Finebaum tongue-bathes Alabama. Again.

My favorite part of his latest gaze-upon-Saban’s-works-and-despair piece is the comment thread.  In one breath, the ‘Bama faithful are bitching about the off-week scheduling hurdle and in the next they’re all predicting back-to-back undefeated national championship seasons.


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20 responses to “Finebaum tongue-bathes Alabama. Again.

  1. Are you implying that Alabama fans are talking out of both sides of their mouths?

    Perish the thought…

  2. HamDawg11

    Gotta admit, the Bammers I’m around on a daily basis have been pretty reserved. They seem to know that Saban has it going in the right direction and his players have bought in to his philosophy. It’s more of a quiet confidence than an uneasy arrogance, like our Gator neighbors to the south of us. As hard as it is to believe, the Bama fans have been easier to live with after the NC than before! Go figure….

    • Brandon

      The worst fans of any school to deal with are the pick up fans, i.e. the ones who didn’t go to school there and didn’t go to school anywhere else either except maybe high school. They have more of their ego tied up in their school of choice so they gloat the biggest when they win because they know if the school starts to suck they can jump ship and go to another school and they also are the most rabidly negative if anything goes wrong (that’s the part right before they jump ship), unless you actually live in Alabama you probably don’t see a lot of these pick up fans, but they are over there in force.

      • Having grown up in AL, I can attest to this. The Tide fans that went to UA are fine. Proud of their school, its traditions, etc., but not abrasive. It’s the ones that didn’t go there–most of whom didn’t graduate from high school, much less UA or any other college–that are such a huge pain in arse. It’s the same thing at every school. UGA def. has fans like this, the Gators have them in spades, and even we have a few, although most of these types in SC gravitate towards Clemson, as they tend to go for the program that wins the most.

      • Jbird

        Brandon, “over there in force,” you’ve got that right…And here in the Florida panhandle. Flags are a-flying, and magnets on the cars…is it still the 2009 season?

      • Prov

        I personally keep hats of multiple SEC teams (and a few other major schools) in my closet so I can change based on who is currently having the most success. Obviously I’ve been wearing my Tide hat the last few months. However, I’ll have to wait until the preseason polls to see what hat I’ll be wearing come September.

      • Brandon

        Yeah, we’ve definately got them to, though some of them have turned coat the last few years to defect to the new flavor of the month, good riddance I say.

      • Russell

        I have tons of evidence that your logic is faulty. Students and Alums can be co-equal Horse’s behinds with the unwashed masses, just maybe more well dressed and aloof. I suggest you be a better observer of people and quit leaning on the old wives tales Just a thought.

        • Brandon

          Russell, sounds like your “evidence” is based on your observations, so are mine, both are anecdotal. If you can point me to some scientific research into SEC football fan assholery as it relates to level of to the socio-economic status I’ll be glad to take a look at it, until then we’ll just have to disagree. As a point of clarification I certainly did not mean to imply that no students or alumni ever show their rear end, of course they do, in my opinion that went without saying, on the flip side of that their are pick up fans that are carry themselves with complete class, in my experience though pick up fans are generally worse in every day life that is what I’m saying. If your experience is different than mine, fine just say so, but pretend that your observations constitute “evidence” of “faulty logic” while mine and others are “old wives tales”, they are all based on our observations (unless you can give me a link to that scientific research and then I may stand corrected. For my part I should have thrown the word “generally” before “the pick up fans” in the first sentence of my original post to show that I was not trying to paint all pick up fans with a broad brush.

  3. Prov

    Can you not use the words Finebaum and tongue bathing in the same sentence? It’s a real creepy image.

  4. There are some days when I wish there was an easy scientific method for determining stupidity for a given group of commenters, so I could finally figure out once and for all whether or commenters were the dumbest of all. I’m not going to say it’s kept me awake at nights, but I’ve spent far time p0ndering that question than I should have.

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    I think this sums it up.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    whoops…….this is better

    • Phocion

      Yeah, yeah, yeah…photoshop is a wonderful thing.

      But that looks like good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity right there.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      A Braves cap. Somehow I knew it was going to be a Braves cap.

  7. Vious

    I am waiting for Bama to lose a game next year and Paul will write an article bashing Bama and how they are heading downhill, etc….

    He is the master of stirring the pot

  8. Jim from Duluth

    Senator, the mental picture of that headline is … gross.

    I need to go check out Part 3 of the Munson thing at the ABH website to get over it…


  9. Thomas Brown

    Tongue bathes ?

    You are so jealous of the Reigning National Champions who went completely undefeated, while posting in November their 67 % Graduation Success Rate GSR, while UGA posted a 57 % GSR and Georgia tek only 49 %.

    This is the 5th time in a Row an SEC Team Won the National Championship Football Game.

    2 by Nick Saban
    2 by Urban Meyer
    2 by LSU

    Instead, we make headlines by losing to 5 SEC Teams in just the last 4 years alone who all 5 are NOT ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Polls the years we lost to them.

    And, by having our players arrested / suspended at alarming rates on-going, while now just last night 3 current players on our football roster were listed as Administrators on a site called SUPPORT METT.

    Who is running this show ?