Kiffin watch: sarcasm becomes you.

I’ve got to admit that Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog nails this one, albeit it in somewhat over the top fashion:

… This past Sunday Los Angeles Times reporter Gary Klein gave new USC head coach Lane Kiffin a Big Wet Welcome Kiss to LA with his article:  New USC football coach Lane Kiffin hopes lights are less bright in big city, and he let all of us know that Poor Little Lane Kiffin was really put-out when he coached at Tennessee  Let’s go to the tape….or the article in this case:

“In football-crazed Tennessee, where Kiffin coached for 14 months, a simple errand to the market or restaurant was impossible. Demands for autographs, photos and just plain old small talk would have kept him occupied for hours.”

Oh, Poor Little Lane Kiffin couldn’t go to the grocery store because he would have had to talk to fans of THE FOOTBALL TEAM THAT HE COACHED!  Oh the Tragedy!  Lane Kiffin would have had to engage in “small talk” with a fan of the Vols, but then when you are a POMPOUS ASS and you have never been told by anyone to shut your mouth and act appropriately in public is anyone really surprised that HIS HIGHNESS Lane Kiffin couldn’t dare be put out by the common folks?



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4 responses to “Kiffin watch: sarcasm becomes you.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Wouldn’t you aspire to be a coach that people noticed?


  2. Vious

    He knew he wouldn’t be at UT for very long

    What he did was just laughably stupid and though it got UT in the news, when was it ever good? This idea that anything in the press is good is just not correct and UT continued their image of Thug-U with their constant negative press

    Kiffin knew that this was not a long-term successful formula