Reaping what ye sow.

Gee, I wonder how this could have happened.

… As he prepared for this week’s NFL draft, (Jimmy) Clausen faced far more criticism about his attitude and perceived arrogance than he did his ability to lead an NFL team.

By most accounts, Clausen is the second-ranked quarterback behind Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and most likely a first-round pick. But the perception that he is too cocky has dogged Clausen and raised doubt within league circles about whether he can become a franchise-type quarterback.

Well, there’s this.

On the day he announced he was going to play quarterback at Notre Dame, Jimmy Clausen marked the occasion by arriving at the College Football Hall of Fame in a Hummer limo. Then he crowed about winning multiple national championships.

A stunt like that never goes over well in the court of public opinion, and Clausen still is paying the price.

Poor Master James.

He’s proving himself to be a master of understatement, though:  “I struggled my first year…” Yeah, “struggled”, that’s a good description.

Hopefully, he and Charlie Weis can hook up again one day.  I’m just sorry that college football has entered its post-Clausen era.


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9 responses to “Reaping what ye sow.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    I’ve trained my children well. Every time Jimmy is on TV, my daughter asks me, “Daddy, isn’t that the guy that looks like an ostrich?”


  2. Most. Overrated. Football. Family. Ever.


  3. dboy

    Im not a fan of his, but the Utube video was some of the worst offensive line play in history. Basically he was running for his life.


  4. JK

    What we learned today….

    Jimmy Clausen negatives:

    1. Prick
    2. Bad at football

    Jimmy Clausen positives:

    1. Durable?
    2. Not injury prone?
    3. Will (should) be extremely grateful of an even mediocre O-line. However, see negative #1
    4. Excellent tackling dummy


  5. Phocion

    Could just be the market trying to dampen the salary that he will likely command.

    Then again, it could be noise from teams a little lower down the draft order that aren’t willing to give up what is necessary to trade up higher to get young Mr. Clausen.

    Perhaps you guys should go back and read what was written about a certain Michigan quarterback and his attitude. Seems to have worked out well him and his team in the end.


  6. Vious

    His arm was never that great anyway

    I don’t get all of this “He is pro ready” talk b/c that never showed at his time in South Bend


  7. Cojones

    Yeah, he looked like a pro with the 4 timeouts vs Michigan. And then a 5-yarder for running out of time. Yeah, pro alright.

    My friends from Notre Dame won’t mention his name and feel like he brought down Weis with the alums. They are , however, cheering for him to step onto a pro playing field and get his clock cleaned for the Gipper.