Orange Ice

In a classic don’t-quit-your-day-job scenario, the Vol message boards have been abuzz with speculation that offensive lineman Aaron Douglas left the team to pursue a rap career.

From 80 aka “Mr. Motion Picture Mind”‘s Myspace page:

… Eventhough 80(AD) does not get to spend as much time working on his music as he would like because of college football. He still finds time to write lyrics almost everyday, and every chance he gets to record he does it with his new group P.U.P. Crew!!!!

You can be sure this never would have happened if Lane Kiffin, the man of Lil Wayne lyrical notoriety, were still the head coach.


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  1. JaxDawg

    This is a fine example of what is wrong with our minority community. They can make a living playing sports or rapping. Not once is education stressed – and it’s ruined our public education system and is ruining the culture of this country.

    They ignore Bill Cosby but celebrate Lil Wayne (whoever the hell that is).


  2. Greg

    JaxDawg, your attitude is so typical. You fanatically support a heavily minority comprised UGA football team, but as soon as they take off that uniform, they are nothing but a “n—–r” to you. That is obvious based on your comments here.

    In this scenario, your first impression was that this was some idiot “minority” who didn’t have the sense to make a rational decision. Then, once you found out it was a white boy, then you blame it on “a certain culture” ruining him.

    I’m white and graduated with a BBA from UGA 23 years ago. There are some serious problems with every culture – you are certainly an example of that. Seems our society would have a lot less problems if we all looked in the mirror more often instead of being so critical of others all of the time.


    • JaxDawg

      Look Greg, it’s guys like you that perpetuate the problem by ignoring it in the first place and acting offended when someone has the balls to say it. So don’t crawl all over me with your “look in the mirror” bullshit. I didn’t say the “white kid was corrupted by the culture”, I said a certain culture was ruining this country – that includes white, black, purple, you name it.

      And let me say something else to you that you may find pollitically incorrect – every race has trash. There is a difference b/t a white person and white trash/redneck. There is a difference b/t a black person and what you above refer to as a n—er. And I believe the majority of our football players are good kids that work hard to balance sports and academics. But when I look at prison statistics, fatherless home statistics, and gang statistics – I see a trend. You’re full of shit if you don’t see the same.

      Lyndon Johnson created a problem in the late-60’s with his liberal “Great Society” and now we’re all paying for that mistake by funding broken public schools and making the economically difficult decision to send our children to private just so they can feel safe and excel. Not to mention the other entitlement programs that have done nothing to improve those they were intended to enable, but instead are sending this country on a path towards bankruptcy – all in the name of political correctness so twits like you can deny the facts while simultaneously criticizing those that have the mental audacity (and capacity) to tell the truth can call it like it is.

      I admitted I was wrong by categorizing Douglas as a black kid. My mistake, I was wrong. But I believe the stereotype here is hardly the problem. The bankrupt culture is the problem.


      • JaxDawg

        and I know this is not the forum to discuss this so I’m off this topic. Sorry for my mistake and will take my comments off the air on this issue.


      • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

        You’re looking too hard, Jax. The problem is called “bad parenting,” and the reason we talk about “culture” and “society” is because we’re afraid to point the fingers squarely in the face of those responsible… the parents.

        Columbine was the result of bad parenting. Not society, not video game violence. Gangs are the result of a bunch of bad parenting.

        People need to stop looking at government, society, culture, whatever…. and start looking in the mirror.

        /last social commentary I will ever post on this blog.


  3. Vious

    You can’t make this stuff up

    Dooley will either be a diamond or a total dud

    Hearing the way he is going about his business at UT is comical b/c of how opposite it is with the “UT way”….I say that with respect for Dooley as he tries to stop late hits and/or respect for the opponent. Yea, good luck with that


    • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

      Other than his last name, there’s no reason to believe that he can succeed at UT. Because of who he is, I wish him only mild success… but I doubt he has it. Because it’s going to take awhile to rebuild that program, and the UT alumni and fanbase aren’t going to be patient enough to wait on him to do it. It’ll take a big name coach to rebuild that program on the fast track.


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