Memes just want to be free.

You can’t stop the signal, people.  You can’t even contain it. has a nice piece up about Rice transfer Sam McGuffie, who has this to say about his somewhat reckless running style:

“If you run that way your whole life, you’re not going to change that much,” McGuffie said. “It’s like Tim Tebow and how he throws. You’re not going to change it that much, even if you really want to.”

It’s a good thing the kid’s not a Florida beat writer.



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6 responses to “Memes just want to be free.

  1. dean

    I’ll say this, if he (McGuffie) was my son we’d be going at right now. 😉


  2. bort

    Meyer: I wish Tebow and I were going at it right now…

    (bow chicka bow bow)


  3. On the Bright Side

    Psst. Senator. Tebow won’t play another down for UF anymore.

    By the way, what’s the spin if UF is able to recruit a stud qb this year?


  4. Dog in Fla

    I’ll say this, he (McGuffie) is a bad man. A very, very bad man. He is not welcome here anymore. Now, somebody get me a drink of water, stat!


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky you got one helluva search engine working that story. You don’t miss a trick.