Fun with Urban

You know we’re living in the golden age of media coverage of the Florida program when even a guy like the Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman (who, if you’ll recall, took the Corch’s side in the “real quarterback” fracas) writes something like this:

Meyer met with reporters for about nine minutes on Saturday. He spoke with the press for about 20 minutes the entire spring. Covering Florida is a challenge these days. You’ve got choose your words carefully. You never know if that last interview is going to be the last time you get a chance to ask Meyer a question…

And even when you do, Meyer makes sure you get the message.

QUESTION 2: And, what are some of the ways you’ve learned to manage stress here in the last few months?

MEYER: “Manage stress?”


MEYER: “By cutting back on media. [LAUGHTER]

Haw, haw, what a card!  And I thought he was gonna say something about threatening to whup somebody’s ass there.  Maybe he really is starting to relax.

Of course, it could be worse for those guys.  At Tennessee, they’re starting to charge the media if they want to attend scrimmage.


UPDATE: Maybe the man is suffering from Post-GPOOE™ Depression.

“I don’t want to say I’m over it, ’cause I’ll never get over it,” Meyer said after the annual Orange and Blue spring game. “But to not have Tim in there, I’m kind of used to it now. Not saying I like it, but I’m used to it.”

Pardon me for saying so, but that sounds like dialogue from a bad episode of Law and Order SVU.  Just a tad creepy there, Corch…



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  1. Charles D.

    And somehow, as terrible a program as Ufk has become, we have managed to go 2-4 against them the last 6 years. It is easily arguable that they have dropped below Scu in terms of program relevance, and there is no good reason why we should not be AT LEAST 4-2 against them over that stretch.

    As bad as CMR has been against UF, the losses to a mediocre, at best, Ufk program are more concerning. The dominance of AU and Gtu have made up for it, but those will not go on forever. We need to put a number on Ufk this year, a big number.


    • Charles D.

      Sorrry, I was commenting on the linked Ufk article. It has nothing to do with *rban.


    • Legatedawg

      Amen. 2004 knocked us out of the top 3. 2006 was a signal that our D had serious deficiencies, as well as a harbinger that starting a fifth-year senior named Joe meant that we were dangerously exposed at QB. And 2007 was the worst, costing us a shot at the NC title game. 2009 made us the subject of the sole promise that Kiffin actually kept at UT, that (according to Eric Berry) “he promised us that we would never again lose to them (UGA) as long as he is here.” OTOH, if that is what it took to pry Martinez, Fabris, et al loose from our our D and STs, then so be it. I whole-heartedly agree, these losses have been a lot more disturbing in terms of where our program is than losing to Florida in an era when they’ve won two NC titles and came within 1 game of contending for a third. There is a lot of payback here that is seriously overdue.


  2. Left to Right

    What really jumps out at me from the Miami Herald column is the fact that no one on Myer’s staff, including Myer, could answer the question of whether he would be the head coach at Florida THIS FALL. Not even next year, or 5 years from now, but five months from now. The Gator sports information department won’t even let reporters ask Myer the question.

    OC Addazio, when cornered and asked if Myer will be coaching this fall, responds with “I can’t even respond to that question, you know what I mean” and follows that up with the “could get hit by a bus anytime” line. Addazio then tries an “all is well” line regarding the coaching staff that doesn’t quite work. “It’s a foxhole mentality,” he said. “When you get in that foxhole and you got a lot of good things around you, you feel good.”

    Foxhole mentality? The wheels have clearly come off the cart in Gainesville.


  3. FLdawg

    The hated gators own us. Makes me sick.
    UGA vs Gators:

    50’s – 60’s, Gators won 13 of 20 games played

    70’s – 80’s , CVD won 15 of 20

    90’s + , Spurrier won 11 of 12

    Richt is 2-7 vs gators ?

    UGA has LOST 17 of the last 20?

    From google searches, this is the best info I can get, I hope these stats are correct.


    • Aligator

      so basically you have to go back to the 40’s for the dogs to have an overall winning record here?? this goes way deeper than urban meyer, steve spurrier or whom ever??


  4. Mike

    Yea, with all this uncertainty, Florida’s recruiting is likely to be horrible in 2011 as it was in 2010,when all this started.



