Such hostility.

David Hale sure has gotten some interesting comments/e-mails with regard to the quarterback situation in the wake of the G-Day game.  I particularly enjoy the one insinuating that Bobo prefers a quarterback who lacks accuracy and turns the ball over.  What is it with some of the fan base these days?


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  1. Prov

    Those people obviously don’t hold degrees from UGA


  2. merk

    Eh….most of em are just pissed b/c Murray did not do great. Clearly them seeing 1 scrimmage which was basically scripted/bare bones they now know every aspect of the QB race in and out. All they know is that Murray is Dual Threat.


  3. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I think AJC commenters are slowly discovering the rest of the UGA blogosphere. God help us.


  4. Vious

    Some people have picked a QB and will do or say anything to see that THAT QB is in fact the starter

    It reminds me of the Greene/Shockley debates which rarely included facts but just opinion passed off as facts and made-up stories


  5. Puffdawg

    That’s one of the great things about this blog. There have been plenty issues debated here from how to approach a tough season all they way to whether or not the shiny new healthcare bill is constitutional (oh yea, and that payoff thingy), but through it all I think the commenters here have been respectful of eachother. Most opinions are well thought out, for good or bad. I think the fact that so many opponent fans have admitted they like the blog so much says a lot.

    As for the QB issue, taking sides this early in the game is obviously ludicrous. There is so much more time to sort it out, nobody, including the coaches, know what’ll happen between then and now. I’m just glad it appears that we have more than one guy capable of running the offense. Looking forward to the season.

    Go Dawgs!


  6. hccargo

    Here, I believe, is the greatest example of psycho fans to date:
    It’s simple G Day summary post on my blog, Battle Hymn Notes. But the post isn’t the crazy part. Take a peak at the first comment and see how much you can make yourself read. Someone posted a comment longer than any post I’ve ever had (literally a few thousand words) detailing every arrest of the Richt era, every bad personnel decision and coming to the ultimate conclusion that the program is headed down the tubes because Richt believes in forgiveness. At least that’s what I got from reading the first paragraph and skimming the rest to the sound of my own laughter.


  7. Charles D.

    I think that many fans have gotten frustrated with the litany of terrible decisions from the coaching staff over the last couple of years and fear that the QB decision will add to that.

    Any novice football fan who watched the game on Saturday would agree that Mett was the best QB talent on the team. As CMR says, though, none of those fans have “been in the arena.”

    The fact that the fans have seen continuous directional kickoffs, watched Bryan Evans play over Bacarri Rambo, watched Marlon Brown blow a redshirt for 20 snaps, had to sit through Richard Samuel at starting RB and Kiante Tripp’s career, they are right to be skeptical that the coaches will ultimately make the right decision.

    All those of us who have not been “in the arena” have to go on is what our eyes, trained by years of sitting in the stands or in front of the TV, drinking beer or soda and getting fat, see on the field. The fans just want to be confident that the coaches are making the right decision, and based on what most of the untrained eyes saw on Saturday, Mett is the best QB.

    Unfortunately, much of what those “outside of the arena” saw as bad football went unaddressed for much of the last few years. The coaches are going to have to work a bit to show that they are making the best decisions for the program, as confidence in the decision-making has certainly been shaken.


    • FLdawg



      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Chuck, while I sympathize with your frustration I have to disagree with the points you made. Mett had the best day at G-Day. I like Mett, but it still remains to be seen who is the best QB long-term. You are talking like Mett is out. The QB starter has not been decided yet. As for the specific complaints, CMR fired the guys responsible for directional kicking and playing Evans instead of Rambo. Kiante did it for the team (bless him) because of injuries to other players and somebody had to. Marlon Brown played because of a shortage of receivers. I also thought you are supposed to break in freshmen gradually rather than throw them into the deep end full time. Plus, in the current environment where players can leave after their junior year, you had better use them while you can (e.g. Moreno). Samuel is a tremendous athlete and the coaches are trying to find the best place to get him on the field. Sometimes that takes time. Remember Robert Edwards? Have faith. The program is the soundest its been since BVG left.


  8. 69Dawg

    Famous quote “Don’t confuse me with facts my mind is made up!” The comparison to the David and DJ situation is appropriate. Many including myself believed that if DJ had been given the opportunity he would have actually been a better QB than David but how do you pull a winner out of the starting line-up just because you think somebody else is better. I think we are headed for 2006 all over again since you can’t be sure how a QB will play until they face real competition. Let’s hope AM proves he the one in the first two games and we can move on from there.


  9. sUGArdaddy

    Charles D says:

    “Any novice football fan who watched the game on Saturday would agree that Mett was the best QB talent on the team.”

    Aren’t you glad novice football fans aren’t choosing our QB? It’s funny, because I saw Mett (who has a great arm) with some still sloppy footwork a little, playing against 2’s, 3’s, and walk-ons. What I saw was Murray throwing on the run, moving in the pocket and running much more complicated plays.

    Charles has already made up his mind that if Richt chooses Murray that he doesn’t want what’s best for the program because any dummy could see at G-Day that Mett is the future. That’s asanine. Richt knows what he’s doing, especially at the QB position. He’s groomed the all-time winner (till Colt), coaxed a Parade All-American to stick around for his senior year and win an SEC title w/ him, groomed the #1 pick in the NFL draft and somehow won 8 games w/ Joe Cox. Let’s trust the dude. I like winning 10 games.


    • Mett also showed a tendency to wind up on his deep throws. That worked fine at G-Day against the second string defense (i.e., no Houston or Washington to contend with) but I doubt a typical SEC defense will be so forgiving.

