Oh, the humanity.

What’s most striking about the Montez Robinson situation is how quickly the reaction from Mark Richt came.  Robinson was still in jail awaiting a bond hearing when the dismissal was announced.

This hurts the team from a depth standpoint at outside linebacker and leaves it dangerously thin at the position coming out of the spring, but that pales in comparison to what Robinson has lost for now.  Garner obviously saw something about Robinson’s situation that went beyond the recruiting of a talented player.  The kid hasn’t just lost a scholarship and an opportunity to pursue a career beyond college, he’s lost a support system he had with coaches who were clearly in his corner (don’t forget that this is actually his third brush with the law in less than six months).

In the end, there’s not much more you can say than this.


UPDATE: David Hale adds some complexity to Robinson’s situation.


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  1. Charles D.

    Wasn’t Montez’s brother in on a visit this weekend?

    I have a feeling he won’t be coming here.


  2. PJ

    TJ Stripling better come ready.


  3. heyberto

    This was the right thing to do at the right time. I agree with Paul.. second chances are fine.. 3rd chances are another story. He clearly wasn’t making much progress in his personal life. I wish him the best and hope this is a wakeup call for him, but Richt could not afford to keep him any more. Good luck Montez.. hope you get it together.


  4. Jayna

    Sounds like a good kid who has had a tough life and just does know how to channel that pain and rage. I wish it had worked out differently for him at UGA! I hope he finds a safe place to land. I wish you the best Montez, heal your heart, so you can be a success in life, on and off the field! Montez if you read this, Do not be afraid to reach out for help.


  5. HVL Dawg

    Vaya con Dios Senor Montez.

    I hope you get another chance in college and I pray that you will be able to make the most of it.


  6. SCDawg

    This is what I like about reading this blog. it’s not a ridiculous contest of “FIRST!” or full of personal attacks against other commenters.

    The AJC has already had to close its comments section on this story and they’re threatening to close comments on an entirely different story (the FSU DT commit de-committing) b/c of personal attacks related to the Montez Robinson story.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If UGA is thin at outside linebacker there should be some extra scholarships available. Maybe looking at some JC players would be a good idea. Having only 2 scholarship players at outside linebacker seems to be not a good thing.


  8. Derek

    Something to consider in the wake of Robinson’s departure is what should be done to shore up depth at the OLB position. The downside in the shift to the 3-4 was the fact that we had few options to man the very important OLB positions. None of the current LB’s on the roster fit well into those OLB positions and the guys kept at DE are really too big to move out to OLB. Right now we have two starters and a walk-on at OLB. Do we count on some of the incoming freshman to provide depth? Do we move someone? A review of the current roster indicates to me that there are only two people who could move to OLB and fit: Artie Lynch and Bruce Figgins. Anyone think that a one season move for one of these guys makes sense given the depth we have a TE? Another option I see is a walk-on: TE Derek Rich. Or, maybe they could put Dobbs on diet and get him under 270?

    I am getting very concerned about how effective our front seven is going to be.


    • Charles D.

      Faluoughi had 3 sacks on Saturday, and his size/weight is perfect for the position.

      Stripling and Ogletree were our two best recruits, and I think that both of them could be ready to play on Saturdays. Stripling is more prototypical, but I think Ogletree can play the OLB position.

      The guy he is most compared to, Thomas Davis, was essentially a 3-4 OLB his last two years at UGA, and we have an abundance of depth at safety.

      The depth is obviously a concern, but I think we will have enough guys to get through it.


    • Like it or not, that’s what incoming freshman are for.


  9. Will Trane

    I would like to comment on Kimberly Nash’s article, “Are Georgia Bulldog Players Out of Control Under Mark Richt” in the Bleacher Report is off base. The AJC writers and Ms. Nash, who are your primitive, stuck in the box writers, who always have to take a story and make something out of it about Coach Richt. Unfair? You can decide. Frankly, I am tried of this kind of thinking and writing. I’m not here to defend Coach Richt. And I don’t care about what happens in Gainesville, Columbia, Baton Rouge, Knoxville, or Atlanta. I don’t put a time line on how they handle their player’s disciplinary issues or what type of punishment, if any, they hand out.

    Coach Richt is a very fair and understanding man. He lives by his Christian beliefs. He is not Coach Bowden or any other coach in the SEC or any other conference. So let’s not get into this childish writing of comparison to some other coach and program. Coach Richt is a man with class and character. He has many life time experiences as a player, assistant coach, coach, and father to draw upon with regard to disciplining the players, staff, and other coaches in the football program. He operates within the University and Athletic program guidelines and policies.

    Montez Robinson appears to be a talented football player with some potential; however, he appears to be immature and conflicted. Ms. Nash and others would like for the “Georgia Bulldog Players” to be mean as hell of Saturday and angels the rest of the time. The players are not all alike. They live, study, and participate in a high intense sports program. Most of these guys never have a issue with discipline. Robinson is not the first nor will he be the last to be dismissed from the Dawgs team.

    But the GTP is more religious than I thought. They even thought of this in light of the Thirteen Attributes. Clearly Coach Richt was full of sympathy for the sufferings and miseries of humanity. Perhaps Ms. Nash can look at those after she picks up yellow flag for a piling on penalty.

    Perhaps other writers can show a little more thought and perspective about these events in the future.

    Conclusion: there is some common ground with Nash and Robinson, they misunderstand Coach Richt.


    • Vious

      Why would you respond to a Bleacher Report article?

      They have people intentionally writing negative, factually-incorrect things about us all the time

      USC/UF fans write about how Aaron Murray is a Senior that needs to finally step up or else Richt is gone and that Moreno needs to finish strong at UGA or else the world will fall apart


  10. cantonfroggy

    Based on the past track record of Richt and the coaching staff in these types of situations, I would expect that coaching staff will continue to try to assist him just not as a member of this football team – if Robinson is willing to accept their help.

    They have done it the past for other players who could not make it here – I expect they will do it in the future.


  11. C. Thomas



  12. Will Trane

    You are right. I should not comment on those articles from Bleacher Report, but they show up on the Dawgbone. And…well…damn…I can’t stand that kind of stupidty. Most of us alums stand by our Dawgs and Lady Dawgs. Just can not let that kind of stuff go by. Sort of like on the field and somebody takes a cheap shot at you or mouths off…heck no, give them a shot back.


    • If Bleacher Report told me it was definitely NOT going to rain diamonds the size of grapefruits tomorrow, I’d go out and buy a helmet. (And put a down payment on an Audi RS6.)

      BR should stick to ranking female athletes by hotness. That’s clearly where their wheelhouse is.