Sunday morning buffet

Since I think dissecting other schools’ spring games is essentially a waste of time, that means today’s buffet is a little on the skimpy side.


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13 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    As to the amendment to Leach’s complaint, that is common after depositions and other discovery reveal additional facts and other possible grounds for recovery. When the defense attorney makes a public statement that such an amendment is an “act of desperation” that make me wonder about who is really desperate. The synopsis lists facts which, if true, would be particularly devastating to TTU (such as TTU officials instructing the female attorney investigating the Adam James matter to “change her report” and that the real purpose of the investigation was to “terminate Leach”). If credible evidence of such conduct comes out at trial and the jury believes it that would justify punitive damages on top of the already high compensatory damages at issue. I thought this case would settle and it still may. However, a jury trial with national media interest, and which could have ramifications concerning how all colleges do business with their coaches in all sports, appears to be more and more likely.

  2. DavetheDawg

    Please God let us have the awesomeness of a jury trial. Then, Hollywood can do it’s magic, to wit:

    Will Farrell as Mike Leach
    Tom Cruise as Craig James
    Aac Efron as Adam James
    Kevin Spacey as attorney Ted Liggett
    Megan Fox in any female role (just because)
    Lou Holtz as the drunk on the courthouse steps

    Who am I missing?

    • RedCrake

      We could have all kinds of fun with ESPN personalities that might be called as character witnesses….

      Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Tyler Perry as Mark May (dress and wig optional)

  3. DavetheDawg

    should read Zac Efron (obviously)

  4. Eric

    I’m at a loss for words, he must of gotten arrested again…

  5. dawgfan17

    Arrested again or more details came on in the police report from spring break that Richt did not know about.

    • Macallanlover

      Pretty shocking development. The initial drinking under age was not that upsetting to me, although it showed bad judgment. I was bothered by his reaction to the police when confronted (according to the report.) If he was arrested again, I fully support CMR’s decision. You just cannot overlook a continual problem where an individual cannot control himself, or accept his responsibilities as a teammate. I am sure this is humiliating for his mother as an employee. Hope he gets himself straight, matures, and learns from this, but it needs to be somewhere else. Sad. I am fully behind Gray and Murray, that OL just needs to make sure no one gets an easy shot as them since our depth chart just joined inexperience as an issue at QB.

      • Walker07

        I think I read somewhere there was no new incident, which tells me something came to light that occurred during the first episode that had been previously unknown which led to Mettenberger’s dismissal.

        • Macallanlover

          Thanks, I have seen that also. Since CMR know of the other incident and played him in the G Day scrimmage, it must have been new details of the Valdosta incident if not a new problem. Wonder if that is why he didn’t take snaps with the #1 offense? It had been reported all the QB;s would rotate.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I predict we have not seen the last of Mett. JC (probably Butler Community College–one of the top JC programs in the US) and then another SEC team. Who likes big dropback passers who possess a rocket arm, with enough mobility to sidestep pass rushers but who doesn’t really want his QBs to run? Steve Spurrier, that’s who. We’ll see Mett in Athens at the UGA-USC game in 2011 wearing garnet and black. He may be the starter, too.