even though I agree with the majority sentiment here that UGA/Adams should be more concerned with promoting alcoholism than higher learning, I understand correlation and causation, and I agree that the HOPE deserves some of the credit for the increase in academic standards at UGA. But Adams deserves some of the credit as well, which is why he has to go! And the HOPE should be next!

              • MT

                Go back to your Keystone Lights and leave your Mike Adams kneepads at his office next time, instead of bringing them to the blog.

                Read this: http://www.terry.uga.edu/hope/hope.enrollments.pdf

                It doesn’t address specifically what we are talking about (since academia has a noticeable lag time), but the study quantifiably compares Georgia when it instituted HOPE vs the surrounding states that did not have a program.

                The study finds that HOPE increased overall enrollment by 5.9%, with 80% of those gains being realized by 4 year institutions. Logic dictates that UGA and GA Tech realized the lion’s share of it.

                Couple that with the rapid demographic gains in Atlanta (http://money.cnn.com/2007/04/05/real_estate/fastest_growing_metro_areas/index.htm) and even a simpleton can do the math.

                Supply and Demand (larger potential student demand, relatively static supply of student seats) leads to a rising tide that raises the academic boat at UGA.

                • Drunk Redneck

                  Given that you acknowledge your link “doesn’t address specifically what we are talking about,” I’m not sure what you’re on about.

                  I will acknowledge, again, that the HOPE helped raise standards at UGA. But even a simpleton should be able to recognize that some effects have multiple causes, even if some of the causes are unpopular. Where’s your data supporting your argument that Adams has had no effect?

                  • MT

                    Where’s your data supporting that Adams has had ANY effect?

                    My data argument is that 1)HOPE substantially changed enrollment rates in GA universities, primarily 4 year ones

                    2) UGA/GT receive the lion’s share of 4 year increased enrollment

                    3) Tie in the increased demand plus the population #s in metro ATL, the academic boat will rise

                    Now, this isn’t an iron-cased argument, but I haven’t seen one iota of support for your case beyond your rambling assertions.

                    • Drunk Redneck

                      My argument is simple and requires little beyond common sense.

                      1. Adams is the president of UGA.
                      2. As president, he is the single-most influential individual at the university.
                      3. When something happens at the university, like rising academic standards, it’s reasonable to conclude that Adams had SOME effect on that outcome.

                      Arguing to the contrary sets a high burden of proof. You would have to examine all of Adams’ actions as president, quantify the effect on academics at UGA, and have ALL of them come up short. That burden of proof is probably impossible to achieve, even if your position is true, which I don’t believe.

                      But feel free to try.

          • 81Dog

            Mike Adams taking credit for the improved stats of incoming students at UGA is like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise. Just being there when something happened isnt the same as making it happen, Mrs. Adams.

    • Will (the other one)

      Re: #4. It’d be a lie though.
      Anyone with a brain knows the Hope Scholarship had more to do with UGA going from “campus they wanted to film Animal House on, because it was similar, student-body-wise” to “respectable academic institution.”

      However there has to be a way to get rid of him that doesn’t involve a live boy or a dead girl being found in his office/bedchamber.

  7. RusDawg

    I have a dream, that one day, we will have tailgating like those North Avenue Trade Schoolers do…..

    No trees.
    No women.
    No grass.

    – Michael Adams, inner thoughts, March 18, 2010

  8. DawgPhan

    I could care less what happens to tailgating on north campus. I know that the last 2 times I have walked a visitor through north campus after a football game I have been horribly embarrassed.

    Anyone who tailgated on north campus should be ashamed of themselves. Blaming someone else does remove the personal responsibility of protecting that area of campus. If you are not stopping it, you are part of the problem.

    I refuse to allow a section of campus to an embarrassment so a few folks can drink beer before the games. They could set up a no-loitering zone on north campus and it would be fine by me. No tailgating on north campus would also be fine by me and if they want to start slapping ACC bracelets on folks and writing tickets, also fine by me. I should never had to hang my head in shame walking through North Campus and the animals that tailgate there have forced me two too many times.