      That’s not to say he hasn’t made huge strides, because he has. But he’s not a turnkey product quite yet.


      • sUGArdaddy

        No doubt. That’s why it really matters when the coaches talk about Murray’s release compared to the others. If you ever get to go to practice and see it live, there’s no comparison. That release stuff matters so much. Tebow got away w/ his terrible release because his guys were wide open and he could take a hit on the legs and still make the throw.

        Mett is a great kid, I’m sure. And I’m so glad to see how hard he’s worked since last year. He could complete a pass at G-day last year. This year he looks like a college qb.

        But…he did what he did during spring break, and that tells me I’m not sure he’s ready for the leadership role that qb will require. Also, we desperately need a QB that can get out of a little trouble in the pocket. It was maddening watching Joe and his lack of mobility, and Joe was probably more mobile than Mett. Our offense has looked its worse under cigar store indians (Cox & JTIII). It has looked most explosive w/ guys that can get around a little (DJ & Stafford). We need that threat.


        • Charles D.

          It’s amazing how reading comprehension works.

          I was not speaking for myself, just pointing out why fans are getting so fired up about this issue.

          I am pretty neutral on the QB thing, as there is one thing that CMR has been rock-solid on for the last 20 years, and that is picking QB’s.

          As you say, there are lots of things that were the products of it being G-Day. Ravenous fans don’t care about that. They saw 3 or 4 rocket throws and are ready to go with that guy.


  10. Left to Right

    Re. a fan insinuating that Bobo prefers a quarterback who lacks accuracy and turns the ball over:

    Reminds me of when I used to hear UGA fans say Vince would never hire a good HC because he didn’t want anyone to eclipse his record as HC.


  11. revdawg

    This may not be 100% accurate, but hasn’t being the “star” of the G-Day game kind of been a “SI jinx” most years? Ya know, RBs leading the game in rushing but ending up 3rd string in the fall. Or 3 int DBs playing only on special teams, etc.


    • adam

      My friends and I in redcoats often joked (hell, we still do) about Jason Johnson Perennial G-Day All-Star.

      So yeah, I’m not too concerned about G-Day. I just enjoyed watching Mett play well. Also, it seriously made me wonder if Searels should get a stronger say in how the plays are called.


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ignorance must truly be bliss….DJ might have had a bigger impact earlier had he not broken his foot at Tennessee and had other injuries. If he had stayed healthy the debate would have real merit….but he did not, even in his senior year.

    I read the long diatribe….sorry, but he ain’t my brother. Maybe a meds change?

    I made a comment somewhere earlier about Mettenberger…half jokingly… I am glad I don’t have to pick a starter, I am glad the coaches have plenty of experience and a fine track record at doing it well.

    This is, generally, one of the more sane group of bloggers (myself possibly excluded), but lets face it, a significant proportion of the comments on all blogs come from refugees from the lunatic fringe of talk radio, ignore them if you can.


  13. Macallanlover

    I really don’t get how any of us can feel qualified to take strong stances either way on the QB issue. Certainly it is normal to have an opinion, but digging your feet in about how this decision should go is beyond ridiculous. We see one scrimmage, and hear unsubstantiated reports from sources who may, or may not, be impartial and may only see part of the equation, and then reach a conclusion as if we know more than the people who see all the pieces of the puzzle. How crazy is that?

    We pay a lot of money to coaches to take all the pieces and arrange them in the proper order, but if that doesn’t match up with Cletis’ opinion down at the coffee shop we assume the coaches are all idiots, or simply blinded by bias. That doesn’t even begin to make any sense at all, but “fans” then use this logic to spread the word about how bad the coaches are after any loss. They also feel it necessary to rip the chosen one to shreds just to bolster the case of the player they selected from incomplete data.


  14. The truth is that the starting QB competition is between Murray and Gray. Mettenberger is suspended for one game already, if not two. His tryout starts after that. No discussion. Why would the position be awarded to him only to tell the other two capable young men, “Hey, why don’t you hold this place ’til old Z-Dawg gets back?”
    It ain’t gonna happen like that, no matter how hard some folks wish it to be so.


    • Macallanlover

      Accurate description, I don’t know how anyone can disagree with your statements. Mett put himself in this position and it clearly will impact his chances of becoming the starter. Bad actions have consequences (everywhere but Washington).

      What I don’t get is why any fan cares about which QB succeeds. So long as the player selected wears a red or white jersey and performs well, why would anyone except their family members be emotionally invested? I take comfort that we seem to have more than one good option for the 3-4 years at a crucial position.


      • Which brings up the larger point…
        The people who participate in daily drills and practice know who is the best person for this position or any other job on the field, for that matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if CMR isn’t ready to fully embrace CTG’s philosophy of putting the best players on the field rather than by seniority rules and CWM’s false meritocracy.
        Every now and then we all need a kick in the philosophical pants to get us to reassess, or even, fully reverse our thought processes.
        It’s called critical thinking and usually requires a catalyst(s) of some kind. In this case, CTG, CSL and CWB.


  15. dawgfan17

    My take on it, if Murray comes out in the first game and lights it up then he will be given a long leash in the game at USC. If he is average or struggles in the first game then his he will probably still start the game at USC due to the fact he will have 1 more start than Mett, but if he struggles early then Mett will come in early and first guy to show he is the guy on the field will end up the starter. No matter what happens in practice Murray(and I guess LG shouldn’t be totally discounted) will have the best shot to win the job simply because he will be playing the first game while Mett has to watch. Personally I don’t care which one start, I just hope one of them takes over early in the year and runs with it for 3-4 years.