I guess we aren’t the only ones who noticed.

Proof that it doesn’t always take a trained eye to offer an accurate critique:

I sat down and watched the defense, broken up into groups by position, go through a few drills. Lakatos was teaching how to attack the ball carrier. Belin doing much the same. Got a few interesting quotes from Belin.

“Where did you guys learn to tackle the last five years.”

That last one…well, you know.

Yeah, we do, actually.


UPDATE: More Dawg porn from Page:

… Seems like the defensive coaches are determined to get Georgia tackling better. Coach Warren Belin has been especially adamant about driving through the ball carrier. And the quote by Belin I reported in Tidbits yesterday was a classic. “Where did you guys learn to tackle the last five years?”

I know I shouldn’t read into every little thing I hear/see…but there has been added emphasis put on proper tackling technique. Coach Lakatos likes physicality in the secondary. We know coach Grantham is all about it as well.

The staff is working from the ground up, developing proper technique and fundamentals first. Belin, I’ve especially noticed, is meticulous about the little things. He preaches proper helmet placement, driving through the ball, proper way to wrap up while driving, etc.

This type of conversation should excite Bulldogs’ fans.

Trust me, it does.


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Actually, Coach Belin should save those kinda remarks for a more private setting. I’m sure CMR would rather not see it in print.
    Just saying.


    • do not resuscitate

      I’m guessing it was directed at the players during drills and the reporter overheard it? I wouldn’t think any coach would say something like that to a reporter in an interview, especially with the whole “brotherhood” thing with coaches.


  2. baltimore dawg

    i’m sure cmr won’t like to see these comments in circulation either, but i’m still glad to get another indication of a reality-based approach to coaching making a comeback in athens.

    the more i learn about belin the more i like him.


  3. Really, it’s not like it was a big secret or anything.

    It’s called accountability and it has been lacking in Athens for quite sometime.

    If I never see another “shoulder tackle” or “hands to the receiver”….. it would be too soon.

    GATA ……Coach Belin.

    Wuck Fillie.


    • JMart

      Accountability? No its called fundamentals and its abundantly clear that our team didn’t have good fundamentals the last two years. Its the primary reason that we should be very excited about this new defensive staff.


  4. The Realist

    It wasn’t the Jimmies and Joes. That is all.


  5. J-J-Jimmy, Very Much

    Buck Fama….Guck the Fators.

    That’s all I have to say ’bout it! I’m ready for us to walk into some bar fights this fall and absolutely whipparse.


  6. Kevin

    Does it worry anyone else that the new 3-4 and all the fundamental changes won’t really be 100% for next season? I mean, it sounds to me like we’ll be in a bit of a ‘rebuilding’ phase next year as Grantham gets grounded


    • As I said at the time he was hired, if Grantham and the defensive staff get the fundamentals fixed, that’ll be a big improvement this season, even with the inevitable scheme-related bumps in the road.


    • 69Dawg

      It depends on the “want to” that the players have. CTG can put you into the NFL if you are willing to work. If you are not willing to work CTG will sit your butt on the bench and let the smart unathletic walk-ons that hustle, know the scheme and tackle take your 5 star place. If Coach B and Coach L can put the guys they had in the NFL they can make the talent we have 1st rounders if the players want it.


  7. PJ

    The transition to the new staff and scheme is definitively going to show in the first few games…Worried? not much. The thing that would scare the hell out of me would be going against a heavy rushing attack on the early stages of “applying the new 3-4” in an actual game.But looking at the 2009 rushing stats for our 1st 5 games brings a little bit of relief:

    Team — T.yds — yds/game—Rank(120CFBD-IA)
    Mss St. — 2731 — 227.6 — 13
    Ark ——- 1713 — 131.8 —77
    LA-L —– 1643 — 136.9 — 81
    SC ——– 1576 —121.2 — 86
    Col ——- 1055 —87.9 — 115

    (Bonus: TEN’s (6th game) rushing stats weren’t impressive either, plus now Brown and Hardesty are gone)

    Unless those teams had made adjustments to improve the rushing game (e.g. recruits, breakout players) I think the only “big concern” would be MSst. I’d be really worried if we are not showing significant progress in the learning of the scheme by the 6th game. Of course all this is assuming our Secondary is really strong against the pass and that isn’t going to be true for the first few games (learning process again). So I’m calling a Deja Vu of 2009, at least for the SCar and Ark games. High Scores from both sides. So, I guess the best perk to help the learning D would be a strong Offense to back up. “Duh!”… But the point is, returning almost the entire starting offense minus the QB(THANK GOD!) and if #3 and #4 carry the momentum from late last season…. that should be another relief your “worry” about the new defense.
    Aaaaanyways…from what I’ve read in prectice reports and that I think we’re going in the right direction. I’m liking the new staff coaching style and eventually it will pay off good for us.


  8. LC Dawg

    Belin is a solid Coach. Take a look at the Vanderbilt LB’s over the past several years. All fundamentally sound and very good tacklers. His comment was not intended for print but that’s what happens when you have open practice sessions.


  9. Cojones

    LCDawg beat me to it. I noticed how well both Vandy and before that, GT, tackled. There was no missing the Vandy secondary making our running backs look like they are wading through bricks. It was crisp and they were up and ready to go. I’m glad he’s putting the Bull back into Dawg. A great tackling Defense also inspires the Offense.

    I hope that these D players work out and practise understanding this scheme all summer such that Fall Drills click. If not, we may get into the season before perfection of play is evident. It had better be ready by the second game because SC always plays us to within one good play for winning. I’ll bet that AJ can help because these kids already look to him as Mr. NFL. Hope they look after each other this summer because if they do it will be a great year next year.


  10. Gob

    +1 to Mr. Page for using “Marlon Brown” as a verb.


  11. Hoshney

    We have been asking that question for 5 years

    Sadly, we have been asking it yet the coaches only asked it at the end of last season


  12. Happy New D-ear

    I would say the remarks are of the:

    “It’s a whole new world ladies! Everything you thought you knew? Yeah, forget it! I’m gonna teach you how to eat, sleep, breathe, walk…”


    This’s a christening, not a wake…


  13. Thomas Brown

    I get a little tired of hearing Defense conversations with our 1-3 vs the vols the last 4 years, 1-3 vs Florida the last 4 years, 10-10 vs SEC East teams the last 4 years, # 96 NCAA Rank average the last 4 years in Penalties, 21 fumbles per year for the last 4 years and 14 interceptions per year the last 4 years.

    And, now this season, we have 3 freshmen quarterbacks and one 4-year quarterback whom we asked to move to wide receiver, but he doesn’t want to.

    Afraid to study the offense ?

    Only good positive discussion allowed, so all you ever bring up Bluto is discussion about the Defense ?

    Sweet 16 Men’s and Women’s :

    NCAA Tournament Action :

    SEC 14-4
    ACC 9-9

    SEC Men 4-2
    ACC Men 5-5

    SEC Women 10-2
    ACC Women 4-4

    ACC has neither a winning record in NCAA Tourney Men
    ACC has neither a winning record in NCAA Tourney Women

    SEC has winning record in BOTH NCAA Tourney Men & Women.

    SEC is kicking the butts of ACC in basketball, again.

    Tonight we have Kentucky playing Cornell, and Cornell beat the crap out of Wisconsin by 20 points.


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