Monday morning buffet

Let’s get it started…

  • Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio makes the argument that a spring game played against another school would be beneficial from an injury standpoint.
  • One of college football’s greatest great recent traditions returns.
  • Why does Rep. Jason Altmire hate Idaho football?
  • Of course you should be listening to these.  Where else are you going to learn about Sean Connery’s influence on Larry Munson’s decision to do an autobiography?
  • Here’s a recruiting story you don’t see every day – “Long thought to be a heavy Buckeye lean, Cash arrived at OSU’s camp later that summer in a suit, saying it was a ‘business trip’.”
  • Chris Brown notes an interesting trend developing in spread offenses, an increased emphasis on power schemes.
  • I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that one of the Tennessee players sees this difference between Junior and Dooley“(Dooley) doesn’t pay attention to outside distractions…” Shocked, I tell you.

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One response to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Vious

    I wish we played another team in the Spring game as well

    Injuries happen to us in practices all the time so it isn’t like a game would really be THAT much worse