The proverbial turds in the punch bowl

Pure comedy gold in this thread at BBuzzOff, although you have to dig through the usual anti-Georgia diatribes to get to it.

This must have been fun to watch.

… I just attended my step-sister’s wedding.  My two daughters were in the wedding.  The dresses were black with red sashes.  The grooms cake had a bulldog (uga) on it.  The candid photos on the grooms table had both the bride and groom dressed in UGA garb.  (Neither went to UGA)  Several people at the wedding had on UGA ties, belts, etc.  And the pisser of it all was that I had to dress my little girls in red and black.

Hope they got lots of pictures, man.

As a bonus, the dude’s got a fellow traveler in the thread.  Actually, it’s a double bonus:  a female fellow traveler!

I attended my niece’s wedding two years ago, same exact crap , they even had a uga cake beside the wedding cake, the wedding cake was also done in red and black; the uga fight song was played at least three times. Neither of these two went to college….. it was nauseating:((

With three daughters, I’m getting some wedding plan ideas here for my brother, the Tech fan.  Maybe I can talk one of my girls into including him in the wedding party.  Good times, for sure.


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  1. yea yea

    Lots of tacky “fans” out there that didn’t go to the school. This is true across sports.

    This is no different from plant workers in Pittsburgh that do the same thing for the Steelers – fairly common lower middle class behavior. Nothing to really criticize here.

    Feeling the urge to blog about how much better this self-righteous douche thinks he is than these individuals informs nothing and merely indicates his own inferiority complex.

    • HVL Dawg

      Congratulations for your superior upper middle class sense of social awareness about UGA fans that didn’t go to school at UGA.

      I was breastfed on the sound of the the Redcoat Marching Band. My father told me about playing for Wally Butts. The UGA/GT Freshman game was a Thanksgiving tradition for my family. As a child I made the trip to Athens to see the (Stegman) Coliseum the year that it openned, but alas, I attended college at Georgia State. There, I’ve outed myself as a tacky fan that didn’t go to UGA.

      Puke. Puke. Woof. Woof. I feel better now. Go Dawgs.

      • yea yea

        Settle down tiger.

        Let’s clear a couple things up.

        1) Having a college/pro-themed wedding is tacky regardless of the team affiliated. I think I made that clear, and you’re welcome to disagree. Maybe throwing a Georgia G on the groom’s cake is fine, but bridesmaid’s dresses made of red and black is a bit over the top IMO.

        2) I also spent part of my collegiate time at GSU – never suggested that anyone that didn’t go to UGA was absolutely either a)lower class or b) tacky. – See above for what makes those qualities.

        Can we be friends now?

        • The Realist

          There is nothing tacky about red and black dresses. Black is very formal and very trendy right now. Red is a primary color and also very traditional.

          Piss yellow, on the other hand, is tacky.

          Having a team-themed wedding is weird, but having certain elements of your team or alma mater incorporated into your wedding’s reception is pretty common.

        • HVL Dawg


  2. Dog in Fla

    How does anybody have the nerve to criticize a UGA-themed wedding party when stuff like this Tech all boys’ choir/dance team ‘entertainment’ goes on at Tech weddings?

  3. Irishdawg

    People might be more inclined to wear Tech colors if they weren’t so hideous. Nevermind, Tech sucks and you don’t need to be a UGA grad to get that.

    Also, I always picture a Tech themed wedding as including a procession of crossed lightsabers anyway.

  4. I’m still amazed when Tech grads actually procreate.

  5. 81Dog

    I don’t get the arrogance of people who think “you didn’t go to school there, so you have no business being a fan of that school.” There are plenty of reasons people grow up being fans of a school, and plenty of reasons why those people didn’t matriculate there. Some of them, it’s no doubt true, weren’t college material. Some of them may not have had the money to go to their dream school, or their family circumstances didn’t permit it, or whatever.

    I have a relative who went into the Marine Corps the day after he graduated from high school. He spent his nineteenth birthday in a combat zone, trying not to get killed. He made it home, got married, started having kids. Both he and his wife worked, and he went to classes intermittently around trying to feed everyone in his job working for an insurance company.

