In the bag

Jesus Christ, Finebaum, why not just go in house with the ‘Bama SID’s office and be done with it?


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  1. CDawg

    Finebaum is a douche! This picture epitomizes his worth to the media. In a state where there is absolutely nothing else to discuss, it’s amazing anyone pays attention to him at all. Is Barbara Dooley still going on his show? If so, he needs to stick to suckling on the satan nation teet!


  2. dan

    the fluffer


  3. Derek


    Mrs. Dooley is not real happy with Paul right now over some things he said about her “Precious” on the radio. (For those who don’t know that what she calls her son, Derek.) Yesterday, Paul said that he had gotten some heated messages from Mrs. Dooley but that he had not yet responded.

    On an aside, Paul has been running CMR down for the past couple of years. Its a meme (btw thanks for the vocab enhancement Senator) that he picked up from Danny Sheridan who happens to be close with Jim Donnan who both believe that CMR’s initial success was due to Donnan’s recruits. Pointing out that Will Thompson, a sixth year senior in 2005, was the only Donnan recruit on the 2005 SEC Championship team falls on deaf ears. In any event, I have been biding my time and biting my tongue. However on December 6th, 2010 it is my full intention to set Mr. Finebaum straight about UGA and CMR. All we have to do now is win the SEC. GO DAWGS!!!!


    • CDawg

      Thank god the good lord brought me back to GA! I haven’t listened to f-bum in a few months. I’m not surprised he put his foot in his mouth re: Dooley light. I hope Barbara cuts him off for good! I agree, nothing would make me smile more than whipping those punks!


  4. Prov

    The traditional media have an integrity that bloggers can never understand.


  5. NRBQ

    Is that not the posture of a rat, sniffing for cheese?

    A gay one (NTTAWWT)?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    WOW. I mean… WOW. And he expects anyone who isn’t an Alabama fan to take a single word that he says seriously EVER again? He didn’t just wear the shirt… HE POSED FOR A PICTURE IN IT. Holy crap. I knew he was a Bama homer… the entire world knows it. But … wow. Mind = Blown.


  7. kckd

    Paul knows who the majority of his listeners are and where his money is made. It’s as simple as that. Bammers are not like UGA fans. They don’t listen to someone who doesn’t like their team or coach unless they themselves don’t like their coach.


  8. dawgfan17

    The worst thing is that I live in GA and still his show is on the radio here. The local call in show was cancelled and they replaced it with him in Columbus. Every once in awhile I will listen to him to be able to laugh at the AU and AL fans going at it. After about 5 minutes though I start to throw up in my mouth and quickly change it to anything else.


  9. Thomas Brown

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    I would prefer not to take such a drastic step, so how about meeting me half way here, hunh?

    — SB


  10. keith

    Senator, I am offended by the JC reference in this post. I guess that means since its your blog you can do or say whatever you please and I should just move on, true?