He’ll handle “dadgum”, and it’s going to be a big deal.

I gotta tell you, if this is the best Corch Meyers is going to be able to come up with to generate feigned outrage in Jacksonville this year… sheesh.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Before you post those, don’t you at least need a comment from Corch?

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Okay. I was hoping for an eye roller from Corch.

  3. Seriously

    Brilliant! This “strategy” worked so well for Kiffin last year that Richt is now emulating the loser who split town. Wait? Maybe that’s Richt’s plan! Follow Kiffin’s lead, have a bad season, then ditch your current team for a better gig somewhere else – TRULY brilliant!!

    • In the vernacular, that’s some weak fake juice, Seriously.😉

    • RedCrake

      You’re right. He should go ahead and concede defeat. That way Corch won’t get his feelings hurt.

      • Seriously

        I saw Bobby Ross speak in 1991. He showed highlights of the last season, talked-up his best players, and got fans excited for the upcoming season. He made no predictions about wins or losses and said nothing disparaging about any of his opponents. That was class and Richt could use some.

        • 81Dog

          Did Coach Rothhhhhhhhhhh show any highlights of the Pizza Brawl at that booster meeting? I guess you can be proud that he didn’t make any disparaging comments about mouthy coeds who try to hurt his players hands with their jaws, either. Tech people have loads of class. It’s just all low.

          • Seriously

            Did Coach Ross order all of his players into a dangerous and ill-advised end zone celebration, brag about it, then back down, apologize, and lie about it? Did Ross spend years putting criminals on the field, laughing off their transgressions, then decide it was a bad idea when the win stopped coming?

            If we’re keeping score, I know I can win the battle of class between the coaches. Bring it.

            • Prov

              It was a 15 yard penalty

              • Seriously

                Just keep telling yourself that. It helps to cover the stench of Richt bragging about it post game, lying about it the next day, and then apologizing for it AFTER receiving an official letter of admonishment from Mike Slive that could have lead to fines and suspension. Just a 15 yard penalty? Sure – keep repeating that meme.

                • Prov

                  Don’t let the PC nature of today’s culture blind you to what it really was…a 15 yard penalty.

                  • Seriously

                    What if Florida fans had come pouring onto the field and joined the melee? Then UGA fans could have joined in too. This could have turned into a very large riot and Richt is lucky it didn’t get bigger than it was. PC? Hardly! This is against the rules for a very good reason.

                    • Prov

                      “This is against the rules for a very good reason.”

                      What is the punishment for breaking the rule?

                    • Seriously

                      Apparently, it’s more than 15 yards because Mike Slive saw fit to call Richt, discuss it with him, threaten fines and suspension, and write him a letter of admonishment. The rule is aimed at preventing unruly celebrations, not preventing a riot resulting from the celebration.

                    • Seeing how much the Celebration still aggravates you, I’m reminded of this exchange in The Longest Yard:

                      Paul Crewe: Hey Pop, the time you hit Hazen in the mouth, was it worth 30 years?
                      Pop: For me it was.
                      Paul Crewe: Then give me my damn shoe!

                    • Prov

                      You’re a lot of fun. Seriously.

                    • Hackerdog

                      We’re just lucky that Ronnie Wilson and his AK 47 couldn’t make the game. That could have gotten ugly.

                      Meanwhile, the UGA thugs were “dancing”.

                      Seriously, it’s pathetic when you have to be outraged about “getting served”.

            • Will Q

              “Did Coach Ross order all of his players into a dangerous and ill-advised end zone celebration, brag about it, then back down, apologize, and lie about it? Did Ross spend years putting criminals on the field, laughing off their transgressions, then decide it was a bad idea when the win stopped coming?”

              Um, I’m going to guess “no” on both of those. Then I’m going to say neither did Richt.

              So, the score now, is it tied at zero, or what?

              • Seriously

                You’re so wrong, Willy. Richt did brag about it in the post game. The next day as the shit storm was rising, he then claimed that he didn’t intend for everyone to leave the bench for the celebration, and he apologized for it after Slive threatened him with fines and suspension. Are you really wanting me to publish the record of lightly punished criminal offenses by Richt’s players or are you just kidding?