    • Left to Right

      The Gators recruiting will always be good. Essentially, the UF media spin is that UM absolutely, positively did not have a serious medical problem (like a heart attacke) after the SECC, but this non-problem/not a heart attack is such that he can’t be subject to the stress of answering questions for 10 minutes a couple of times a week. It begs the question of how he’s going to function during the course of a football season, especially given that Strong, Mullen and GPOOE are all gone and have been replaced by inferior or unknown talent. Neither Myer nor his OC/HC in waiting will even say whether Myer will be on the sidelines.

      Just imagine if we had no idea whether Richt would be here this fall and further imagine that Willie Martinez hadn’t been fired and was now the HC in waiting. That’s analogous to where things stand today in Gainesville, Fla.


  5. LC Dawg

    UF and Urban own us. The only way to change that is to start beating them, plain and simple.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown



    • Mike

      And according to some, the only way to beat the mighty Gators is to move the WLOCP out of Jacksonville, right Major?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Mick, you misconstrue my position. I don’t think moving the game is the only way to beat Florida. I advocate alternating GA-FLA games between Jax Mun Stadium and the GA Dome for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that playing FLA in Jax is a home game for FLA and an away game for UGA. You, on the other hand, advocate keeping it the way it is because you believe FLA has an advantage but disingenuously pretend to not believe that. You try to inflame the “man up, win the game” UGA crowd because you want to trick them into continuing to give FLA an advantage because you know that FLA cannot compete with the Dawgs on a level playing field. FLA fans suffer from an inherent inferiority complex from being 2nd/3rd rate for so many, many years. Exhibit 1 is Steve Spurrier who, even at the age of 66, cannot get over the thrashings administered to him while Gator QB in the ’60s. Sure the worm turned in ’89 when he showed up in Gainesville–because Spurrier cheated. And he did so because he knew that the Gators were not (and are not now) man enough to beat UGA without some sort of artificial advantage. So snake oil salesmen like you try to justify something that on its face favors FLA by simply denying that fact–but you, and everyone else, knows it’s a lie. So why don’t you fess up and tell the truth? Nobody here is buying your BS.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You actually have inadvertently struck a nerve. The top row of each of the bleachers/stands at the Masters is reserved for working press and “Augusta National members and their guests” according to the posted signs. I was sitting in the next row down from the top row when one of the Green Jacket clad assholes brought a group to the top row. These guys were from New York. You could tell not only from their behavior but also the subjects of their conversations were Long Island, the Yankees and things like that. They talked incessantly during the golf action, all the while protected by their green wearing benefactor (who has the power to have people ejected summarily). I remember when the Masters was in trouble and needed the “Patrons” to save their ass. Trouble is THEY don’t remember. Undoubtedly (S)CUM has a buddy who alternates living in Palm Beach and Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. who is a member of the Augusta National. Being an asshole has its privileges.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Not one of Urban’s remaining brethren in The SEC Head Coaches fraternity is man enough to take over what Lane did to Urban by needling him any where and any place which is just the way Urban cries out to be needled.

    I’m going to miss stuff like “cheatin’ “, well, almost “cheatin’ “…

    and the swine flu ‘excuse’ of an “after we’re not excited about a performance, we’ll tell you we were sick”…

    It’s going to be a long, long summer. I just don’t know if the people in LA are going to be as able to appreciate Lane just as much as we did.


  7. Vious

    Tim Tebow

    The man who only won 1 SEC Title as a starter yet is told to be the greatest player in SEC history



    • FLdawg

      True, man.

      Just another fullback with a jump-hook.

      All his td’s were quarterback sneaks.

      He had a great team around him.

      Another gator myth shattered.

      But…..our coaches have gotta find a way to beat the gators consistently.

      Circle Oct 30 on your calendar. This is the game we have to win. Every year.

      CMR has won 2 of 9 games vs gators?


      • Mike

        Yep, Richt is indeed 2-7 against Florida. In fact, he has a losing record against three Florida coaches;

        0-1 against Spurrier
        1-2 against Zook (ZOOK!)
        1-4 against Meyer


        • FLdawg


          In the 7 CMR losses to the hated gators, our offense has avg 12.4 ppg.

          What happens to our offense?

          Wait a minute….CMR is supposed to be the offensive genius.



    • Mike

      Yeas, I know what you mean. I guess Gators will just have to settle for him beating Georgia 2 of the 3 times he started, and three of the 4 times he played.