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So much for jumping to conclusions…

Brat-gate turns out to have little bite, at least with regard to the football team.

Athens-Clarke County police said this afternoon that University of Georgia football players were not the offenders in  a March 28 incident in a taxi van.

“One football player was in the taxi, but the investigation revealed he acted as a peace maker and tried to calm the situation,” Athens police said in a statement. “The other males have been identified as residents of Heard County and warrants are pending. Additional information will be released when the warrants are issued.”



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Oh, the humanity.

What’s most striking about the Montez Robinson situation is how quickly the reaction from Mark Richt came.  Robinson was still in jail awaiting a bond hearing when the dismissal was announced.

This hurts the team from a depth standpoint at outside linebacker and leaves it dangerously thin at the position coming out of the spring, but that pales in comparison to what Robinson has lost for now.  Garner obviously saw something about Robinson’s situation that went beyond the recruiting of a talented player.  The kid hasn’t just lost a scholarship and an opportunity to pursue a career beyond college, he’s lost a support system he had with coaches who were clearly in his corner (don’t forget that this is actually his third brush with the law in less than six months).

In the end, there’s not much more you can say than this.


UPDATE: David Hale adds some complexity to Robinson’s situation.


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