                • Will Q

                  That’s a “Q,” not a “y.”

                  Can I get a quote on the bragging? ‘Cause I spent a hell of a lot of time reading everything I could about that rare victory, and I don’t remember the bragging.

                  And, yes, I would like a record of the lightly punished criminal offenses of the Richt error, thanks.

                • Will Q

                  You know what, never mind. I was trying to respond with a little humor in my original post, but it wasn’t obvious enough.

        • RedCrake

          You’ll have to explain to me how saying you’re going to beat your rival is classless.

          • Seriously

            The fact that you need such an explanation demonstrates how little class you – and by way of extension, UGA – have. It’s called poor sportsmanship – look it up.

            • RedCrake

              Unprovoked personal attacks are the height of class. Thank you for the valuable lesson you have given me.

              • Seriously


                Well let’s see…

                You replied to my original post with a sarcastic remark and referred to Coach Meyer – someone I’m fairly certain has never done anything to you – derisively as “Corch”. While you are researching the meaning of “poor sportsmanship” (something that includes guaranteeing victories, I’m certain), you may want to look up “unprovoked” as well.

                • The Realist

                  The derision dripping off of “Corch” has nothing to do with Meyer personally.

                  Why the little brother syndrome?

                  • Seriously

                    Corch has nothing to do with Meyer

                    I had a related debate with SB the other day about the use of “GPOOE” having nothing to do with Tebow, personally. That’s very amusing logic. So now if I respond to you as The Moronic Realist you will understand that it has nothing to do with you personally, right?

                    Why the little brother syndrome?

                    Why the dime-store psychology, dude?

                • RedCrake

                  I did not say anything personal about you. I had an opposing viewpoint to your which I chose to express through humor. You responded that our coach (who I am fairly certain has never done anything to you) “needed some class”. I asked you to clarify how saying he was going to beat a rival was classless. You responded by calling me classless. You said that Bobby Ross was classy because he didn’t disparage others. Maybe you should take the same approach.

                  • Seriously

                    Fair enough – I apologize for causing offense. I stand by my belief that Ross was a model of class that Richt, Meyer, Saban, and Kiffin could all learn from (and PJ too).

                    • 81Dog

                      Maybe if Richt could get suspended for assaulting a ref on his way off the field, he’d be as classy as your paradigm, Bobby Ross. Who, by the way, allowed the Pizza Brawlers to keep right on playing after that little imbroglio.

                      If you dont like Mark Richt, who cares? You’re entitled to your opinion, however poorly informed. Vaya con dios.

            • ChicagoDawg

              So, by your logic, so as to demonstrate “class” Right would have had to answer the question with the following response…..”no dadgum way we beat Florida.”


              • Seriously

                So by your logic, I can put words in your mouth and sarcastically remark “brilliant” as if you had actually written those things? Yep, brilliant.

                From my related comment, below…

                We are going to prepare the best we possibly can, put our best players on the field, have a great strategy, and do everything we can to win this game.

              • Hackerdog

                Of course not. He should have published a biography about how it is a “big deal” that he will “handle”. Or, he could suspend his best defensive player for a couple of series for trying to blind an opponent. Maybe he could challenge a reporter to a fight.

                That’s how classy guys behave.

        • Prov

          “That was class and Richt could use some.”

          Like this?

          • Seriously

            My comment was about Ross and your providing a video of Urbs? Are you having some focus problems here? What does one have to do with the other?

            Try and keep up now or you’ll have to move back to the special ed. blog.

        • Dooley's Wig

          Seriously, Seriously? Coach Richt needs lessons in civilility?

          This Bobby Ross fellow you speak of…please tell us more.

