I can hear Uncle Verne already.

At least in one sense, John Brantley assumes the Joe Cox mantle this season.


AP Photo/John Raoux
After patiently waiting his turn for three years, John Brantley is ready to be the starter. [Emphasis added.]


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15 responses to “I can hear Uncle Verne already.

  1. UFTimmy

    I will know our season is in the shitter when he comes out for warmups with a shaved ginger head.


  2. The Realist

    Brantley doesn’t wear enough wrist bands to be successful. A shame, really.


  3. JaxDawg

    I remember this young man as the one who laughed at Georgia’s “Dawg Walk”. Lot’s of teams have these – it’s nothing unusual.

    So remember John, karma is a bitch. I hope you’re laughing as you lie on the ground with your arms and legs in a twisted mess.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    This is the aspect that no one knows. Were all those Gator receivers wide open because the defense feared Tebow’s running? Will they be as open with a drop back passer? Who will pick up 3rd & 2? What will happen when you’re down 4 in the 4th quarter and the defense knows you’re going to throw it? Who will make the halftime speech?

    We heard about Cox’s leadership and accurracy for 8 months, but when the lights came on, it was a different story. And that’s it…what happens when the lights come on? No one expected much of David Greene, but when the lights came on he had ice water running through his veins. In any event, it’s hard to imagine Brantley’s game day prowess to match Tebow’s. #15 won A LOT of games. So that begs the question: what does a step back in that position mean for the mighty gators?


    • Mike

      These are all good questions. Deonte Thompson spent a lot of time behind the secondary of opposing teams last year, waiting for the ball to be thrown this way.

      Hopefully Brantley can get it to him.

      Brantley will not be asked to get a first down on 3rd and 2, at least not by running it.

      Florida returns a very deep, very experienced OL this year. That bodes well for breaking in a redshirt junior QB.

      And for all the ridicule thrown Cox’s way in this particular thread, the good Senator STILL brags that Cox had better passing stats than Tebow.


  5. Reptillicide

    Everything about the brantley hype reminds me of what we expected of cox. I hope they share similar results.


  6. Derek

    I am hoping that UF will have its problems, but I don’t think qb will be one of them. The biggest concerns for UF will be the running game and the defensive front. With all the talk of Tebow and the spread over the years, the truth is that Meyer has done well at UF when the defense has done well. I think we forget that in Tebow’s biggest season, UF lost 4 games. Why? The defense was suspect.

    Losing all of those starters and changing DC’s will have an effect. Its just a matter of to what degree and a matter of how healthy they can stay.

    The other thing that UF will have to find is a back or two. With no one worrying about Brantley running, the running lanes are not going to be as wide open as they have been in the past. UF also needs a back up qb, ala Tebow in 2006, to come in on 3rd and short and goal line situations who they can rely on.

    On paper UF is a 2-4 loss team.


    • Mike

      I don’t disagree that Florida could lose as many as 2 games next year. Hell, like you say, it might even be 4.

      With all that Florida has lost from last year, my hope is that Florida will enter the week of the WLOCP still controlling their own destiny in the SEC East.

      That could mean Florida might not be able to have any loses going into that game and still control their own destiny, or they might be able to have as many as 2 loses.

      In the SEC East, you never know. Especially with all the question marks every team has at the beginning of the season.