Fun with numbers, SEC scoring version

A couple of telling SEC charts from Mr. Steele:

First, offensive points per game for the last five years (rank refers to national ranking) –


Rank Team 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 AVG L/5 yrs
5 Florida 35.9 43.6 42.5 29.7 28.6 36.06
18 LSU 24.8 30.9 38.6 33.7 29.5 31.5
29 Arkansas 36 21.9 37.3 28.9 25.7 29.96
33 Georgia 28.9 31.5 32.6 25.2 29.5 29.54
55 Alabama 32.1 30.1 27.1 22.9 21.9 26.82
57 Kentucky 26.1 22.6 36.5 26.7 21.7 26.72
58 Auburn 33.3 17.3 24.2 24.8 32.2 26.36
70 Tennessee 29.3 17.3 32.5 27.8 18.6 25.1
79 South Carolina 20.6 20.8 26.1 26.6 23.7 23.56
97 Mississippi 29.5 32.1 20.1 15.7 13.5 22.18
104 Vanderbilt 16.3 19.2 21.7 22 27.2 21.28
116 Mississippi St 25.6 15.3 21.5 18.4 13.9 18.94

And here’s the defensive counterpart


Rank Team 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 AVG L/5 yrs
5 Alabama 11.7 14.3 22 19.2 10.7 15.58
7 Florida 12.4 12.9 25.5 13.5 18.8 16.62
8 LSU 16.2 24.2 19.9 12.6 14.2 17.42
12 Auburn 27.5 18 16.9 13.9 15.5 18.36
21 Tennessee 22.2 16.8 27.3 19.5 18.6 20.88
23 Georgia 25.9 24.5 20.2 17.6 16.4 20.92
25 South Carolina 20.4 21.1 23.5 18.7 23.2 21.38
29 Mississippi 17.7 19 28.5 22.9 22.3 22.08
41 Vanderbilt 23.3 19.6 22.6 23.7 29.2 23.68
50 Mississippi St 26.8 24.7 23.2 25.8 23.5 24.8
57 Arkansas 25.1 31.2 26.5 18.3 24.6 25.14
75 Kentucky 22.7 21.5 29.6 28.4 34.1 27.26

A few random observations:

  • How much of Corch Meyers’ offensive genius is tied to his starting quarterback?  Florida’s offensive average would suggest at least a touchdown.  No pressure, John Brantley.
  • For all the interceptions and mistakes, as well as the physical limitations, Joe Cox’ one year at the helm was more productive by better than a field goal a game over Matt Stafford’s first crack as starter.  Against an arguably tougher schedule, to boot.
  • Dan Mullen versus Woody McCorvey just isn’t a fair fight.
  • Vanderbilt was fifth in the conference in scoring in 2005.  Is there any doubt how much value a decent quarterback brings to a team in the SEC?
  • All the bragging about Monte Kiffin’s prowess as a defensive coordinator – the numbers for Tennessee’s defense don’t back that up, at least in comparison to Chavis’ work.
  • Hard to believe that Kentucky has become a better team defensively than Georgia, but at least in terms of points allowed, it’s a pretty clear trend.
  • If you look at Auburn’s offensive and defensive numbers, you’ll understand why Spencer Hall had this to say about the Tigers after last weekend’s spring game:  “The transformation of Auburn into a Big 12 South team is nearing completion.


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31 responses to “Fun with numbers, SEC scoring version

  1. Vince's Combover

    Let me start by saying that I could be completely wrong for two reasons, (1. I’m an idiot; 2. I haven’t had enough coffee yet), but it appears to me that this statement isn’t correct:

    ■For all the interceptions and mistakes, Joe Cox’ one year at the helm was more productive by better than a field goal a game over Matt Stafford’s

    The points per game in both 07 and 08 were higher than in 09 according to the chart you provided; these were the only two years that Stafford was the fulltime starter. I’ll hang up and get some coffee now.

  2. Macallanlover

    Spencer Hall’s comment is both clever and accurate, amazing how quickly Auburn has become entertaining to watch offensively (how many years sine the 3-2 MSU game?), and has fallen off the chart defensively. They didn’t look any better last weekend.

    If you reverse the scores of last year’s sleepwalk in Knoxville, Willie was just three long hours from surpassing the great Monte as a defensive Guru.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The bad effort in KnoxVegas last season was fallout from being screwed by the refs in the UGA-LSU game the week before. The D and the D coaches were flat. Not an excuse, but reality.

      • Macallanlover

        Undoubtedly the theft of the LSU game caused UGA to be emotionally flat, hard to have a game taken from you like that and maintain your sharpness. But the inability to adjust to the rolling pocket allowed a below average QB to pick us apart. Hard to understand why the offense couldn’t move the ball and allow more time for the defense to get it together. One of the worst games of the CMR era. We owe them a beat down for the next few years. Would love to see a nice streak against them like we have going against Auburn,

  3. MT

    with all that, we ranked #10 in PPG allowed as a defense in the SEC, with Miss St and Auburn only worse, and both schools were in big transitions last year.

  4. Seriously

    You guys need to choose from one of the two contradictory memes you persistently push regarding Tebow. He is either…

    1) A great footbally player who had a huge impact for UF and the SEC and will be greatly missed by Gator fans, or…

    2) An overrated hack, mockingly labeled by all the haters.

    You can’t have it both ways. Well, maybe you can, but you look pretty stupid making both of these claims.

    • I don’t know if I’m included in your “you guys” reference, but in case I am, I reject your choices.