        • hailtogeorgia

          Seriously? Where did Richt say anything disparaging about his opponents? When asked a question like, “Coach, are we going to beat Florida this year?”, what do you expect him to say? In the past year alone, Urban Meyer lost his cool on a reporter, Paul Johnson instructed his fanbase to punch Georgia fans in the mouth, and Lane Kiffin was, well, Lane Kiffin…and you somehow think that Mark Richt is the coach who needs a lesson in class? What a joke.

          • Seriously

            Where did Richt say anything disparaging about his opponents?

            I dunno – I never asserted that he did, only that Ross did not.

            When asked a question like, “Coach, are we going to beat Florida this year?”, what do you expect him to say?

            I expect him to say, “we are going to prepare the best we possibly can, put our best players on the field, have a great strategy, and do everything we can to win this game.

            In the past year alone, Urban Meyer lost his cool on a reporter, Paul Johnson instructed his fanbase to punch Georgia fans in the mouth, and Lane Kiffin was, well, Lane Kiffin…and you somehow think that Mark Richt is the coach who needs a lesson in class?

            I’m not defending any of those coaches and I’ll add Saban into that bucket.

            • I expect him to say, “we are going to prepare the best we possibly can, put our best players on the field, have a great strategy, and do everything we can to win this game.

              Boy, that’ll fire up the fan base.😉

            • hailtogeorgia

              At this point, you’re arguing semantics. You did not explicitly state that Mark Richt made disparaging comments about his opponents. However, due to the fact that your comment was posted in a thread regarding statements Richt made at a booster meeting, it isn’t unreasonable to conclude that by stating Bobby Ross did not disparage his opponents, you are concurrently implying that Richt did.

              I’m at a loss as to why your opinion is so strongly set as to Richt’s classlessness. The only examples you’ve given are the endzone celebration and the guarantee of a win this year in Jacksonville, neither of which should be considered indicative of the man’s character as a whole. If you’re posting for the sheer sake of argument, that’s fine, but please provide more examples of how the man is classless before making such strong statements. Until then, I will continue to consider the man who adopts orphans from Russia, feeds dozens of players in his home at Thanksgiving, consistently takes the high road regarding media issues (Taxigate), and visits a former player in jail as a class act.

              • Seriously


                I suppose you will once again accuse me of arguing semantics, but I must (again) point out I never stated that Richt is classless. On a relative scale, he’s better than some and lower than others, IMO.

                • hailtogeorgia

                  Perhaps I should have used “low-class” instead of “classless”. Mea culpa.

                  Again, I’ll ask what reasons, other than the two you’ve stated already, make you consider Richt as low-class.

                  …and yes, you’re definitely arguing semantics. Whether it’s low-class or no-class, the difference is minimal.

                  • Seriously

                    Why do I need to provide more than two reasons to support my opinion? That’s akin to saying Hitler killed 6 million people, but what else did he do that was so bad?

                    What’s wrong with arguing semantics? Semantics matter and you are quoting me for writing things I didn’t write. Speaking of which, I never wrote that Richt is “low class” either! I know, I know – semantics.

                    Also, I’d say the difference between low class and no class is huge. Saban has low class, Kiffin has no class, IMO.

                    • hailtogeorgia

                      Oy vey.

                    • hailtogeorgia

                      And for the record, the problem with arguing semantics is that it avoids the core issue and spends too much time tied up in red tape. It’s a way for someone to avoid giving an actual rebuttal to an argument or admitting that they’re wrong, which you’ve done a pretty good job of doing.

                    • Walker07

                      Because an end zone celebration is to level of class what killing six million people is to being a bad person.

                      Bad analogy.

  4. Mike

    Whatever Corch Meyer does to get his players ready for UGA, it seems to work pretty well.

  5. Prov

    Don’t forget that the 15 yard penalty is “forever in the mind of Urban Meyers” so I doubt he needs anything else to be outraged over.

  6. 81Dog

    Whoever asked Coach Richt that question is a moron. Do we expect our coaches now to be gridiron versions of the Amazing Kreskin? Shall we hold them to predictions made in April about the upcoming fall season?

    “Uh, Coach Richt, I would just like to know which games on the schedule this year we will lose for sure?”

