The Meyer blowup: we’re back to the M word again.

In the end, it’s all about the GPOOE™, as Chris Low explains to us:

… Meyer and the whole Florida offensive staff are probably a little sensitive about the way Tebow’s mechanics and delivery have been picked apart by NFL people. You’re talking about one of the best college football players of our era, and his delivery is having to be totally re-worked for a lot of teams to even consider drafting him as a quarterback.

You think that helps the Gators’ recruitment of a pro-style quarterback in future years?

You think rival coaches are going to use that against the Gators?

You think anything that remotely suggests that Tebow wasn’t properly developed at Florida causes Meyer to bristle?

The answer to all three questions is yes.

SEC Media Days are gonna be a blast this year.



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23 responses to “The Meyer blowup: we’re back to the M word again.

  1. JaxDawg

    Having been around Gators for a long time, I can tell you that historically, no other fanbase, admin, or coaching staff(s) derive more glee from talking braggadocios smack. However, they have always been the most sensitive to criticism and handle it poorly.

    While this obviously continues to exist, I’m not surprised. I believe the scars from 100 years of self-inflicted disrespect will never completely heal.

    Gators are the most fun team to beat b/c they love to dish it out, but they have never had the necessary backbone to take it.

    Just like their drama queen coach.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    “You think that helps the Gators’ recruitment of a pro-style quarterback in future years?”

    I gotta vote negatory on that one Sir! I don’t think it helps them at all.


  3. Dawgaholic

    I’d like to see how Corch will handle the Bull Gators if he ever goes 8-5.

    I predict it will be Donnanesque with extra fireworks.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hey Corch, how do you respond to numerous recent statements that you did not develop Tim Tebow’s throwing motion during college?

    Excuse me Corch, would you care to comment on Tim Tebow’s mechanics?

    By the way Corch, do you have anything to add about Tim Tebow’s mechanics.

    Corch, how do you answer criticism that EVERYBODY is making, that you did little to develop Tim Tebow as a pro quarterback?

    In closing, Corch, how do you think all the commentary about Tim Tebow’s mechanics will affect Florida’s recruiting of quarterbacks?


  5. I wonder how much of this newfound questioning has to do with CUM’s “I’m retiring for the good of my family”/”Ehh, no I’m not” charade a few months ago.

    I mean, a year ago nobody would’ve challenged him or the GPOOE(TM) like this. They were still in Thom Brennaman “Five minutes and your life will be changed” mode. But ever since Meyer’s cravenly calculated retirement/un-retirement, it seems like people are a lot less cowed about discussing him in less-than-glowingly-positive terms, even regarding his relationship with (and cultivation of) Tebow.

    Not that I’m remotely sympathetic, of course (except for the way that Orlando Sentinel reporter scrubbed his post on Deonte Thompson to make himself look like less of a douche). But even the Sentinel tiff is perhaps indicative of a press corps that no longer feels nearly as big an obligation to suck up to Meyer as they once did.


    • JaxDawg

      Meyer brought this all upon himself with his drama queer actions.

      The media, any media, loves dirty laundry and contraversy, which Meyer is now providing in spades.

      It’s his own fault so F him.


      • Mayor Of Dawgtown

        I have changed my mind about the retirement-unretirement fiasco which I believed was fake at the time. I think the guy has serious emotional/anger problems and it was/is affecting his health, both mental and physical. I think he really wanted out but got talked back in (probably by Foley). I think he may want out again but because of what happened may feel he cannot do that now. If FLA has an off season and the FLA fans and media turn on him he is liable to go off like a Roman candle. The guy really needs counseling.


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  7. Will Trane

    I thought UF had the best overall receiver corps in the SEC last year. They were productive against the DOGS in Jax, but then almost most opposing teams receivers looked good against our secondary. This is what happens when you let your players talk to the press. Meyer runs a scheme and certain QBs are more productive there than others. When a receiver signs that LOI he or may she knows what they are going into…well maybe that is giving some of these guys and the press more IQ than they deserve.