    He dealt with lawyers a lot, and thought he’d like to be one. However, with four kids, the idea of heading to full time law school was just not possible, and even if it was, he still had about two plus years of undergrad to finish, and that would have been the end of that, except he was stubborn as hell.

    So, he got admitted to a night law school in Atlanta. Worked a full day, went to school for three hours, dragged in about 10. His wife worked night shift at a hospital as the head nurse in the ER, so they tag teamed the kids. He graduated, passed the bar on the first try, and went looking for a job. A snoot at one of the upper crust law firms, who interviewed him at the request of a clergyman both knew, sniffed derisively at him and told him he’d have to go to a “regular law school” before they could consider him. He told the snoot to kiss his ass, and ran his own practice successfully for years. At age 65, he had sent all 5 kids to UGA, but it still rankled him that he didn’t have a diploma. Nobody else who mattered cared or thought less of him, but he was still stubborn. So, he enrolled at UGA and got a bachelor’s degree.

    That guy, and his wife, didn’t take so much as a class at UGA their entire adult lives (until he was 65). They adopted UGA in their 20s, and they loved it as much as anyone who went there right out of high school. People like these two jackasses on BuzzOff would sneer at them as “sidewalk alumni” who clearly aren’t good enough to pull for UGA.

    Those two jackasses, and everyone like them (and some of those kind of people are UGA fans, too) can kiss my two degrees from UGA holding red and black ass. UGA, or any other school, is lucky when it touches the hearts of good people who didn’t go to school there. I don’t think being a sidewalk alum automatically makes you a great person, but it sure as hell doesn’t make you one iota of a lesser person, either.

    I can see why these two nerds would be bitter, though. Given GTU’s mediocre attendance and too broke to fire Hew?tt athletic department, they can’t even get the people who went to school there to care about them, much less people who didn’t go to school there. GTU is a fine academic institution, and not all of its alums are jackasses like these two pinheads. Unfortunately, the mouthy ones are usually the ones who get noticed.

    Sorry for the rant. I feel better now.

    • MT

      very lucid rant. enjoyed, thanks

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Tell it all brother….tell it all!
      Good Stuff!

    • I also find the “sidewalk alumni” derision misplaced. Some of the most respectful, level-headed and diehard University of Georgia fans I know never stepped foot on campus as students. Several of them really wanted to, but, as the saying goes, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

      Some view UGA as the flagship University of the state in which they reside and pay taxes, and support the school and its students for that reason. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s admirable as far as I’m concerned.

    • This whole “sidewalk alumni” argument stems from an inferiority complex to begin with. Auburn fans make the same comments about Alabama fans. Whenever some jerk Tech fan tries to pull the “at least I went to school there” argument after leaving a sporting event in which his alma mater was likely just defeated (since it’s the only comeback those people can usually think of along with the token “I’ll be your boss one day” BS), I just find myself laughing.

      It amuses me to no end that those fanbases think there is some superiority attached to attending the school of choice and it somehow makes one a better fan. If going to the school of your rooting interest were a prerequisite of superior fandom, then why does Derek Jeter constantly say that the New York Yankees have the best fans in the world? Nobody went to University of the Yankees. The argument holds no water with me and it amuses me that it’s the best that these losers can come up with.

  6. NCT

    What those types of Tech fans fail to see is that their own glory days about which they love to crow, the Heisman then Dodd years, were possible only because the action on the Flats was the only action in town. If not for “sidewalk fans” filling up what was then the landmark venue for college football in the Southeast, Tech wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to spray limitless scholarships all over the place and field the teams they did. Students and alumni alone were insufficient to give the Trade School the kind of pull it had to demand other teams play them only in Atlanta.

  7. joe

    I love telling nerds how I was accepted to tech (mom’s wishes), yet declined their offer, only to attend UGA. That gets them fired up every time! Glory to Ole Georgia!

  8. Prov

    If only Alumni were allowed to be fans I wonder what the TV deals would look like

    • 81Dog

      Tech’s tv deal would be something akin to an infomercial. It would probably come on the air at 3am on USA , between a half hour featuring salad shooters and a Chuck Norris pitch for a home gym. They could even get the Sham Wow guy to call the games, though it would be hard to tell the difference between him and Wes Durham.

