So it’s G-Day.

Sorry, but it’s hard to have any profound thoughts about today’s scrimmage when the head coach sets the day up like this:

“I know the fans are probably waiting for a lot of this, that and the other,” Richt said. “We may do this and that and not the other. We’ll do some things, but we definitely won’t show too much…”

Not that I blame him.

Rather than getting into any breakdown (Hale’s as good a place for that as you need, anyway), let me say that I’ll settle for good weather, nobody getting hurt and general signs of competency breaking out on the defense and at quarterback.  The rest will be gravy.



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  1. NCT

    My significant other committed us to attend a family member’s birthday party, damn it. I was very close to showing my ass over the conflict (tested the waters with a few snide comments, even), but ultimately conceded without a fight. I’ll be the one over there in the spare bedroom swilling bourbon and flipping channels trying to find CSS in another city’s cable lineup. Be careful what you say to me.

    I’ve become my father (but bourbon, not gimlets).


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ne sweatez pas, NCT,

    Comcast will re-broadcast the game for months.

    ( I think I watched last year’s G-day 14 times before the season started.)

    For your own sanity I would suggest you mute the sound.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    for what its worth….after 14 viewings I was not shocked at anything that happened during the season.

    Except that Carlton Thomas did not get on the field more.


  4. baltimore dawg

    i always have mixed feelings about g-day: it’s great to see football, even a scrimmage, between the hedges, but it also marks the beginning of the looong, painful haul to the beginning of fall camp.


  5. FLdawg

    All schools’ spring games are glorified scrimmages, but fun to see the kids and coaches enjoying themselves in a great tradition.

    I remember the spring game debut of K. Moreno,he looked like greased lightning, quicker and faster than any back I had ever seen, he slashed and gashed our D.

    Why cant we get more fans to the spring game? Its kind of embarrasing to see our stadium so empty. Is this what our A.D. and staff want? Bama shows us how it can be done, packs their stadium, national ESPN telecast, big time first class program. Our A.D. and staff can create a huge event, a day or 2 of festivities, concerts, etc to draw more fans and excitement, and get the attention of recruits.

    Dawgs Forever!


    • JC in Powder Springs

      Those men in green jackets don’t want any diversions. If not for that, I think we’d see a much bigger show in Athens.


      • FLdawg

        True Mr. JC,

        How difficult is it to schedule our spring game for the week after the Masters?

        I love D.E. but I’d like to see him get more creative and aggressive in our national exposure which will help recruiting.

        Why is our spring game such a dud? Bama, Ohio St, Nebraska, many other big time programs have huge weekends in the spring.

        Why are we shut out of the Kickoff Classic in the GA Dome? There is also a Kickoff Classic in Cowboys Stadium to start the season. Why not a Kickoff Classic in the Jax stadium? What a way to start the season off with fireworks.


  6. Will Trane

    Diamond Dawgs have to get mentally tougher in the box. They need to pick up there speed in the field. And they need to focus more while on the base paths. One thing for sure the 2008 and 2009 teams were overrated. If they are not careful they will continue to fall if they can not play tougher and more aggressively.


  7. NRBQ

    I’ve got Knology cable (bummer).

    Anyone know if this game is available for viewing via the web?


  8. NRBQ

    No go.

    ESPN3 coverage blacked out, even though Comcast is my ISP here.

    90 bucks for Gxtra.


  9. Charles D.

    Anyone else shocked by how good Mettenberger looks?


  10. Not shocked but pleasantly surprised by Mett. He is a Div. 1 QB & a future NFl QB. Just hope we can keep M. & M. on campus (no transfers).


  11. Rival

    Why is it blacked-out on ESPN360? Makes no sense.

    Even the replay is blacked-out. What the hell?

    Thanks, ESPN. You just saved me from ever wasting any more time on ESPN360. What a joke website.


  12. Vious

    I actually can’t stand this day

    Certain players do EXTREMELY well and some do EXTREMELY bad and it means absolutely nothing and most of our fans go nuts over players one way or the other

    You would think most would realize this by now but still….same old, same old


  13. D.N. Nation

    Buddy of mine texted me to complain about the drops. Meh.

    The last G-Day I attended was Spring ’05. The team looked lethargic and lousy. A few months later they started the run to the SEC Championship.


  14. dawgfan17

    Don’t really care about much else in a spring game since one side (O or D) doing well means the other side doesn’t look as good. Nice to see the players get after it and football of any sort right now is a good thing. The one true positive I can take from the game is that the team combined to have 1 penalty the entire time. I hope that is a sign of things to come for the fall.