    • psdawg

      I personally take exception to the anybody statement. I have tailgated responsibly on North Campus for 19 years. The influx of people over the years has certainly changed the area. Although I do not want to, I can live with the new rules and scale back on tailgating, but the issue is the new rules offer no solution. They simply move many long term respectable tailgate elsewhere and leave the temporary, styrofoam cooler, leave your stuff and go crowd to enjoy North campus–they do not show up early because most live in Athens. Trash will still be an issue. The University stationed one police officer on the downtown end of North Campus at gametime he was repositioned. Not sure how many it will take to enforce the eviction, but had they been there all along and exercised some control over people–we would not have to have such a heavy handed rule. Don’t suggest that responsible tailgaters should try to control overindulged fellow tailgaters. I am guessing you probably do not tailgate and show up for the game only. Don’t expect North Campus to be much better–it has been handed over to the problem people.

  9. Dog in Fla

    “And that’s the perverse genius of the man here….In the end, we’re all nothing more than wallets.”

    Michael honed his stagecraft as a young political operative.

    In developing those skills, he was heavily decorated for a five year tour of office combat duty In the Sh!t, or in polite company, Inside the Beltway with Republicans.

    It was there he first watched people of both parties take money out of the wallets of others. His first responsibilty as a sh!tty little jobs officer was to give orders to police cigarette butts.

    That, of course, made the job of giving orders on wallets and how to police the butts of litterbugs on North Campus easy duty which is good because he is, after all, an easy going guy:

    “It’s so refreshing to have a university president that is as approachable, easy going and open as Michael Adams….Government: I worked in Washington, D.C. on the staff of U.S. Senator Howard Baker. I was his Chief of Staff for three years, so I did five years in Washington. I went back in 1978 to manage his re-election campaign….Dinner party: Last night we had a dinner party for Senator Howard Baker who had come here to speak. I spent the first part of my day yesterday in Washington, D.C.”


  10. WAG

    Good points Sen. Not more Lump Fraternities (plus not allowing folks to tailgate on the vacant property), less parking lots (more buildings, greenspace, and decks), plus the new tailgate rules from a few years ago restricting parking on sidewalks, green spaces, etc created the situation of way too many people tailgating in a single space not to mention away from their cars, on top of that not having near enough trash cans and about 5 times too few port o johns. The AA needs to purchase the projects from ACC (never understood the logic in having projects across the street from freshman dorms) bulldoze those things and create a grove like terraced park area, it would make campus safer and generate revenue http://www.olemiss.edu/gameday/tailgating.htm

  11. 69Dawg

    First off I have never tailgated on North Campus. I have tailgated everywhere else around campus and I think the closer to town whether on North Campus or Hull Street lots or East Campus the more problems you have with (how can I PC this) local homeless. They seem to go shopping during the games. They don’t steal the big stuff but they will take coolers, food, etc. It has also been rumored that they will open trash bags to get the cans out to sell. It seems that some of the Campus Cops could solve the problem if the Pres was willing to shift their presents from the stadium to the campus.

    • MT

      It’s definitely not a rumor. I have pictures from the ASU game where a homeless guy was at our tailgate tearing through our trash bags and bumming beer.

      Typical North Avenue behavior that can and should be easily addressed in Athens.

  12. MT

    Red & Black has some clarification on possible exceptions:

    George Stafford, vice president for auxiliary and administrative services, said colleges wishing to use North Campus as tailgating grounds would have to ask for permission before use.

    “That would fall under special exceptions and they would have to get permission to have it done,” he said.


  13. Mike

    Anecdotal evidence is not reliable, but I will say this about UGA fans tailgating in Jacksonville; the tailgate sites of UGA fans in general seem a lot trashier after the game than the tailgate sites for Florida fans.

    This is something I have noticed going to the WLOCP for many, many years.

  14. Hoshney

    We can try and make all the excuses that we want but WE DID this to ourselves and trying to claim it is a few bad apples is laughable. It is thousands of bad apples leaving trash EVERYWHERE or leaving trash open for the wind to blow it over which is still OUR FAULT

    Pick up your own damn trash!!

