The sweet smell of fail

I’m a big fan of Michael Elkon’s musings on college football, but this just ain’t right.

I expect that the response from most Georgia fans will be something along the lines of “are you f***ing crazy!?!,” but do we have a slight desire to see the Florida offense do well under John Brantley?

I mean, yeah, count me in his “most Georgia fans” grouping there, but exactly why would the typical non-Gator fan have a rooting interest in Brantley’s success?  Michael chalks it up to Tebow envy.

… Tebow was a great player and I’d be an idiot for claiming otherwise, but the credit he received was disproportionate. So wouldn’t it be a pisser if the Florida offense doesn’t miss a beat when Tebow is gone? Admit it, in your heart of hearts, the idea of watching Brantley put up big numbers against Tennessee and Alabama while Gary Danielson tries to make sense of the world will be entertaining.

Not buying it.  If things click, Danielson and Uncle Verne will be too engaged in pumping the “he’s been waiting for three years” narrative that they try to make sound so unique for a given player (isn’t there always somebody each year who’s been waiting?) to worry about how that might affect the perception of Tebow’s legacy.  Besides, I can already hear Danielson offer up Brantley’s success on the altar of Meyer’s genius (repeat after me, Danielson fans:  “he can coach a little, ‘ya think, Verne?”).  Barf.

Give me Tebow not starting in the NFL, Brantley’s passing not leading the conference and Florida having trouble converting those tough third-and-twos that were Tim’s specialty any day over that.

Trust me here – if you’re not looking at the world through orange and blue-tinted glasses, there’s far more upside in the Gator offense sputtering a little this year than John Brantley being a raging success.  A little suffering is good for the soul – especially if it’s somebody else’s.


UPDATE: Mr. Hall plays the spoilsport, damn it.



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27 responses to “The sweet smell of fail

  1. Brandon

    Another theme we might here from the dynamic duo would be how much Brantley benefited being under Tebow’s “tutelage”.


  2. hailtogeorgia

    I’m definitely in the “most Georgia fans” group. Why would any Georgia fan worth his salt ever want a Florida quarterback to succeed? I don’t know what kind of sick, twisted world of fandom Elkon is residing in, but there’s absolutely nothing beneficial to Georgia if Florida’s offense doesn’t skip a beat.


  3. thewhiteshark

    Oh yeah. As a Georgia fan I hope Brantley is all world and Florida’s offense is unstoppable? Because of Tebow envy? That is just about one of the stupidest comments I’ve read. He ought to be on the AJC message boards. I’m sure Florida fans are rooting for Aaron Murray to be all world since he’s from the home state.


  4. BenG

    Is Elkon pulling a Mark Bradley here? Write something insane to get the page views? No way, no how do I want Brantley to succeed. I want Florida to average zero points per game this year.


    • FLdawg

      Way to go, my friend,

      Yes, we hate the gators. Zero points would be great.

      And the rules state we must deduct points for :
      *stupid gator mascots
      *head coach publicity stunts
      *eye gouges (WWF stunts)
      *quarterbacks who cry all the time


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can think of several ways to take the shine off Tim Tebow, without good things happening to Florida.

    Go back to fundamentals of being a fan:
    Rule 1: Your team is supposed to do good.
    Rule 2: Their team is supposed to do bad.


  6. NM

    I agree with you — if Brantley succeeds, there are plenty of other narratives that work better than “Tebow was nothing special.” In fact, a successful Brantley that could be credited to Urban Meyer would be terrible for Georgia, because it would help him recruit other good QBs and take the attention off of Tim Tebow’s 50% completion percentage on the Toronto Argonauts’ practice squad.

    And even if I weren’t a Georgia fan, wouldn’t any decent person rather see Tim Tebow get more credit than Urban Meyer? Even if Tebow was 1/10 as saintly as advertised, he’s still better than that punk coach.


  7. Dog in Fla

    “this is not Tebow’s fault.[] He’s been portrayed as the best college football player of all-time and … a combination of Dick Butkus and Mother Teresa,”

    and Edward Scissorhands…


  8. Agree wholeheartedly. I already feel as though Brantley have been over-hyped. I believe it was Danielson that declared him the third best QB in the league last year.


  9. MT

    I have a dream, a dream that Tebow will be drafted in the 4th round by the Dolphins and become a hybrid TE/3rd string QB, that Brantley will look pedestrian in Jacksonville, and that Corch Meyer will become so stressed out that he throws a Gatorade cooler at the nearest Time-Union reporter.

    Anything else would be setting my goals too low.


  10. JC in Powder Springs

    Has Brantley announced that he’s going to remain a virgin a’la Tebow? Now that’s the ultimate sacrifice for the team! Unfortunately, in Tebow’s case it made him a bit less man-ish – Ya’ know that’s why Tim breaks down crying when things go the wrong way. If I were a top SEC QB, I’d model my lifestyle after Namath or Hornung, not Debbie Boone.


  11. JC in Powder Springs

    Follow up. Perhaps if Tebow had gotten a little lovin on the side, he’d have done better on the ‘wonderlick’ test.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The best thing would be for Brantley to have a mediocre season, have a falling out with (S)CUM and leave school early for the pros. He then signs as a free agent, is all world and exposes the “coaching” he received at FLA as the problem behind his lack of success in college. (S)CUM is then shown to be what he is to the whole world particularly QB recruits.


  12. kckd

    Just some things to keep an eye on. Who is UF gonna get to score on third and short inside the five.

    I looked yesterday and UF scored 20 tds from inside the five in 2008, 14 involved Tebow.

    Last year they only did it 6 times (I was shocked too) and all involved Tebow.


  13. Aligator

    people … do you think that UF could not get 3rd and 2’s before Tebow came this way? that Urbs forgot how to recruit and everybody is dumber than a bag of hammers? I know TBOW ball hogged like crazy this past year, we all do, but at least they will spread the ball around and all of the players getting their shrimp and grits each day will actually play their positions vs. being dummies and distractions during the game. some of us realize that everything was dumbed down for a reason and now, that time has passed!