Out of the mouths of recruits…

The denizens at The Hive have their panties in a bit of a wad over this comment from Mitchell County wide receiver Justin Scott-Wesley, who is being recruited by Georgia and Georgia Tech (and currently lists Georgia as his number one choice):

… What about Georgia Tech? Scott-Wesley committed to Stanford last fall, but it was a February offer from Georgia Tech that caused him to de-commit and open up recruiting again. Scott-Wesley is an Honor Student with a 3.5 GPA.

“They didn’t make my top five,” he said. “The offense really killed it for them. Georgia Tech uses a Wing-T offense, and I am a wide receiver, so it really doesn’t match well with me.”

Scott-Wesley said that Georgia Tech’s coaches are trying to change his mind, saying that they will find creative ways to get him the football. “They said they would use me at A-Back, and also at wide receiver. They would get me involved in both the passing and running game … but I don’t know about all of that.”

Well, of all the nerve.  It’s hard to believe that a kid who noticed that Georgia threw the ball twice as much as Tech did last season might be skeptical about how he would be deployed during his college career.

But… Demaryious Thomas!  He’s gonna be a first round NFL pick!  He’s better than A.J. Green!

That’s interesting, now that you mention it.

… I’m watching the Georgia Tech offense. The Yellow Jackets run the flexbone, an option offense made famous by Paul Johnson and by the service academies he coached. Georgia Tech is the only major-conference school to run the scheme, which is so odd that it bears no resemblance to any other major college offense, let alone an NFL system.

In the flexbone, almost every pass is either a tunnel screen or a play-action pass, usually off a rollout. Thomas’ long receptions usually began with a play fake (often to Dwyer), with one or another wing backs drifting toward the sideline for an option pitch. All of this run action sucks up the secondary, sending safeties and corners toward the quarterback, Dwyer, and the pitch men. Thomas usually starts his route by pretending to block a corner or safety, then runs a fly pattern. If the quarterback rolls to his side, Thomas twists into a corner route. The cornerback, worried about the option first, doesn’t have a chance.

It’s exciting, but the scheme does much more work than Thomas does.

That’s not meant as a criticism of Johnson’s offense.  It is what it is.  The plus is that there’s going to be an opportunity for certain kids to excel in it that wouldn’t stand a chance in a more conventional offense.  Josh(ua) Nesbitt, for example.

The flip side is that there aren’t going to be a ton of opportunities for the wide receivers.  Tech’s bunch caught less than sixty passes combined last season.  For some perspective, there were 65 individual players on the D-1 level in 2009 that had at least sixty receptions.  Like it or not, Jacket fans, the recruiting market is going to reflect that reality.



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25 responses to “Out of the mouths of recruits…

  1. AJ Green

    Greetings, Georgia Tech fans!

    A friendly reminder: I missed 3 of Georgia’s games last year.


    PS- I double dog dare you to ask NFL scouts to compare me and Demaryious Thomas.


    • AJ, let me be among the first (hundred) to, as both UGA and Falcon fans, wish you a great season, ending in being drafted by the Falcons.


  2. hailtogeorgia

    It cracks me up how he immediately becomes a “prima donna” to those guys. How is knowing that you want to play WR in a system where more than one person has the opportunity to catch a pass being a prima donna?


  3. hassan

    It’s a no brainer, UGA will sling the ball around way more than Tech. Heck…just about every school will throw more passes to more WR’s than Tech. Even if he doesn’t go to UGA, Tech shouldn’t be an option for any serious receiver. They need outside speed…that’s their game.

    Rich Rod has brought a stench to Mich. Spurrier can’t develop a QB (which last I checked, you need for a successful WR). Brand new coach at Louisville. Wake…really?

    I think UGA has some good upside here.


  4. Spence

    Thank you. I’ve been saying this for months. For the life of me I don’t understand how Be-Be can be a first rounder. He might as well be a glorified high school receiver. Yes, he is big and runs fast, but he simply has a whole different set of circumstances surrounding his college career. Amazing.