      The tv deal would be sort of like their massive radio deal is now, come to think of it. Can you actually hear the broadcast of a Tech game on radio outside I-285 after dark?

      I guess they’re on the ACC XM package, but I imagine there are more people listening to the Do It Yourself Tile Grouting channel on XM than there are listening to Tech sports.

  9. DawgPhan

    Count me in the group that thinks sidewalk fans are simply that…fans.

    Kinda like the pig and the chicken walking down the road…
    …one is committed and one is involved. Sidewalk fans are involved…alumni are committed.

    A sidewalk fan can simply buy a new jersey/polo/hat and change their alliance, alumni can’t.

    • Dawgaholic

      Sorry buddy, but that doesn’t work.

      Under your analogy, anyone that supports a political party isn’t really a republican or democrat because they can just switch whenever. I guess you’re also not really a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, etc. because you can switch that whenever too.

      Although I am a UGA alum, as well as an alum somewhere else, I could change my allegiance too under the right circumstances. (Kid participating at another school, etc.)

      If you support UGA, you’re a fan in my book. I could care less if you’ve ever set foot in the city of Athens.

      I also know some non-UGA alum supporters that are alot more financially committed than nearly all of the alums I know.

      • Don Leeburn

        That’s exactly what Suzanne says too.

      • DawgPhan

        I never said that they weren’t fans, or that they couldn’t be fans. I actually said in the very first line that they are fans, but they are just fans.

        It’s like being a marine. You may leave the corp, but you are always a marine. Your son might go to the Navy or Greenpeace, but you are a marine.

        As an alumni I have a tie to the university that sidewalk fans can’t have. It goes beyond how much you give or how many games you have been to.

        • Dawgaholic

          No supporters should enjoy a higher status than any others. Some of us are fortunate enough to have spent a few years in Athens as a student, others are fortunate enough to be able to donate enough money to sit on the 50, others support the UGA despite having never been able to enjoy many of the great things UGA offers.

          The fact that I have been fortunate enough to experience more of what UGA offers than someone else does not mean that their support is less worthy than mine.

          As for the ties that you have as an alum, many of the supporters you refer to as “sidewalk fans” have extensive ties to UGA and a passion for it that you will never have.

          Also, alumni is the plural form of alumnus.

          • DawgPhan

            I love how you don’t know me, but are more than willing to indict my passion and ties to UGA.

            You made this about sidewalk fans being less than alumni, not me. Involved and committed aren’t better or worse than one another, just different relationships.

            If UGA never played another game in any sport, never had another UGA night at Six Flags, TD Club meeting, or Alumni Board meeting, I would still be an alumnus.

            But again, regardless of the amount of money someone gives, games attended, or passion displayed, you can’t create the relationship of having actually gone to school there.

            as for the grammar crack, GFY.

            • hailtogeorgia

              I’m mostly with you, here, Dawgphan. As alumni, you and I are committed to the university, regardless of whether or not we ever choose to give another dollar to it. Those of us who do enjoy the privilege of holding a diploma from UGA will always be connected in ways that others aren’t.

              The best example I can think of is that if some huge scandal occurred at the University, we would be adversely impacted because our degrees would likely suffer. This could impact job opportunities, as well as the reputation of UGA alumni as a whole. A sidewalk fan, on the other hand, may look foolish for donating money or supporting UGA for a number of years, but could still distance him/herself from UGA with little trouble. As alumni, that’s something we simply couldn’t do.

              I think most people are miss your point, which is (as I understand it) not that there is a hierarchy of fans with one being better than another…it’s simply that there are varying levels of connectivity with which one is attached to the University of Georgia. The sidewalk fan is connected by choice, while the connection of the alumnus (or alumna, if female, Dawgaholic) is obligatory.

              • Dawgaholic

                I chose to attend UGA. As an alum, I am connected by choice too.

                The fact that many of my connections come through my years attending UGA does not mean they are deeper or better connections than others may have through other means.

