It’s not so much about assigning blame as it is looking to turn the corner.

I really like this:

Here are 3 pieces of coaching advice that have had a major impact on my coaching career.

#1 The dirtiest words in coaching are We talked about it. Players don’t learn from talking they learn from well designed simple drills and repetition.

#2 What you see on film was either taught or allowed. You don’t like what you see find a way to change it.

#3 Players don’t screw up because they want to be failures. The vast majority of failure on the field is failure of understanding. The understanding or alignment, technique, or scheme all must be taught in a meaningful way that can be applied not in theory (on a whiteboard) but in a real life situations (game). There is always another (possibly a more effective) way to coach a given technique.

That’s why I have hope the defense begins a turnaround this season.  I recognize the downside to installing a new scheme – the learning curve, less than optimal fits in personnel, etc.  But even with that in mind, there’s lots of room to improve things that aren’t directly tied to scheme.  The question is whether Georgia has the staff in place to get things across to the players effectively.

I doubt we’ll ever hear it from him, but I’d be curious to hear Garner provide a comparison of the staff’s approach under Grantham with that of the approach under Martinez.


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10 responses to “It’s not so much about assigning blame as it is looking to turn the corner.

  1. hassan

    #1 thing to get accomplished is to get aggressive again. The rest will follow. Hanging out in a soft zone while a naked bootleg develops was a recipe for disaster. Get some guys flying to the ball and forcing the QB to do things before he’s ready, and we’re half way there in my opinion. We’ll make mistakes, but if they are aggressive then we’ll make up for them too.

    UGA’s best D’s in recent years had that dominant DE that penetrated and caused problems. When Willie lost that, then the rest just imploded. Hopefully now we’ll have some LB’s blitzing in from different places to cause trouble. GATA


  2. Zdawg

    ‘Getting aggressive’ is probably an overused phrase here. The most aggressive D I remember seeing is Kevin Ramsey’s going up in flames tour circa 2000. Its hard to be aggressive if you don’t recognize the plays, your fundamentals are lacking AND your are playing soft zones. Lets get the first two down let the new scheme take care of the latter.


    • hassan

      I don’t think recognizing the plays was the issue last year. It was the scheme. As far as fundamentals, they have always been an issue (specifically tackling). Everything you mentioned is true, but what I saw last year as the #1 issue was a whole bunch of reactive D. Not a lot of guys getting after the ball in the be that in the air or otherwise. I’m not throwing stones at the level of effort by the players. I think they were coached that way. I am hoping that the scheme is more aggressive. And isn’t that the whole crux of the 3-4?


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Did Willie have an approach?


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I do not want to be repetitive as I have posted this before on this blog, but it remains true: ” College football players will play up to the level that they are coached.” Steve Spurrier, 1989


  5. Vious

    I want to see a D that comes up big in big situations

    Willie’s D had a way of improving as the game went on yet ALWAYS falling flat when it mattered in the 4th Q

    It was a joke when the game was on the line


  6. BMan

    I hear you Vious. Except for the van Gorder years, I’ve been screaming for 20-plus years when the opponent is staring at 3rd and 10+ that they have us right where they want us. Honestly, I’ve generally had more faith in the D to stop 3rd and one or two yards than 3rd and 12. Is it just me (and my brother) or has anyone else gone hoarse over that phenomena?


  7. Dawgfan17

    Improve three things and the defense will be fine. Tackle better, when we get the chance to have a pick or the other team fumbles, come up with the ball, and finally if we are within a few yards of the other teams recievers when they catch the ball. It was not so maddening that other teams would do things to get recievers open against us, it was maddening that watching it on tv and their would be catches made by other teams when we didn’t have a defender that showed up at all in the picture. I run about a 40.0 40 but if you leave me alone with no guy within 20 yards of me even I could hurt teams in the passing game.