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One man’s misfortune is another man’s gain.

Christian LeMay’s father reflects on life after Mettenberger.


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Waiting for the man

I hope I don’t shock some of you with this, but Bill Hancock sounds like a dope here:

“I don’t think conference expansion will change the attitude of the schools about a playoff. It’s very clear that the schools and conferences are not moving toward a playoff and I just can’t see expansion changing that.”

While I’m highly skeptical that we’re on the verge of seeing a radical reconstruction of the D-1 landscape as a result of conference expansion, imminent Big Ten meeting or not, if it were to happen, I have a hard time seeing how a playoff doesn’t become more attractive to the Big Six under certain conditions – namely, the creation of a few super conferences which would allow the wealth from college football to remain concentrated in the hands of the elite.

Maybe he’s afraid that if he acknowledges that there’s a potential crack of the door being opened, he won’t be able to control what happens, but it’s not the most artfully worded response.  Especially since he says that he doesn’t have any more of a clue about expansion than the rest of us.

Q: What do you anticipate happening with conference expansion?

A: I know the conferences will do what’s best for them, and those of us who are involved will sit back and observe. There’s no doubt with all the talk that we’re hearing, it’s a topic on everybody’s mind, but the fact, is no one really knows what’s going to happen. The conferences will do whatever’s best for them, and I think many of us, like the fans, are interested to see what happens.



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I guess they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

I was checking out the Mettenberger thread on Stingtalk this morning and came across this photo that one of the commenters there uses as his avatar…

… that’s too funny not to share.

It’s the whole “can you hang on a sec, I’m giving Hairy Dog the finger right now” cellphone thing that cracks me up.  That’s how they multi-task at Georgia Tech these days.


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Monday morning buffet

Let’s get it started…

  • Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio makes the argument that a spring game played against another school would be beneficial from an injury standpoint.
  • One of college football’s greatest great recent traditions returns.
  • Why does Rep. Jason Altmire hate Idaho football?
  • Of course you should be listening to these.  Where else are you going to learn about Sean Connery’s influence on Larry Munson’s decision to do an autobiography?
  • Here’s a recruiting story you don’t see every day – “Long thought to be a heavy Buckeye lean, Cash arrived at OSU’s camp later that summer in a suit, saying it was a ‘business trip’.”
  • Chris Brown notes an interesting trend developing in spread offenses, an increased emphasis on power schemes.
  • I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that one of the Tennessee players sees this difference between Junior and Dooley“(Dooley) doesn’t pay attention to outside distractions…” Shocked, I tell you.

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And then there were two.

The only thing I can add at this point to the Mettenberger dismissal story is that I’m afraid it puts the kibosh on this.  That’s a shame.


UPDATE: On a more serious note, David Hale wrestles with an appropriate question and provides some valuable perspective.


UPDATE #2: More perspective here:

… Former UT assistant Ed Orgeron famously told Vol boosters at a quarterback club luncheon last year that he and Kiffin weren’t interested in recruiting “angels.”  Of the 22-man signing class UT landed in 2009, five of those players have already been arrested for charges ranging from attempted robbery to shoplifting to Myles’ booze-related charges.

More than 20% of your signing class arrested within their first 14 months on campus?  No angels indeed.


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