“He asked us if we wanted to be great.”

The temptation is going to be there to read too much into what went on at the first spring scrimmage, so I think it’s prudent not to dwell on the results… oh, who am I kidding?   SPRING SCRIMMAGE STATS, nom, nom, nom.

Whew.  Okay, I’m better now.

Seriously, there were only a couple of things I took away from yesterday.  The first is that Mettenberger has made obvious progress from the disaster he was in last year’s spring practices.

The second is that Todd Grantham knows how to choose his words judiciously.

… New defensive coordinator Todd Grantham shared his impression on the scrimmage to his players after it was over.

“He just came up to us and told us it was decent,” Dent said.

"Decent" does not make for a happy coach. (photo via AB-H/Richard Hamm)



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16 responses to ““He asked us if we wanted to be great.”

  1. baltimore dawg

    i guess it’s not surprising that no d-lineman shows up in the stats. i suspect that’s going to be the biggest area of concern as the new d comes together. i’d love to know the running plays the offense executed, especially the ones that reeled off the big runs (as long as we’re talking about way-too-early obsessive-compulsive nitpicking of a spring scrimmage none of us saw).


  2. kckd

    In the 3-4, D lineman usually don’t show up much in the stats. They are there trying to penetrate or at least hold their own and let the LBers make plays. At least that’s what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen in 3-4 defenses.


  3. King Jericho

    The good news is we shouldn’t see another o-line or running backs as good as our’s during the regular season. If our D gets to practice agaist that, they’re going to be in pretty good shape come fall.


  4. I agree. Our O & our QB s/b good not only because of the talent & experience it has, but also because it will practice against a good defense. The same applies to the D. The defense could be great because it will practice against an O That in my opinion is the best in the SEC. The 3/4 is the key.


  5. kckd

    Wonder what the comments about the QB race would be if Mettenberger hadn’t went to Valdosta for spring break?


  6. Will Trane

    Other than injuries the 20-10 “O” looks potent, but let’s guard against high expectations. What we saw with the “O” in ’09 we will see with the “D” in 20-10. This is a young defensive squad that has been in a new system for a very short period of time. Lower your expectations some and let these guys mature during the balance of spring and pre-fall. The “G” coaches will build a stone wall along the D line quicker than most sportswriters think they will.

    Is UGA sitting there with the QBs like we saw from 80 – 82? The current fold looks like Belue and Lastinger. Solid, winners, leaders, and knew how to get the TDs.

    It will be exciting and fun to watch these guys [coaches and players] in 20-10. No doubt the keys will be QB play, D line play, and LB play. How quickly these guys mature and develop is huge.


    • kckd

      Geeze man, I hope we have better QBs than Lastinger and Belue, cause as much as I love Ealey and Caleb, they ain’t exactly Herschel.

      As far as the D being like the 2009 offense, wouldn’t that mean they’ll be better than the 2009 defense?

      And if the 2010 offense is better than the 2009 offense, wouldn’t that mean significant improvement?


  7. I was a season ticket holder in the 80’s & I thought Belue & Lastinger did an excellent job (as did all of the other players) as we only lost 4 games in 4 years.Remember Belue to Scott. I was there. I was also there when Lastinger led us on a 99 yard drive that beat the Gators 10 to 9. As a life long “Gator hater”, I thought those were very good years. I am equally excited about the “Potential” for the next 4 years. I just hope that the excitement is justified.


  8. NCT

    From Weiszer’s article:

    “I’m pretty sore right now,” Wooten said. “The defense was bringing it. They were hitting.”

    nom, nom, nom, indeed.


  9. Macallanlover

    Agree with much of what was said above about not rading too much into stats at this point and about our D practicing against as good an O as we are likely to face.

    A little off topic, but after watching the TN Spring Game lastyear and the Miami Spring Game today on TV, I like having the squads divided up as all offensive players on one squad and all defense on the other. Allows for 1 VS 1 matchups, competing players to get a chance to play with both the # 1 and #2 squads some during the game (just like in real games when substitutions are made.) Scoring isn’t significant, and is hard to interpret, but defense gets points for 3 and outs, turnovers, tackle for loss, and six points if they score. Just seems to offer more flexibility for coaches to utilize and evaluate talent under comparable conditions. I wish CMR would change to this. And while I am wishing……..schedule G Day away from Masters weekend.


    • Russ

      “……..schedule G Day away from Masters weekend.”

      Exactly! I wonder what the schedule limitations are that we can’t schedule around the Masters?


  10. 69Dawg

    Heck LSU played 15 minute quarters yesterday and stopped the clock on incomplete passes in the first half.

    I thought G day was 1 on 1’s and 2’s on 2’s am I wrong?


  11. Hoshney

    People who expect the 3-4 to be flawless are going to be into a huge shock when we get nashed a few times next year WHICH HAPPENS AT ALL PROGRAMS INSTALLING A 3-4 (which are only 3 in D1 I believe)…look at Saban’s first year…WVU’s first few damn years….and even in the NFL when teams switch. We don’t have a true NT, imo, and that will hurt us a LOT

    What did I take away from yesterday? I took away that Logan Gray should never, ever, ever start for us.



    If everything goes as I suspect the Offense should get the best of the D until mid fall camp.That is how it should be the Offense has players comfortable in their roles…the guys know what to do where to go etc…it should take awhile for the Defense to get familiar with the scheme and comfortable enough to play without thinking about their assignments all the time.I’m not looking for a “shutdown” dominant D this year. I would be happy to just shave 6-7 pts off of our scoring Defensive numbers from last season.Our Offense should be at least top 3 in the SEC even with a first year starter at QB.