Friday morning buffet

A few things to nibble on at the end of the working week:


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15 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Charles D.

    I hate the tenor of Belin’s comments about the kickoff.

    Who the hell cares what kind of return the opponent is giving you? That reeks of the reactive nature of our program the last couple of years.

    Just as Willie and Bobo like to say, we just wanted to see what the defense/offense were showing us and we made adjustments. That rhetoric announces to the world that you are ready to lose, not to mention that neither of those cats was a star student.

    You know what Nick Saban’s staff does? They practice their methods and strategy all day everyday and on Saturday they DICTATE what the opponent does. At it’s core, football is a battle of wills, and he who dictates usually wins.


    • MT

      I took completely the opposite from Belin’s comments.

      We all knew Fabris’ strategy: kick it toward the sidelines and let our guys try to corral them.

      The fact that Belin plans on having a dynamic strategy that takes advantage of perceived weaknesses is a GOOD thing. Especially with all the buzz about fundamentals in tackling, etc., I think we’ll have good coverage.

      Plus Belin getting 29th on kickoff coverage last year with a bunch of academic all-star non-athletes is another positive sign.


    • 69Dawg

      I think Berlin is stating the obvious we look at what they do and we stop it. Do you really think that the almighty St Nick does not look at or care what the other team does, he just plays his game and imposes his will on the other team. LMAO By the way Vandy covered kicks better than Bama last year.


    • Reptillicide

      Football is a reactive game. The reason we sucked on special teams before is because we kept repeating the same strategy, even if our opponents were killing us on returns. Belin is advocating for the opposite.


  2. Ray

    If Tech is worried about the budget now they are going to be in real trouble when they have to pay for everyone’s health care, even if the people don’t want it. But the dems have a powerful supporter who is helping promote the cause.

    Even though a majority of Americans want the fight to conitinue.

    Because they realize it is a “living tax”.


  3. kckd

    Dude, Belin has had success, much more so, than we’ve had the past nine years with Fab. He’s also done it with a bunch of two and three star kids. Give him a chance before you bash. Geeze.


    • Charles D.

      I am not bashing him, but I would love for him to just say, “Blair is going to kick the sh*t out of the ball, and we are going to have a bunch of screaming devils down there to blow up whatever poor kid has the stupidity to try and run one back against us. We are going to ask for consent forms from the parents before we let a kid try to return a kick against us.”


      • Dawgaholic

        Charles D.

        Is it better for the other team to start on the 20 or on the 15?

        If the coach thinks he can put them on the 15, then go for it.

        It would also be wise not to kick to a Reggie Bush type returner even if he will catch it 8 yards deep.

        Adjustments are part of football.


      • hailtogeorgia

        Charles, you can’t just say “we’re going to do it this way regardless” and not have any kind of flexibility in your approach. Belin’s obviously going to use Blair’s strong leg to his advantage when he thinks that’s the best approach (as evidenced by his kicker at Vandy who had a league leading touchback percentage. However, if/when he thinks directional kicking gives Georgia the better chance at success, there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Honestly, it wasn’t the kicking that was the problem with our kickoffs last year, it was the coverage.

        If you advocate Belin choosing one strategy (kicking it deep) and going with it for the rest of the time, regardless of the opposite team’s personnel or the situation, then I’d like to know where you stood on Willie Martinez taking the same strategy against offenses game after game and never adjusting. I mean, hey, he wasn’t letting the other team dictate what he was going to do!


  4. ruteger

    “…last season Blair Walsh led the SEC with 17 touchbacks and Georgia still finished last in the SEC and 117th in the nation in kickoff coverage.”

    “Vanderbilt had just three touchbacks last season but was second in the SEC and 29th nationally in kickoff coverage.”

    That is music to my ears. However we kick it this year, it should be covered better. And if kicking deep is what you want, don’t let the just 3 touchbacks for Vandy last year fool you. Vandy kicked off 29 less times than UGA, and apparently they didn’t have an overly big-legged kicker anyway (he attempted no 50+ yard field goals and only 6 40+ which were mostly of the 41-42 yard variety).


  5. kckd

    Also Charles, Saban’s defense might be the most reactive in the SEC. They audible after the offense audibles. If that’s not reacting to an offense, I don’t know what is.


    • Phocion

      You can put in a Dime Defense and dare an opponent that can’t run to do so…you can stack the box and dare an opponent that can’t pass to do so. But against a balanced opponent that is capable of scoring on the ground and through the air a defense can’t do that. Besides, a couple completions against 8 or 9 in the box, or a few nice runs against a dime forces the defense to react and change their scheme unless they want to be taken apart.

      No matter what the case, Defense is inherently reactive. If it isn’t, it ends up looking like the French manning the Maginot Line!


  6. Normaltown Mike

    Tech’s budget woes would be solved if the Gold Dome could find some way to tax Dragon Con.


  7. Left to Right

    Hey Tech athletic department, did you see this in today’s AJC?

    “So you’re talking about strength and depth [in equestrian] and it’s no different than any other sport at Georgia. We take our sports pretty serious around here.”

    Serious enough that the Athletic Association spent $2.75 million to purchase a 109-acre farm in Bishop, Ga., about 12 miles south of Athens, for the Georgia Equestrian Center, where competitions and practices are held and the horses are stabled.

    To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, I wonder what all the poor athletic departments are doing this year.


  8. JC in Powder Springs

    What happened to Bogotay? I thought that kid was going to kick it out of the stadium every time and solve all our return problems? Nobody says a word about him – what gives?