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In the bag

Jesus Christ, Finebaum, why not just go in house with the ‘Bama SID’s office and be done with it?


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You had me at Herschel.

I love Smart Football, so I’m going to read a post there entitled “Eliminating ‘Daylight’ from the Axiom ‘Run to Daylight'” anyway, particularly since  it deals with defending the I-formation that’s still at the heart of Georgia’s offensive system.

So for me, throwing this photo in is just unnecessary pandering.

This moment of sha-wing! is brought to you by the good people at Smart Football.

It worked, though.


UPDATE: An alert reader e-mailed me this set of materials from former USC head coach John McKay.  Absolutely priceless reading.



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Antitrust, bitchez!

I couldn’t help but chuckle about where Jake Crouthamel, Syracuse’s former athletic director, sees things going at the end of the conference expansion trail.

… Eventually, Crouthamel said he saw the Big Ten, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Southeastern Conference and the Pacific-10 forming four 16-team superconferences and leaving the umbrella of the N.C.A.A. (Just imagine the fight between the SEC and the Pac-10 for Texas.) He said that those leagues would form their own basketball tournament to rival the N.C.A.A. tournament. [Emphasis added.]

“If you look at the history of what’s been going on for the last decade, I think it’s leading in that direction,” he said.

Mind you, this is coming from a guy who was one of the architects of the Big East.

Just think about the potential joy to be taken from these scenarios if that played out:

  • March Madness would become the greatest postseason event evah!  All Cinderella, all the time.
  • Orrin Hatch would have to explain how competition would be bad for college football.


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You can’t handle the truth.

I admit that I’m a bit leery of wading into potentially hazardous waters with this question, but where did this sense of entitlement about getting every last detail regarding Mark Richt’s decision to dismiss Zach Mettenberger from the team come from exactly?


UPDATE: Some similar thoughts at A Bulldog in Exile.


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Reaping what ye sow.

Gee, I wonder how this could have happened.

… As he prepared for this week’s NFL draft, (Jimmy) Clausen faced far more criticism about his attitude and perceived arrogance than he did his ability to lead an NFL team.

By most accounts, Clausen is the second-ranked quarterback behind Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and most likely a first-round pick. But the perception that he is too cocky has dogged Clausen and raised doubt within league circles about whether he can become a franchise-type quarterback.

Well, there’s this.

On the day he announced he was going to play quarterback at Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen marked the occasion by arriving at the College Football Hall of Fame in a Hummer limo. Then he crowed about winning multiple national championships.

A stunt like that never goes over well in the court of public opinion, and Clausen still is paying the price.

Poor Master James.

He’s proving himself to be a master of understatement, though:  “I struggled my first year…” Yeah, “struggled”, that’s a good description.

Hopefully, he and Charlie Weis can hook up again one day.  I’m just sorry that college football has entered its post-Clausen era.


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Trouble in River City

As much as I mock the goings on in Knoxville – and I think that even the most rabid Tennessee fan would have to concede that Junior and Mike Hamilton have been the lowest of low hanging fruit on many occasions – I still respect the history and accomplishments of the program.  I expect the Vols to enter a typical season being at least an above-average team (which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it when they fall short).

So how far have things fallen when a UT beat writer can list the five biggest questions facing the program coming out of spring practice without even getting to the daunting task of rebuilding the entire offensive line?


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