Organized chaos

It’s worth reminding ourselves that there are likely to be a few hair-pulling moments on defense in 2010.  It’s not rational to expect otherwise when there are too many changes on that side of the ball that have to be integrated.

“Those first couple of practices, they’re yelling and screaming and running everywhere,” (Aaron) Murray said. “They’re not all the way installed yet, but they’re definitely more comfortable. They have guys checking, going to one spot, they don’t have guys bumping into each other, yelling, ‘You get down, you stand up.’ They definitely look more fluid out there.”

And that’s just as of today.

… More position changes could be ahead, depth remains a concern in several places, and new freshmen who have yet to spend a day working with Grantham will arrive in June, further complicating life for Georgia’s defense. It’s every bit a work in progress.

But the upside, Richt said, is progress has been made.

“Let’s face it, it’s just been 11 practices and an awful lot of installation,” Richt said. “We’re hoping to get a lot of things on film so we can make good cut-ups of it for the summer if the kids want to come in on their own and study it.”

Lots and lots of kinks to be worked out – which is why the defensive staff is so smart to hammer on fundamentals early on.  Even if it takes a while to get the scheme down pat, if the tackling and pass coverage steps up, it’ll be a net gain as far as I’m concerned.

In that spirit, let me offer this as the 2010 defense’s theme song.


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9 responses to “Organized chaos

  1. Brandon

    I for one I pretty used to hair pulling moments out of our defense. Grantham may be terrible and if he is we’ll need to find someone else, but by making a change we have a chance to improve. This year is kind of a freebee for Grantham because of the scheme change, hopefully we’ll see some improvement. He says the right things that is for sure, if we get some pressure on the passer that will be great, other teams may still run up the score on us but I don’t want to see anymore quarterbacks with spotlessly clean uniforms like Eric Ainge and Jonathan Crompton have sported after meeting the Dawgs the last few years.


  2. Jayna

    I suspected the installation of our new D was one reason our all of our quarterbacks sounded like Heisman Trophy candidates! It is a process and will take some time, but damn it was needed! If it was something they could learn over night it would not be worth having on the field! Hunker down dawgs, we are with you!!


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Puhlease….spare me the girly music.

    “Enter the Dragon” is much more appropriate.

    And Eminem’s “Lose yourself” would be even better.



    • dudetheplayer

      You’re one of those clowns that thinks the Stones we’re a “real rock n roll” band while the Beatles were just a “boy band”, right?


  4. 69Dawg

    To expect a new DC with a new scheme that needs a certain type of personnel to come int UGA and find all the bodies he needs to get it going is just ridiculous, especially when we have to kick guys off the team that are needed to run the scheme. If we get back to UGA D by 2011 we will be doing ok.


  5. This optimist thinks things will be more ready and sucessful for the D than others believe. You can always pull the OLBs up to the line (a 5-2) and say tackle the man with the ball. The emphasis on fundamentals and installing an agressive D will make this year’s D formidable from game 1 on.


  6. Vious

    Expect our D to get shredded at times with players missing assignments, etc….

    So I expect some fans to call for Todd’s head early and often when it first happens


  7. NRBQ

    Love the link, Bluto.

    In fact, thanks also for not posting rap or metal links (at least, that I remember).

    We have a great Beatles cover band here in Augusta called Ed Turner’s Number 9. If you hear of them playing in your neck, you would do well to attend.


  8. shark

    Beatles=boy band
    Beatles =/ UGA football