    “Coach, which one of our players is going to win the Heisman this fall?”

    You might as well ask him for point spreads, too.

    As for Coach Richt, what’s he supposed to say to THAT dumb ass question?

    “Uh, well, ummmm, gee, Florida’s really good, and we haven’t done so well against them since the Reagan Administration, but I think if we’re really, really lucky and I don’t piss Corch Meyers off, and the Florida players are a little overconfident, we might be able to make a game of it down there.”

    I don’t see why this is an issue, or anyone’s blasting Richt. Why shouldn’t he project confidence? He didn’t call a press conference to announce that come November, the Gators will be sleeping with the fishes, or to declare a blood feud, or even to suggest the Gators “will get handled.” Some dumb ass at a booster meeting asked him a question, and he answered it the only way a coach can answer it: Yes, we will beat them.

    You think Urban or Saban is going to filibuster if someone asks them if they’re going to beat a particular team on the schedule this year? People want to pile on Richt for being too nice, and then when he answers a question straight up, they want to make it out to be like he said something bad about someone’s mama.

    The Gators don’t like that? Who cares? I don’t want my coach going around popping off like he’s Paul Johnson, but I don’t want him to act scared that he’s going to spook other teams, or offend their delicate sensibilities, by admitting the stunning secret that we intend to beat them this year.

    Now, UGA just has to back it up. Which, as it happens, we were going to have to do whether Coach Richt said anything or not.

  7. NCT

    Come on, people. The prediction of victory is not the story without “Dadgum”.

    FSU’s record against Florida with CMR on staff: 11-6-1

  8. Tommy

    Good. Belief is all.

  9. Irishdawg


    The fact that you need to come to this blog to badmouth Mark Richt demonstrates what a first rate dickbag you are. It’s called insufferable twattiness-go look it up.

    For real, go get mauled by a bear.

  10. Seriously

    In reply to Senator Blutarsky…

    Seeing how much the Celebration still aggravates you

    Oddly enough, the celebration itself doesn’t really bother me since Richt has been smart enough to not repeat the error. The hypocrisy of fans who can look past the celebration and Richt’s tap dance around the truth, then criticize other coaches for being idiots is what offends me. Expressed biblically, you should criticize the spec in my eye when you have removed the log in yours.

    • Sparrow

      There are multiple posts on here where you acknowledge that Meyer is “low-class” and yet here you are throwing stones at Richt and the entire Bulldog nation for the supposed response to an event that took place years ago? Really?

      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      • Seriously

        You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        What word are you referring to?

  11. DawgPhan

    seriously, I wish your mom swallowed.

  12. Irishdawg

    Seriously, don’t flatter yourself. You’re little more than a mild dick itch; not someone who anyone gives thought to past the three seconds it takes to read your moronic comments. You’re offensive, sure, but you generate far less controversy than you give yourself credit for.

    But by all means, you’ve dropped your meaningless little brain turds here, go and tell your internet friends what a tough guy you are.

    • Seriously

      Wow, you typed all that in “three seconds”! You must be quite the little secretary! I bet you’re keeping the boss happy above AND below the desk, Irishbitch!

      • Walker07

        I saw Redcrake and Prov react to inflaming statements responsibly and maturely. Now those responses showed class which you could really use. Seriously.

        • Seriously

          Yep, two of you responded well and I even apologized to Redcrake as I misinterpreted his intent. Page up and look at the “howdy” Irishbitch left for me at 10:43. Lecture her about class, then you can lecture me about class and not look like a hypocrite.

  13. Dog in Fla

    Dadgum The SEC and Porn.

    If only these SEC guys had spent time at this Get The Picture instead of that get the picture elsewhere, maybe our financial system wouldn’t have dadgum collapsed. Pay raises and bonuses for all of them…


  14. Normaltown Mike

    Blah, blah, blah, “classless”. Vomit, blah, blah.

    You said blah, blah, blah, puke, vomit, blah.

    All people from this particular geographic region blah, blah, blah. While every single person from this geographic region blah, blah, blah.

