Tripp’s time to shine?

If there’s a player on the team whom I’m rooting for this year, it’s Kiante Tripp.  Lost in the shuffle, the subject of a tug of war between the line coaches, Tripp’s a kid who seems not to have let his career to date get him down.  So I was happy to see this quote about him from a teammate:

“Kiante Tripp, he has that big body. He has an NFL-type body. All he needed was an opportunity, and I think he’s taking advantage of this opportunity to really shine.”

Obviously, we all want Grantham’s new scheme to succeed on its general merits.  But if it has the added benefit of resurrecting Tripp, so much the better.  If Trinton Sturdivant is “the Luxury” right now, maybe Tripp will turn out to be “the Bonus”.



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3 responses to “Tripp’s time to shine?

  1. heyberto

    We got to sit with him and his mother a few years ago at the senior banquet. On top of whatever abilities he may have, he is an exceptional young man. I’ve been pulling for him ever since and would love to see him get an opportunity.


  2. The Realist

    Will he be taxed at 90%?


  3. If it means a successful season, that’s a tax I’d gladly pay!