                • hailtogeorgia

                  At what point did I say that the connections of the non-alum are better or deeper than the connections of the alum? I simply meant that upon graduation from Georgia, one is connected regardless of choice…at that point, the connection becomes obligatory. Could I stop being a Georgia fan? Certainly. Could I change the fact that a received a degree from Georgia and am therefore connected to Georgia? No.

                  • hailtogeorgia

                    and one slight correction…I accidentally flipped the non-alum and alum in the first sentence. Mea culpa.

                  • Dawgaholic

                    I inferred from your reference to DawgPhan that you viewed the level of connections as different. I’m glad you don’t.

                    • hailtogeorgia

                      Well then I’m glad we’re clear on that issue. I am with DawgPhan in that I understand the point he is attempting to make. I don’t, however, think there are varying levels of fans. If you like a team, you like a team…regardless of alumni status.

                  • DawgPhan

                    Exactly..the connections are simply different. One isnt better than the other, just different. I dont know why some folks want to make this about Alums being better than non-alums, but it isn’t, at least to my point.

            • Dawgaholic

              If you are truly passionate about something, you want it to be the best it can be. The more supporters UGA has the better.

              Statements such as, “A sidewalk fan can simply buy a new jersey/polo/hat and change their alliance, alumni can’t,” do not draw more supporters to UGA. Further, it is not true as many non-alums are very invested in UGA.

              I’m sure you’re a very passionate UGA man/woman, but to say that there is not a single non UGA alum that is more passionate than you is naive.

            • 81Dog

              Hmmm. It isn’t clear what you majored in, but it’s pretty obvious it wasn’t logic, writing, or spelling.

              I’m not sure what your point is. You have a “different relationship” with UGA than someone who didn’t go to school there. Great. What’s that got to do with whether someone who didn’t go to school there is some kind of lesser species of fan than someone who did?

              You lost me on the “Marines are always Marines, even if you aren’t in the Marines or your son is in Greenpeace.” Huh? And by the way, it’s “Corps,” not “Corp.”

              Here’s the point: being a UGA alum doesn’t make you special, per se. It doesn’t mean you’re a higher evolution of human being. It doesn’t even make you a decent person. Not being an alum doesn’t make you a bad person, or mean that you don’t care deeply about the school.

              Frankly, I’m a lot more worried about my diploma being devalued by a couple of arrogant deep thinkers like you and hailtogeorgia, based upon your arrogance, your clearly limited powers of reason and argument, and your inability to keep it civil, than I am about the scourge of people who don’t share your “special bond” with UGA devaluing the school by their mere gross presence.

              Learn how to spell, learn how to reason, and learn to appreciate that just going to school someplace doesn’t entitle you to sneer at everyone who didn’t go there….unless they’re Tech fans.

              • hailtogeorgia

                81dog, exactly where was I arrogant in my post? I said nothing degrading regarding non-alumni, nor did I say anywhere that I am special or better than someone who isn’t an alumnus/alumna. I remained civil throughout my post and I thought I clearly stated in the last paragraph that there was no hierarchy regarding Georgia fans.

                I’m not exactly sure why you took such offense to my post and decided to resort to name-calling, but I hope it’s clear that I would never think less of someone simply because they didn’t matriculate at the University of Georgia and I did. The only point I was attempting to make (amidst my poor spelling, logic, and writing) was that it is easier for people who aren’t UGA alumni to distance themselves from the University if something were to go wrong, whereas those who did receive a degree from Georgia are bound to Georgia regardless. I’m truly sorry if that caused confusion or somehow was misconstrued.

                • DawgPhan

                  yeah dont know how we got into the whole “lesser species” thing, when neither of us mentioned anything like that in any of our posts.

  10. 69Dawg

    Tech is the little brother and will always hate it. They are a good Engineering school that attract students from all over the world and a few from GA. They play in a city made up of transplants that if they graduated from college it was not one in GA. These fans pull for the pro team not some college team. Tech is lucky that they have remain even remotely relevant during the last 3 decades and they better hope they can hold on to CPJ and his gimmick O otherwise they would be Vandy or Duke only without the academic prestige.

