Back to the future with the Florida offense?

Here’s a note from Tony Barnhart’s post today:

… When I was at Florida two weeks ago offensive coordinator Steve Addazio told me that without Tim Tebow the 2010 offense “would probably look a lot like 2006.” That’s the year that Chris Leak was the senior quarterback in a traditional, drop back passing offense. The wrinkle came when Tebow, a freshman, would enter the game on short yardage situations to pick up the first down. This season John Brantley will fill the Chris Leak role.

Is that such a great thing?  Here are Florida’s in-conference scoring offense rankings over the past four seasons:  5th in 2006; 2nd in 2007; 1st in 2008 (by more than 100 points!); 3rd in 2009.  Now Barnhart’s right in mentioning that Florida did just fine in the ’06 season with that offense, but that year’s MNC is more of a tribute to a ferociously talented defense than the Gator offense.



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23 responses to “Back to the future with the Florida offense?

  1. 69Dawg

    As their D goes so goes the Gayturds.


  2. Reptillicide

    Not to mention, and this is a pretty big “not to mention,” Tim Tebow is not there for 3rd and short. I also think it’s ridiculous how they keep saying Chris Rainey is going to play the Percy Harvey role. Tebow and Harvin were their Stafford and Moreno. You don’t just replace those guys, I don’t care how well you recruit.

    Gayturds are in for a reality check.


  3. 81Dog

    that is one thing I don’t understand about the current wave of Gator optimism. Tebow was supposed to be the Greatest Player of Our Era, if not all time. How do you lose a guy like that and not see some reduction of your offense on the field?

    If they can replace him without missing a beat, how good could he have been?

    I’m not saying Florida will be 3 and 9 next year. I’m sure they’ll be formidable. I’m just not buying that they won’t miss a beat without Tebow, Spikes, Haden, etc. Those guys were pretty good, weren’t they?


    • Mike

      I think the offense will be different. Maybe worse. But the 2006 offense was decent. Like others say, the defense won the NC that year.Much like Bama’s defense won the 2009 NC.

      I think Florida’s defense will be very good this year. I think the offense will be acceptable.


  4. Been saying this same thing. Lot of revisionist history on how well the 2-QB system worked for them that season.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Florida declines this year, it’ll be because Corch and his General Patton act gets tiresome, and because of the instability wrought by the retirement/unretirement drama.


  6. Richt-Flair

    Biggest loss in my opinion is Strong. Even in Gator down years he basically owned us.


  7. UFTimmy

    I am quite certain the coaches are referring to the system of running the single wing on 3rd and short versus the offensive effectiveness of that year.


    • Wilbur's Marshalls

      That would have seemed self-explanatory, Timmy. Except for Harvin, whose role was nowhere near what it was in ’07 or ’08, the skill position players were pretty weak in 2006. Dallas Baker was basically it, and nobody would confuse him for explosive. At rb alone, I’ll take moody, gillislee, demps and rainey over wynn and manson any day of the week and twice on sunday. I also like our wide receiver corps, especially if Debose comes back health (all signs pointing to yes).


      • Wilbur's Marshalls

        And another biggie, the O-line should be pretty darned good next season with 4 returning starters. I think the Senator himself has written extensively on the value of an experienced line and how, as much as any other factor, it plays in the success of an offense. All of this is not to say the Uf offense will be 2008 good, but I fully expect it to be better than 2006. The defense might be a different story.


  8. dudetheplayer

    I hate Florida as much as the next guy, but calling them the “Gayturds” is pretty silly.

    It’s like the Yech people calling us “ugag” or “ugay”.


    • Moggs

      Yeah, um, let’s check our maturity at the door please. It just makes it a little more fun with this whole web-googles-blogging anonymity thing.


    • 81Dog

      Can there be any more stinging reproach than this? “It makes us sound like Tech fans.”

      The horror. The horror. Luckily for me, while I am more than willing to mock the steely gaze and relentless pointing finger of Corch Meyers, I have not and would not ever use the term “Gayturds.”

      I agree with the Dude. Can’t we raise our mockery game to a higher level than if we were Techsters?


    • Seriously

      It’s like the Yech people calling us “ugag” or “ugay”.

      It’s also a lot like UGA fans referring to GT fans as “Yech people”. Physician, heal thyself.


  9. ConnGator

    Most Gator fans I know _are_ expecting a drop off this year, and are predicting 2-3 losses, with 4 losses being an outside possibility.

    Toughest games for us will be:

    Georgia (if you guys find a QB)
    South Carolina

    Next year, though, could be special.


  10. Dboy

    I say let the Gayturds burn in jean shorts pergatory. Bill Bob Thorton will be performing a gayturd eulogy each saturday at noon on saturdays this fall as his character from the movie switchblade… and as far as Yech is concerned, no one cares… well, actually my file backup system on my computer has been on the blink lately…


  11. Vious

    Eh, how about we just concentrate on beating them

    They kicked our ass in 2006 if I am not mistaken