A well-respected man

Nice little exchange from Bruce Feldman’s chat yesterday:

Taylor (State College, PA)

Everyone keeps focusing on UGA’s new defensive coaches Grantham, Belin, and Lakatos and ask how they will preform next year. But how do you think the offensive coaches at Georgia will do this year? I feel like Willie Martinez took a lot of pressure off of Bobo and Searels, do you think they can preform or will UGA simply have to up its caliber of offensive coaches as well as defense?


(1:21 PM)

Can their O-line possibly have worse luck with injuries. Searels has always been considered by SEC defensive coaches among the best OL guys out there. He didn’t forget how to coach.


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  1. Bulldog Bry

    Interesting that Feldman didn’t address Bobo, only Searels.


  2. X-Dawg

    I wonder why someone at State College, PA gives a rip about UGA’ s coordinators.


  3. Richt-Flair

    I thought once they got the situation at right tackle figured out and our top RBs healed up they “preformed” pretty dang well.

    And I was about to write some kind of support for Bobo, but I can see that argument going either way. I look at the awesomeness of Ga Tech 09, FL 07, LSU 08, etc., then I put those up against USC 07 and a good chunk of last year, and I’m left befuddled. So I’ll just leave it as … I’m real interested to see what we can do with at least a solid O-line this year and if we can cut that atrocious TO margin in half.


    • 69Dawg

      We can only hope that Bobo takes his schizophrenia medication and keeps his we must be balanced evil twin in check. Bobo is Bobo’s own worst enemy.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      Bobo didn’t throw a half dozen picks last year that Elmer in section 337 knew should have been thrown into the stands.

      I’m completely floored at how willing Georgia fans are to forget how atrocious Cox was at protecting the football and making smart decisions under pressure.


  4. Will Q

    I’m too lazy to look up the stats, but even when the running game was struggling last year, didn’t the O-line perform respectably in pass protection?


  5. Feldman is correct to focus Searles and the injuries. If the O-line plays to potential play calling is far less of an issue.


  6. JC in Powder Springs

    Bobo and Searels have different paradigms and they don’t mesh.

    Searels is a good coach and recruiter – a huge improvement over Callaway. At Auburn & LSU, Searels was used to aggressive, run-oriented offenses and smash-mouth football. I think it’s very difficult for him to operate with the passive and tame approach UGA has employed.

    The UGA offenses under CMR and Bobo have been below average. Have they ever finished in the nation’s total offense top 40 over the past 9 years? They’ve had terrific QB’s (Greene, Shockley, Stafford), RB’s (Musa, Ware, Knowshon), WR’s/TE’s (Green, MoMass, Pope, Watson, McMicheal, etc.) – and still never produce many points.

    The stats and w’s show Bobo isn’t an effective OC. Dawgs have to make changes in playcalling and philosophy/approach if they want better results.

    I don’t believe Bobo called the plays in the gt game – the O was far too different than any other game. Somebody in the booth (my guess is Lilly) called the plays while Bobo was cheerleading on the sideline.

    The new D coaches understand an aggressive approach is vital. I don’t see much evidence Bobo can be turned from his tame approach. Somebody else has to call the plays if the Dawgs O is going to become more aggressive and improve.


    • Hackerdog

      Last year, UGA tied for the highest scoring average in SEC games. Bobo’s offense scored more in SEC play than Urban Meyer’s and Gus Malzahn’s.


  7. Will Trane

    It is interesting to hear about other programs and the Dogs staff. It is more interesting to hear the 3 QBs discuss their OC. No comment from him as to their standings. Well if you have been on campus 3 springs and you are not at the head of the class by now. Probably is not good. What is going to make this O move in 10 is what that showed in late 09, but with a mobile, accurate QB. A QB with the mindset of a Tebow. Tebow took the field with a single mindset. One a coach loves. Put the damn ball in the end zone on each possession! Take a guess who you think that QB is. The O has the octane and the horsepower. They simply need someone at the keys for the ignition. I think they have that guy and they are mum about it. Let’s see how much they show this spring. Not much but a close look can tell alot going into August.


  8. Cojones

    Hackerdog and Blutarsky have it correct. Some of you negative nits at stats should volunteer to go after all the O coachs in the SEC EXCEPT Bobo or Searles. Next you will be dissecting the play calling, decision-making in general and downright loyalty of our coachs. Oh! My mistake. Some of you already perform us of those services to our group of blithering idiots who strayed upon us unannounced. Recent blogs announce you as anti all coaching staff in some manner or the other. Why don’t we credit Richt for making sure we haven’t lost these coachs? Then we can hold him responsible if we have a losing season. What?! We already do? Cheez! We got nothin’ to blog about.


  9. RedCrake


    Georgia finished 2008 at #22 in the country in total offense — a season which most fans consider an abject failure.

    While I’d like the offense to put up more gaudy numbers, the fact that we’re running a pro-style offense in what is currently a spread offense games means that we will rarely rank highly in total offense — its just the nature of the beast.


  10. Aligator

    The offense was pretty good last year with the exception of some picks and a couple of other boneheaded plays and penalties. the Dawgs go at worst 10-2 this next season.


  11. Hoshney

    He is a great OL coach and we have had injuries but the OL play was still very average last year and the run blocking was worse than bad most of the season

    It better improve or else maybe we don’t have a great OL coach