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Saturday morning buffet

Sample the wares, friends.

  • One of Mike Bianchi’s reasons that college football is better than March Madness:  “We don’t ignore the sport during the regular season and then act like we’re experts during a three-week stretch at the end of the season.”
  • At least Dan Shanoff is honest about what’s fun about the first round of an extended tourney.  (Hint:  it ain’t about validating the regular season.)
  • A libertarian look at why the Big East may be doomed.
  • Some crazy talk from Texas Tech’s new coach on his offense:  “I’m not here to make drastic changes, but we’re going to make subtle changes on what we do and how we do it on offense,” Tuberville said. “I think we can be just as explosive; not that what they’ve done here in the past isn’t good, but I think we can make it better.” Bwahahaha, Mr. 3-2.
  • I know Derek Dooley’s got a lot on his plate these days, but this story doesn’t do him any favors.
  • All things considered, you can understand the sentiment behind this comment from a Tennessee linebacker:  “Coach Thompson’s been great,” Johnson said. “It’s nice to see a familiar (coaching) face.”


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Dawg porn

Todd Grantham ought to get himself one of those 1-900 lines, I swear.  Every time he opens his mouth and says something like this

“We work on tackling even without pads on,” Grantham said. “It’s all about getting in the hitting position. You’ve got to come to balance, understand it, where’s my help, inside-outside leverage, on the sidelines, closing down an angle, taking away a guy – you can work on all that stuff without pads on.”

… I can’t help getting excited.

Getting in the hitting position. The man knows what he’s about.  Now if he can get his charges to buy into it, we could have something special here.


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