    Everyone who graduates from this state university, blah, blah, blah, toothless, blah, blah. While every single person from this state university blah, blah, blah.

    Everyone knows blah, blah, blah, arrested for scooter infraction, blah, blah.

    Vomit, puss, blah, blah, eye gouge, blah, blah.

    Blah, blah, I only troll here to lay the smack-down on you cuz you’re such an asshat, blah, blah.

    Just another conversation at The Piedmont Driving Club.

  15. Not Very Seriously

    Senator, you need to consider blocking this guy, Seriously (pun intended). He is insulting other blog participants, indulging in personal attacks and generally being an asshole. He is an admitted Florida fan and also admittedly went to Georgia Tech. No redeeming qualities that I can see. If I thought he could be rehabilitated I would recommend probation but, alas, I think the death penalty is warranted.

  16. Keith

    Seriously, you are wrong, CMR was interviewed after the game and stated that only the players on the field were told to celebrate, not the bench. You need to get your facts straight. IMO CMR should have never apologized for it.

  17. 69Dawg

    Can’t we all just get along?????

  18. Irishdawg

    Good God, seriously, you are a bed wetting crybaby. You haven’t made one civil comment on here, and you acted like a complete dickbag, hence me calling you that. You came on this blog for the sole purpose of flinging shit against the wall and then giggling at the mess, so don’t play Miss Manners when people call you on it, and don’t play the martyr card when people want you gone. You’re tedious and aggressively stupid, but worst of all is that you’re boring.

    But I’m done, so go back to masturbating at how clever you are for coming up with “Irishbitch”

  19. ugamatt

    When I saw that there were 97 comments, I knew before I even clicked that Seriously was on here being a douchebag. Ironically, this Tech tool was nowhere to be found after We Ran This State right through the Joke by Coke.

  20. AthensHomerDawg

    WOW. Not cool…… just way too much venom from Seriously. Your blog and I read it everyday. Just Seriously using it to get a rise outta folks seems counter productive. I know..”if you don’t like what you read…go somewhere else” but doesn’t seem appropriate to give another fan a platform to bash our team/coach. Still you got a lot of posts out of it.
    Just sayin.

  21. BMan

    A booster club meeting is the college version of a pep rally taken on the road, in my opinion. Viewed in that light, comments like “we’re gonna beat (insert scheduled opponent here)” are just part of the pep rally. Our high school coaches did it, and Mark Richt does it, and I would imagine every coach in football does it. I just can’t imagine being offended by it.

    When someone, be they Seriously or anyone else, offers the bait and a threadjack ensues, we have to try a little harder to turn the other cheek, be it ass or facial variety.

  22. Vious

    Well, Richt better hope so b/c another UF East Title and victory in Jax means his own seat is warming up

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Coach Richt is a lot like Brown at Texas and will be here at Georgia as long as he wants and we will have our NC ring …again, with him as the HC. Flippin Coaches is a lot of timing and alot of what is available. Florida has had a great run but it wont last forever…. I think the wheels will start to wobble this season. I think USC wheels have come off. Tennessee is in bad shape too. They are in sad shape on their O line, NO CENTER, no qb with any reps and not exactly a proven RB. That is just a receipe for disaster. Wonder if Richt will call off the Dawgs in the 3rd qt between the hedges? Georgia is on an uptick. 2011 will be a banner year for recruits. How many scholarships will we have available? Great year for recruits in Georgia.

  23. Turd Ferguson

    I smile when people complain about someone else’s “class” … while trolling.

    I know that there ARE Florida fans that can discern their own ass from a hole in the wall. I’ve just yet to find one of them.

    • BMan

      They’re very likely the ones with their jorts around their ankles having sex with a hole in the wall.

  24. kckd

    Forgive the little fella folks. It’s got to be frustrating. You’ve had one of the best overall decades of football in fifty years in terms of wins and losses. yet you still go 2-8 against your biggest rival and can’t beat their worst team with your best. It has to be very frustrating for this guy.