Now is the Urnge winter of our discontent.

So this is what it’s come down to for Tennessee fans these days.  Oy, gevalt.


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7 responses to “Now is the Urnge winter of our discontent.

  1. Brandon

    Nice headline, how about: “The Urnge Badge of Courage”.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    And this from fans of the leader in pre-season national championships.

    Nothing like a positive attitude to help deal with change.


  3. Phocion

    Ohhh…this coming season is going to be better than the last one! I can feel it already.


  4. Vious

    They hate UT so much that Bruce Pearl is on PTI and Sportscenter all the time, Kiffin was on PTI often, and UT in big wins or big games is ALWAYS showed on Gameday and other ESPN shows


  5. dawgdayafternoon

    It’s going to be fun reading that blog when the Vols win 4 games next season.


  6. as long as one of the 4 games another win over UGA.