  11. JK

    I’m not a UGA alum (Mercer), but I have always been a fan of UGA. I share the frustration of alums with the belligerent a-holes who treat UGA like a professional team and go to the games showing their asses with no class or regard for anyone else around them, or, say, their tailgate site. Most of those people are clearly not students or alums (some are, don’t kid yourselves). I am no apologist for d-bag non-alum guy walking around with a fist full of red and black beads trying to get your daughter to take her top off. Beads are for Baton Rouge and Gainseville, ya redbird! UGA IS ABOVE THAT, STOP IT!

    But on the whole, how would your gameday experience be without a strong, strong contingent of non-alum UGA fans?
    Would it be a little more tradition oriented, with the average class and education of those in attendance going way up? sure
    Would ticket prices go down? some
    Would the average attendance be as high as it is?

    How many games would be televised if only alums cared to watch? not many
    Take out your “sidewalk alums” and thats a whole lot of football you’re going to miss. That is, unless you can make it to every single home and away game (good luck with that once you’re paying your own way and have a wife and kids)

    How bout when you consider that about half of the alums who cared to watch would be in the stands? Even fewer

    No “sidewalk alums”, drastically reduced media market. fact

    How’s that fact going to affect revenue from that big ESPN tv contract? Well, how bout would that contract even exist? no

    Thats a lot of money down the tubes, and a lot of football you’re going to miss if only alums care about college football.

    How bout bowl revenue? If only alums watch…. how bout lets worry about whether the bowls can even be profitable enough to exist.

    The point is this, sure most of the jackasses at games aren’t alums of UGA or probably anywhere else. But most of the non-alums are not jackasses. The fact that most of the jackasses aren’t alums makes the rest of us look bad.

    • dawgy45

      “The point is this, sure most of the jackasses at games aren’t alums of UGA or probably anywhere else. But most of the non-alums are not jackasses. The fact that most of the jackasses aren’t alums makes the rest of us look bad.”

      I’m not trying to be argumentative but I do want to ask: How do you know? Why is that the automatic assumption? Can you sit a game and by looks and/or behavior determine whether or not an individual is an alumni?

      As a non-alum (married to an alum) this is not something that I take lightly. It was always in my plans to go to UGA but a few young and foolish decisions put where I am. So here I sit as a 40-year old, life long fan of all things Bulldog and not a day goes by that I don’t regret not having gone to Georgia. My wife and I have football season tickets and on occasion go to other UGA events. Those days are when that regret is the deepest. When at a football game I feel like I am one of just a few amongst 93,000 UGA grads. When I see someone being an ass-clown I shake my head at their behavior but then think:”yeah, but at least they went to UGA…I didn’t even do that”. Maybe I’m the only one with that perspective.

      • 81Dog

        Don’t worry, my friend. You are far from the only person with this perspective. If you have UGA in your heart, I don’t care if you went there, went to Dekalb Tech, or didn’t graduate from middle school, long as you don’t behave like a coked out monkey at football games (which, it appears, is not something a guy like you would do).

        Everyone who’s a jackass isn’t a sidewalk alum. Everyone who’s a graduate isn’t a great person, either. I don’t know how you parse the jackass non-alums from the jackass alums. The jackass alums may actually be worse, because a lot of them (in my experience) use the “It’s just because I really care” excuse to explain away their apparent jackassitude.

        The proper way to segregate our fans is simple to me: you’re either a good person who loves UGA, or you’re a jackass who doesn’t know how to behave at a public event. You can’t have too many of the former, no matter what their connection to UGA is. You can’t have too few of the latter, regardless of their connection with UGA.

        For my next rant, by the way, I will go on and on about the wonderful people who think it’s their right to make you stare at the seat of their pants all day, regardless of the score, time left, or down/distance, and regardless of your age, health, or simple desire to sit down occasionally.

        • Bulldog Bry

          +1 for “jackassitude”. Going to use that a LOT today.

