Friday morning buffet

Another working week in the books:


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7 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. JasonC

    Seems like Mr. Moore could use a good pointing at. I just hope it doesn’t end in Corch telling his daughter that the young guy is a “bad man”.


    • 69Dawg

      This reporter is walking a fine line and reports like this will get him banned from practice so he won’t be able to see that players are missing. Urban’s little talk with Fowler has not done much to stop the “bad guys”.


  2. Richt-Flair

    “Well, nearly two and half years after UF quarterback Tim Tebow phoned Moore the night Tebow won the 2007 Heisman Trophy”

    — uhhs, that’s a recruiting violation, right?


  3. fetch

    What do ya’ll think about this quote: “Through these three years, Tim and I became great friends,” Brantley said. “We had zero grudge against each other. I know that I’m not him. I’m not like that, but I’ve learned to be a little bit more vocal. Not all that jumping around stuff. More of a leader behind the scenes.”

    I see a tongue lashing coming to David Hale! It will involve lots of vague threats accompanied with pointing and icy stares.

    Read more:


  4. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM) Crisis of the Day (COD) Piece, “Let’s Go Deutsche”

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Athens
    Noonish, 2 April 2010

    Mark previously thought he would have an investigation-free holiday weekend. However, just having had some kind of report that smells stuck under his nose, Mark makes a command decision to bring in outside consultants to get to the bottom of the alleged domestic terroristist caper before it gets cooked up into something that’s knocked worst.

    The first is from the Fatherland

    He will be backed by this confession inducing soundtrack

    Next up will be some wrestler actors from the taxi barn who auditioned today for the part of enhanced interrogator. The winning selectee(s) will use reverse psychology on the suspects.

    The interrogation will, of course, be under the expert supervision of this familiar face

    Other than that, Mark plans on having a nice Easter weekend.


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  6. JMart

    The Moore saga is just the latest example of why all of those stars next to a kid’s name is absolutely no guarantee of college football success.