One man’s misfortune is another man’s gain.

Christian LeMay’s father reflects on life after Mettenberger.


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  1. Russell

    The nicknames comparing him to this man are inevitable.

    • What, “Bombs Away” LeMay?😉

    • Dog in Fla

      I didn’t know Curtis Lemay. He was not a friend of mine. But he was a friend of Barry Goldwater. And Barry knew that if you ever were to ask Curtis Lemay some questions, Curtis would get mad as hell and tell you to stay out of Area 51…

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Since when were you ever a fan of Barry Goldwater?

        • Dog in Fla

          Not really a huge fan of Barry. But certainly do share his interest on why they would take all of our captured aliens with weaponry and flying saucers all the way from Area 51 and lock them up in a small dark air-conditioned storage closet in an AFB in Ohio.

  2. “And we felt like [Mettenberger] was probably the leading guy from the practices we saw, at least potentially.”

    And that’s from an unbiased observer. I’m having a tough time understanding the arguments claiming losing Mett is a net positive for UGA.

    • Paul's Johnson

      A reasonable comment! I guess fans can always fall back on the old standard “we freed up a scholly!”.

      But this puts UGA season on the knife’s edge. Three QB’s, one good prospect, one punt returner, and a high-schooler who played in one of those “chuck and duck” offenses. Puts WAY more pressure on that running game.

    • Seriously. What the hell is going on with Murray? I, the unintelligent observer, thought Mett looked better too. For all those people who handed Murray the job last year, what’s going on?

      • Prosticutor

        Sure, he looked great, but it was vs. 2nd and 3rd team–for what it’s worth. As far as I’m concerned now, Murray is the best ever!

        • It was only during G-Day he went against the 2nd team. If you looked at his stats across all the scrimmages, he was still clearly the best of the group during the Spring. Murray was definitely 2nd best though, which sucks for Logan. I was holding out a glimmer of hope he’d make a huge jump and grab the job by the reigns, just because I’m not a big fan of the “new shiney toy” syndrome I think too many football fans have.

  3. sUGArdaddy

    Ummm…you’ve never heard the coaches say anything as such about Murray or Mett. You heard them say that they thought about playing Murray last year. You heard them say that he prepares like he’s the starter even while he’s redshirted. You’ve heard them say that his release is lightning fast. It was always Murray. Now there’s no doubt. Nothing against Mett’s play, but to say he looked better means that you just judged it off G-day. I’ve been to a few practices since they both got on campus and it’s not even close.

    LeMay can redshirt and start as a junior. That kid reminds me of DJ and Charlie Ward. I was hoping Logan was gonna be that, but he just never seemed to be able to put any meat on his frame. He’s looked pencil thin his whole time in Athens. DJ and Ward weren’t running QB’s, they were smooth pocket passers who could get out of trouble in a hurry and kill you on a broken play.

  4. Sanford222View

    I don’t really understand the LeMays’ logic that Mett being gone makes UGA more attractive now. It doesn’t change anything as far as when he could start really. Both Mett and Murray have red shirted and would have graduated the same year. The only thing it changes is if Murray was the starter and got hurt now there is one less body on the depth chart to beat out to be the backup that steps in during that situation.

    • Sparrow

      SHHHHH!!! Don’t talk him out of it! 17 year olds aren’t the strongest on logic in the first place…

    • Apparently, what he saw of Murray during the practices he watched didn’t scare him. Which isn’t good news, personally.

    • hailtogeorgia

      One less person to beat out for the job is more attractive, no? Also, I didn’t read his father’s quote about Mettenberger and Murray quite how everyone else is reading it. He said that Mettenberger was the leading guy in the practices he saw, at least potentially. To me, that meant that he felt that Mettenberger had a higher potential than Murray, based upon Mett’s size, strong arm, etc. I didn’t take it to mean that Mett was necessarily better than Murray (and along the same line, that’s the same argument we’ve heard about them all along).

  5. Reptillicide

    This may be a circumstance in which CMR ends up benefiting immensely from doing the right thing. Regardless of whether it actually makes a difference or not, Mett’s dismissal makes LeMay want to come to UGA even more. And if he commits he may talk other big name prospects into coming with him, kind of like Tebow did at Florida. Could be a banner year for receuiting.

  6. Brandon

    This might not be the right place to say this but the more quotes I read from the Hutson Mason kid the more I am starting to think he sounds like the kind of guy I’d like to hit in the face with a brick.

    • Brandon

      That is a figure of speech of course, no violence intended of course, just sounds like kind of a jerk, hope I’m wrong.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Hutson’s a good kid. Long term he is the real deal at QB for UGA. I think you are talking about some things printed in the Atlanta Journal-Constipation. We all know how accurate that rag is, don’t we?

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Let’s think twice before praying too hard to get this LeMay kid. I hope he’s a little lower key than the Tebow Child. One man’s passionate motivator is another man’s emotional retard.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Boy, you’re right Hogbody. If we get LeMay he might be just like Tebow. And by golly, it would be a major disappointment for him to come here and win 2 national titles, a heisman, 2 SEC titles and 3 BCS bowls and be invited to New York 3 straight years. Frankly, I just won’t have it.

      And we certainly don’t need our boys making positive impacts in the community. It’s Clarke Co. jail and Shreveport for us Dawgs, baby. That’s how we roll, and we love it.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Don’t be so sarcastic. I simply said let’s think twice.

      • I just can’t deal with a self-righteous type. Especially after how sick listening to Tebow made me feel all the time. *HACK*

        I won’t be hurt if he’s not as annoying as Tebow was.

  8. keith

    Gotta agree Hogbody, just what the heck is there to think about in comparing him to Tebow and hoping he is not like him? I just don’t get it. Please be like Tebow. Any Dawg fan that talks negative of Tebow is just jealous and wishes he would have been a DAWG.

    • Russ

      Well, except for the crying part.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      You guys have a point. I was trying to get a dig on Tebow, not discourage us from recruiting LeMay. Keith says there’s nothing wrong with being passionate enough to shed a few tears. Fair. But I say there’s a point at which you have to grow up and act like a man. Tears are for when your children are born and married.

  9. You’re all whistling past the graveyard, big time. LeMay is a prime target to get snatched away by Georgia Tech at the last minute, what with them having such a dramatically better record with African-American quarterbacks and all.