    I do wish him luck, as he seems to be a good kid, other than playing for Tech.


    • Will (the other one)

      And also, and the NATS will hate this, but Be-be was a Gailey recruit. Back when they allegedly ran some pro-style offense (again, in theory).
      That was Johnson’s one home-run threat at WR, because he’s not going to recruit one.


      • Spence

        He doesn’t need to recruit one. CBs have to focus on the run and pitches and lions and tigers and not actually worry about the WR. He’ll have one dude that does pretty good each season. Stephen Hill may step into that role. Just like they don’t need big honker linemen, they don’t need AJ like WRs.

        I agree with you that he won’t recruit one. But we can’t discredit Be-Be for being a system WR and not think that they won’t have a “home run threat” at WR in the future. Their system lets them put in my little brother at WR and if he’s the one guy they throw the ball to, he’ll get his yards.

        The NFL will pick up on this soon, I’m sure. But I would not be at all surprised if Be-Be drops beyond Round 1, or even Round 2.


  5. Reptillicide

    This is going to eventually what brings tech down back to Gailey-esque football. Gailey could recruit but he couldn’t coach. PJ can coach, but because of his offense, he can’t recruit.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s Tech. Who gives a rat’s ass?


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, tech is irrelevant, they aren’t SEC. They are barely relevant in the ACC, only when the big boys have an off season. Is it really questionable about why a receiver would dis GT? This is news? Most top athletes would have to wonder about why tech would be a choice, but a receiver shouldn’t even open the envelope. Tech, lost since their hero, Bobby Dodd, sold them down the river in the 60’s. Tickets anyone?


  7. Pumpdawg

    Thanks for the link to the hive.
    Nerds+football talk=hilarious.The Paul Johnson worship is almost sad in a funny kind of way.And the talk of teecch players in the NFL…That shit should be on Comedy Central.


  8. Vious

    Tech sure has been much quieter this off-season than last

    AND they won the ACC….but I guess even they realize that nobody really cares about that since the ACC blows


  9. 81Dog

    Chan Gailey recruited guys like Josh Nesbitt, Morgan Burnett, Jonathan Dwyer and D. Thomas. The Mini-Skipper? Well, he aced out Furman for Jaybo Shaw, and he’s stacking up 240 pound offensive lineman like cordwood. Of course, The QB Of The Future is gone now. Jaybo, we hardly had a chance to blast you out of your Nikes.

    If I was a member of the Mustard Nation (god forbid), I’d be lighting candles all summer and praying for the good health of Nesbitt and buying french fries for his OL. This could be the year where the Mini-Skipper begins his descent into Hew?tt-osity.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    The ones with hyphenated names give me pause. I always figure their moms are bra burners.


  11. Paul

    The thing that cracks me up… They knew this is a smart kid, so what made them think he wasn’t going to figure this out on his own?


  12. I wonder how many of these geniuses railed away at Georgia fans for sour-graping all over Da’Rick Rogers after he chose UT back in February.

    It’s recruiting, for crying out loud. You win some, you lose some. But few things show a more glaring lack of character than heaping insults on an 18-year-old kid for his college choice. Grow up, Techies — if Paul Johnson’s system is so awesomely infallible, you’ll have no problem plugging someone else into it, right?


  13. Ben

    One of the geniuses on The Hive actually wrote this…

    “For a recruit to come out and discuss the Wing T and it’s disadvantages tells me someone has told him such. ugag’s recruiting staff has done a pretty good job helping influence him away from Tech.
    A good selling point for us may be to tell him this, “Want to play for conference championships and BCS games, or do you want to go to Shreveport?”

    I mean really?


  14. dawgfan17

    “For a recruit to come out and discuss the Wing T and it’s disadvantages tells me someone has told him such. ugag’s recruiting staff has done a pretty good job helping influence him away from Tech.”

    Isn’t that kind of the job of a recruiter, tell kids why it would be better for them to come to your school than go to another?