      Tim Tebow was one of the greatest players to hit the field in the history of the SEC. The GPOOE™ was one of the most over-praised, over-hyped figures in the history of college sports. In my mind, they’re not the same people. That’s why I’m careful to refer to the player as Tebow and the hype as the GPOOE™.

      In either version, I’ve no doubt that he’ll be greatly missed by Gator fans. 😉

      • Seriously

        Yes sir, I’m including you. Your use of “GPOOE” is clearly used derisively and one cannot separate the hype from the man. It would be like saying the teabaggers are a bunch of morons for following around and cheering for a dumbsh!t like Sarah Palin, but you really think she’s a great political leader.

        I reject your rejection.

        • … one cannot separate the hype from the man.

          Well, not if you’re a Gator fan.😉

          • Seriously

            I’m starting to appreciate your logic, SB. Unlike a certain friend of mine who recently told me “Senator Blutarsky is a dumbass”, I respect you and your blog.

            I now must call into question my friend and his opinions. Therefore, from now on, whenever I post “Senator Blutarsky is a dumbass ™” anywhere on the web, it is not a criticism of you SB – it’s aimed at my friend.

            • Maybe you just need new friends.😉

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                He doesn’t really have any. That is why a Gator fan is posting on a UGA blog.

                • Seriously

                  Hello “Mayor” (self-elected – I’m certain), I have lots of friends. Just yesterday, I called my buddy Senator Blutarsky is a dumbass ™ and invited him over for dinner with his wife and mine. As to why this Gator fan is posting on a UGA blog, there are two reasons.

                  This is actually my favorite college football blog site devoted to a single team. That’s pretty remarkable for a GT alumnus and life-long Gator fan to admit, but when I want to know what’s happening in Sanford stadium, I come here.

                  The second reason is you guys spend so much time putting down UGA’s opponents that it provides me a great opportunity to write back responses. When you aren’t dreaming up new ways to disrespect your opponents (e.g. Corch, CUM, (S)CUM, GPOOE, etc) you actually have some interesting opinions.

                  • Hackerdog

                    Don’t disrespect the “Senator” or the hype. Five minutes reading this blog will make you a better man.

                    As Corch would say, “You’re a bad guy.”😉

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      Even though this clown was saying favorable things about FLA somehow I knew he was Ga Yech. It always shows, doesn’t it?

    • JC in Powder Springs

      “You guys” must be in reference to florida fans and players. They are the people saying Brantley is a “real” QB, with the inference Tebow wasn’t or isn’t.
      In regard to mocking him – I personally don’t accept the hype about Tebow being an NFL-level QB. I don’t think he has the arm. But only the future will tell. Second, his sobbing after the SEC championship loss was poor sportsmanship to say the least – particularly for a player who had run up scores on poorer teams in many a game. Finally, as I learned as a child, most people don’t appreciate it when others wave their religion in other people’s faces. Having said that, it’s obvious Tebow was a fine, at times dominant, player and team leader.

      • Seriously

        florida fans… They are the people saying Brantley is a “real” QB, with the inference Tebow wasn’t or isn’t.

        I believe you are referring to one WR, Deonte Thompson. Not a “fan” and certainly not “people” (plural).

        • JC in Powder Springs

          Hey Seriously:

          Let’s get this straight – I don’t give a damn about florida, your QB’s, your fans, or what florida fans think Dawg fans ought to talk about on our web sites. If your looking for fawning admiration of Tebow, go to ESPN or gator blogs. Bye.

          • Seriously

            If your looking for fawning…

            Perhaps YOU’RE looking for a class in grammar and proper syntax. Since you “don’t give a damn” what I think, I’m sure you will feel no need to respond to this post, or the previous two – OOPS!


    • Will (the other one)

      I choose C.
      It sure looks to me, from “outside the arena” that the Tebow+Harvin years were the real statistical outlier for Corch’s system. The two were worth at least a TD/game each.

      • Seriously

        Probably – we certainly saw a dramatic drop in productivity due to Harvin’s absence in 2009.

  5. yea yea

    Are these numbers just from SEC v. SEC (or at least BCS) games?

    Otherwise, the numbers become pretty worthless when UF puts up 70 on Charleston Southern or the Citadel.

    I’d attribute the disparities to that rather than Tebow.

  6. Dboy

    I think those numbers just prove the defensive prowess of the SEC. Eight of the twelve SEC schools ranked in the top 30 defensive schools in the country… and 4 of the top 12 defensive programs in the country (PPG at least) were SEC schools. I believe that 4 national champs were from the SEC in that time period. Maybe defense does win championships… Although we were #23 in the nation in scoring defense during that span… our in conference rivals were all hanging in the top 12…. Help us out here Dr. Grantham!!!!

  7. Dboy

    Please stop comparing CWM or Chavis’ defensive number to Monte Kiffin’s. Kiffin had one year with someone elses personnel to create a great defense. It is unrealistic to expect the nations top defense under those circumstance. I don’t expect that from Grantham either, but Grantham is taking over for Martinez, not Chavis. We just need steady improvement!!!

    • I wouldn’t expect the nation’s top defense, necessarily. But I wouldn’t have expected a big fall off, either.

      As for the personnel, Kiffin had what looks like two of the top ten selections in Thursday’s NFL draft, so it’s not like the cupboard was bare.

  8. Vious

    Our D even in the good years under Willie routinely gave up the BIG plays when it mattered most

    I know that last year or 2 years ago we had a MUCH better stat D in the 4th Q compared to the 1st half yet we would ALWAYS give up the game-winning drive or some important 1st down that changed the game

    It was a joke

  9. kckd

    Funny thing to me, UT had their two losing seasons in their best years defensively. They had their best season in their worst year defensively. And it was a horrendous year to boot.