You had me at Herschel.

I love Smart Football, so I’m going to read a post there entitled “Eliminating ‘Daylight’ from the Axiom ‘Run to Daylight'” anyway, particularly since  it deals with defending the I-formation that’s still at the heart of Georgia’s offensive system.

So for me, throwing this photo in is just unnecessary pandering.

This moment of sha-wing! is brought to you by the good people at Smart Football.

It worked, though.


UPDATE: An alert reader e-mailed me this set of materials from former USC head coach John McKay.  Absolutely priceless reading.


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3 responses to “You had me at Herschel.

  1. Russell

    Never a bad time to show a picture of the following.
    1) Herschel bowling someone over.
    2) Herschel leaving someone in the dust.
    3) Herschel diving over the top.
    4) Herschel leveling someone with a devastating block. (Not given enough credit for that one, imo).


  2. aristoggle

    And, doubly fabulous since that appears to be a Tech player being dragged along … woof!


  3. Vious

    Thankfully Richt wasn’t his HC or else Walker would probably have redshirted his 1st year and gotten half the carries he should have in his career at UGA