    Diamond Dawgs…I’ve seen high schools teams better than these guys. They can talk all they want to about how good they are or can be. But “talk” is not your won/loss record, or you ERA (and for some of these guys it is almost their age), or your RBIs or batting average, or the numbers of errors you are committing. Less talk and more play would help them. They play like high school players because they talk and act like high school players. When you are in a class D1 program like UGA, you need to play like that.


  8. X-Dawg

    In my minds eye when I try visualize what Meyer looks like, I see Jim Mora now.


  9. 69Dawg

    That’s the genius of CUM he was able to attack a member of the press with threats and make most people think he was defending the WR who made a statement that had to have caused CUM to hyperventilate since the real story was the WR disrespecting the GPOOE. Screw my family just don’t talk bad about the GPOOE. Glad Low was able to see through the drama and pin point the exact cause of Urban’s reaction.


  10. cantonfroggy

    Look – this is more about Urban Meyer and his coaching staff than it is about Tebow or Thompson. The most covered story for this NFL draft is Tebow and his throwing motion. Even with his revamped throwing motion, Tebow is not expected to the the first or second QB taken. NFL coaches and scouts have questioned UF’s staff coaching/decision to not change Tebow’s mechanics. Also, keep in mind that pre-Tebow, Urban’s other big-time QB protege is Alex Smith. Smith has been a GIANT bust in the NFL. Why? He did not have good mechanics. Although he is very smart, he did not have a good grasp of the pro-style offense, taking snaps under center, making good reads after dropping back from the line of scrimmage etc. Basically all of the same things that are now being said about Tebow.

    Urban wants to continue to recruit great players and run his system. Repeated references to the inadequacy of the coaching staff to turn out NFL QB’s is a threat to that long-term. Meyer wants it to end as soon as possible.

    One final thing to consider is the difference between Smith and Tebow. Smith was not a highly ranked QB prospect coming out of high school. It was Smith’s success at running Urban’s offense at Utah that made him and Urban. It got Smith the to Heisman presentation and the #1 pick. It got Urban the coaching job at UF. Urban was looked at as a football uber-genius. A guy who was about to turn football at every level on its ear.

    Contrast that with the perception about Tebow. Tebow was one of the Top 3 Qb recruits when he came out. Depending on the service, either Tebow or Stafford or Mustain was ranked #1. He had a fantastic career at UF. Although he had good to great passing numbers, it was his physicality as a runner for which he will be most remembered. His throwing motion is less than ideal, his arm strength is average, and (because of Smith) the NFL is concerned about his ability to be successful in the mental and physical aspects of the NFL offense. The NFL is basically calling them out for not improving him.


  11. kckd

    What I find interesting is how gator fans completely change the story and blame it on the media. When I ask if Tebow’s throwing motion can be perfected in just a few weeks and a few practices now, why couldn’t the new QB coach do it? I’m told that the media spun that story and their QB coach was never hired to do it. I show them where Meyer said when he hired the guy that they were trying to get Tebow ready for the NFL? No response from them.

    A question I’d love to ask Urban is this: If this blip in this guy’s article was spun the wrong way and the kid didn’t mean what he said, in the way he said it, what exactly did he really mean then when he said Brantley was a “real QB”.

    The Gator fans say that he was saying Brantley is a pocket QB and Tebow is not, but when you really break down the ESPN NFL critique of Tebow, isn’t that what they are saying too? Isn’t an NFL QB a pocket QB? Isn’t that exactly why guys like Vick and Young were questioned as far as their NFL ability?


    • Phocion

      “Isn’t that exactly why guys like Vick and Young were questioned as far as their NFL ability?”

      Nah…if you go back and listen to the defense of those QB’s at the time you’ll see that the only reason they were questioned was because the questioners were racists. But since Tebow is white the criticism is valid.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Didja see the video of Corch & Jeremy Fowler. Corch is a regular Bobby Knight & Fowler is a pussy.


    • dean

      BINGO! I would have lost my job and maybe even have gotten my ass kicked by Myer but I guarantee you that I would have stood up for myself and for doing my job. Fowler got straight punked.


  13. Mike

    ” Meyer did not develop Tebow very well. But I am really not bringing it up again. HONEST. (But this will kill them in recruiting)”

    —Senator Blutarsky

    All this said, this is probably another example that Meyer is wound up a bit too tight.