          – lifelong fan and non-alum

  12. Macallanlover

    Some great replies about the passionate fans who did not attend UGA, for whatever reason, but I think you guys are missing the most obvious point about these Tech fans’ inability to understand this concept. It is hard enough for Tech grads to admit, and cheer for GT, it has to totally mystify them that people would actually devote themselves to a program where they were not forced to contribute their loyalty.

    And I can see this confusion, I don’t think I have ever met anyone that supported Tech unless they didn’t feel they had to. Why would anyone voluntarily do so? Cannot think of one reason. Cut them some slack guys.

    • Dog in Fla

      Good point Mac. While most agree:

      “By It is sad

      September 12, 2007 8:37 PM

      It is sad that the game is not sold out. Why can’t Tech get the support that UGA has? People that didn’t even go to UGA are fans. The only people that support Tech are Tech grads or their families.”

      There is always an exception to the rule.

      “By Sean

      September 16, 2007 9:58 PM

      I’ve been a Tech fan for life, i’ll never actually attend the school but Tech football has always been a part of me.I was at last nights game and while I was dissapointed in the outcome and the fact that the stadium was not totally full. I had a great time cheering on the Jackets and making all the noise I could. I was also dissapointed with the people who stooped to chucking trash/water bottles on the field. That serves no purpose what so ever and makes all of us look bad.”

      • Macallanlover

        Must be a lot of sadness in Sean’s life. But what can he expect, there are only 3+ million souls to draw from….and then there is the competition from the Aquarium to contend with.

  13. FLdawg

    Great topic and great thread,
    I can’t stop laughing, this is too funny,
    I love you guys.
    And, we love to hate tech.

    Go You Hairy Dawgs!

  14. Ben W

    Just to throw in my 2 cents….

    I am the most diehard bulldawg I know… even more so than my father who received his bachelors from UGA in 1980. Upon my graduation of high school I had the ability to choose where i wanted to go. Did I want to go to UGA? Absolutely, but unfortunately UGA did not have a program that met my interest as far as a major was concerned (film.) I attended FSU primarily because of the fact that they had one of the most esteemed film schools in the country and rejecting their invitation to the program (15 accepted as freshman out of 1,500 applicants) would have been utterly insane, especially when I couldn’t have studied what I wanted to most at UGA.

    Now I do admit I feel superstitious and I do not walk under the arches when coming on to north campus, but I have supported UGA with more allegiance than most of my friends who are actual graduates of the school, and if anyone holds it against me that I went to FSU for the reasons I did then I think you are extremely misguided.

  15. Cojones

    Funny, especially The Realist. dawgy 45 puts things into perspective for alumni in a whimsical way. I never considered that someone could want to be from UGA who never attended. We would have loved for you to have attended so we could call you fellow alum, but I love most of all to be able to call you fellow Bulldog right now.

    • Dawgy45

      Cojones & 81Dog,
      Thanks. I really do appreciate your thoughts. Believe me – I would dearly love for you to be able to call me a fellow alum, but that’s a hole that can never be filled. I will gladly let you call me a fellow Bulldog anytime!

      I think UGA alumni do have a special connection to the school that will always make someone like me feel a little bit like an outsider, but that is how it should be. I’m looking over my shoulder at my wife’s diploma and I think of her time and experiences at UGA and how that can never be taken from her. I just hope all who went there fully appreciate that.

      File this under “Mistakes-I-made-that-I-hope-my-kids-don’t-repeat”.

      Dawgaholic – Thanks for pointing out the difference between “alumni” and “alumnus”. I am completely anal about doing things correctly and I mangled the use of those badly.

  16. DawgBiscuit

    I’m surprised that nobody has pointed this out already, but neither Vince Dooley nor Mark Richt attended the University of Georgia, but they are among the most beloved figures in Bulldog Nation.

    • 81Dog

      Dont forget Erk, either.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        81: Were you standing and did you remove you hat before writing that post?

        • 81Dog

          Erk may be the most uniquely charismatic figure to ever walk the sideline in red and black. For a guy who was neither a UGA alum or the head coach of a team at UGA, I would say he’s pretty high on the beloved list. He’s so well loved, I don’t know a single UGA fan who holds his AU heritage against him, or who didn’t rejoice for him when he led Georgia Southern to national championships. AU only had him for 4 years. We had him for what, 17 years? I’d say he’s one of us.