  15. UGA2000

    Anyone who thinks that this isn’t all about the mining of an as-of-yet untapped source of revenue is out of their mind. And anyone who is saying “people should have expected it” or “it was the fans’ fault” obviously hasn’t spent any time tailgating on North Campus and seen the University’s utter lack of regard for the provision of the resources needed by a crowd of that size. Having thousands upon thousands of people in an area the size of North Campus for 12+ hours (especially when they are all eating and drinking pretty much the entire time) requires a huge number of restrooms and trash bins, and likely even periodic trash collection. UGA made one half-ass attempt at meeting those needs, failed miserably, and launched a media campaign blaming the tailgaters. Should they have been more diligent? Probably…. and they likely would have been, given the necessary resources. But when you give people no convenient options to take care of their little 10×10 corner of the world, what exactly do you expect them to do?

    Quite frankly, how Adams got a job at a major university like UGA is beyond me… he was woefully underqualified when he was hired, and every day that goes by he proves how little he understands about running any aspect of an organization like UGA. Unless it involves fundraising, of course… the man’s all about the greenbacks, even at the expense of everything else.

    Which is another thing I don’t understand… why would Adams would be so willing to risk damaging the relationship between the school and all those “drunk tailgaters”… considering most of the people giving large sums of money to the school today were once drunk tailgaters on North Campus? I’m so furious about this I could punch someone… and to hear people blaming ONLY the fans for it spins me into a dimension of pissed off I didn’t even know I was capable of.

    I mean, it’s not like this was an impromptu thing that just happened on the spur of the moment that the school was incapable of preparing for. In most cases, they’ve known about it for AT LEAST a year… in many cases, it’s even longer. And seriously, it’s six days a year… you mean to tell me that you can’t deal with the trash cleanup, extra security, etc. for SIX damn days a year? Particularly when it means developing and building relationships with your future donors?

    He’s gone beyond being a worthless President to one who is actively doing harm to the University… and he is either totally unconcerned or a complete moron. Either way, it’s unacceptable and he needs to go.

    As a side note, please take note of a couple of quotes from this article:

    – “’We’re not attempting to eliminate the tailgating experience, but make it a different type of experience,’ Adams said.”
    Can’t wait to experience the high-dollar wine and cheese tailgates that eventually end up on North Campus (assuming I can get an invite to one of them). It’ll be great to be able to see that legendary Centre College football atmosphere finally making its way to the University of Georgia campus.

    – “He said he can’t anticipate reaction, but believes and hopes that constituents will agree and call the decision sensible.”
    He can’t anticipate reaction? Really? As I said a moment ago… either doesn’t care or a complete moron.

    And my favorite:
    – “‘What’s happened the last few years on North Campus has not been a tradition,’ Adams said. ‘It’s been an aberration.'”
    So clearly these new rules are a well-reasoned solution to accommodate what you yourself have referred to as an “aberration”. Maybe the rules will eliminate the resurgence of the “aberration” you refer to… but it will kill the tradition you are conveniently ignoring.

    You fail on all counts, Mikey. This is a means to an end and you know it.

    • wileycopy

      What amazes me is that Kegs, tents, and grills are all things that will be taken with people once they leave. Canned/bottled beverages and styrofoam coolers are easily 80% of trash volume. I hope one day there’s documentation about kickbacks Adams has been receiving from Tailgate Station or Bulldog Park as without his policies there’d be NO reason to have them. What kind of fool would pay 17500 for a parking space anyway?

  16. Mike

    This is nasty;

    • psdawg

      It is nasty and will look very similar in that area next year. None of the new rules address the issues in this area. Very few tents–mostly students who are very “portable”–not carrying many belongings with them and leaving disposable coolers behind (I know we have good students as well so I am not lumping all into a group). The new rules are addressing symptoms not the root of the problem. The University needs to put appropriate security in place to control those who drink too much and behave poorly–arrest them. One cop in this area is not enough–it is all there has been.

      • wileycopy

        That and don’t intentionally short change on the bathroom facilities. Having 4 restrooms available on North campus simply is not enough for the numbers, drinking or regardless. Given the direction that things are going I would be surprised to see 2 portajohns there this year that charge 5 bucks a use.