  17. Just as a reminder to all. The UGA athletic association is fully independent from the University itself.

    Therefore being an alumni of UGA does not make you a more privilege fan. UGAA actually pays the university to be in the Campus.

    Fans who are alumni and non-alumni have to kick in the same contributions to obtain season tickets. Only those persons who are actively at UGA, students, and others have discounted tickets.

    It just tells everybody, the UGA diploma does not extend special privileges in the eyes of UGAA. The alumni and non- alumni are treated equally by UGAA. It is all about money anyway at the end.

  18. Just an addendum, an alumni of UGA does not make one an alumni of UGAA as there is no such a thing. It means everybody is just a fan of the athletic teams. An alumni may be tied in forever to the University but not equally to the athletic programs run by UGAA. It is just not the same.

  19. Vious

    I actually agree with the Tech fan.

    Hard for me to understand how someone is a fan of a school that they didn’t attend

    My best moments at UGA are going to school there, the Friday before gamedays, Saturday mornings on campus, etc….

    I just….what a huge chunk that someone misses out on being a “UGA” fan

    • A Dawg “football” fan does not equal to UGA “school fan” though they may be both.

    • Prov

      I will admit that as an alumnus you have something I can never have. However, it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand how someone who didn’t attend UGA could be a fan. I have spent the last 25 years of my life watching the games with my Dad (an alumnus), talking about the games with my Dad, and going to games with my Dad. He never gave me the option to be a fan of any other school (even though I graduated from another school). It might as well be genetic. I wouldn’t trade those memories, or that bond, for all the UGA diplomas in the world.

    • FLdawg

      So True,
      Early 70’s,
      Walking from S. Campus to N. Campus on a crisp cool perfect Autumn day.
      The squirrels all over the Quadrangle.
      Constant intramural games around the dorms.
      Streaking through Brumby and Russell.
      Parking tickets.
      Allens on Prince.
      Making new friends at cafeteria student center.
      Did I say studying?
      The Tracks!
      Camping out at the Tracks starting on Thursdays!
      Seeing big red GEORGIA decals on rear windshields of all cars.
      Crosby Stills Nash and Young at Stegeman.
      The University of Georgia is the greatest university in the world.
      Go You Hairy Dawgs!

  20. And do not forget, during FALL Saturdays, even UGA students are asked to parked their cars out of the way of those rampaging hordes of “Dawg football fans”. Because during those time the UGAA basically owns the campus “sort of”.

    If one day Mark Richt brings a National Championship, the UGA students and alumni will not love the president of the University who basically confer their diploma any better, but will likely adore Richt who is not even paid by the University but by UGAA (an independent entity).

  21. UGA Grad 05

    While it is true that the UGAA is somewhat separate from UGA remember that the university would survive without the athletic association but the athletic association would not survive without the university. Students and faculty get special consideration for athletic events for a reason. As students we work our tails off to get our diploma and we when you work that hard for something you feel a close and special bond with the university and anything associated with it. While I respect the fans it doesn’t take any work to be a fan but it takes a tremendous amount of hard work to be an alumnus.

  22. GATA

    As a uga alum, I have no problem with non-alums rooting for the DAWGS as hard I do. My dad, who never attended college, is the most loyal, red n black bleeding fan I know (which probably played a major role in my college choice). Anyway, I know he was proud I attended and even more proud after I graduated (I even gave him my diploma)
    There are some non-alums who do not represent the flagship university in the most honorable way, mainly b/c they have not attended and/or do not understand the rich tradition of Athens, Sanford stadium, atc. At the same time, there are those who represent the university better than some students (much like my father)
    Question… I have a friend who has a uga ALUMNI border for his license plate, this bothers me b/c he did not even attend college, much less UGA?? Should I say something?? He may not even know what alumni means, to him it may mean a big fan or contributor??

  23. Dawgaholic

    Buy him a new, better looking UGA plate that does not say alumni. Tell him to repay you in beer.