“Alabama is coming off a national championship. Why would I change my schedule to accommodate them?”

I know it’s hard to believe, but some of the other conference kids don’t want to play ball with the Tide.


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13 responses to ““Alabama is coming off a national championship. Why would I change my schedule to accommodate them?”

  1. Charles D.

    Didn’t Ufk have a similar scenario last year? If it weren’t the Crimson Mafia complaining, this would be a moot issue. Nothing should be changed. There is really no argument to be bad here.

    Maybe teams will start petitioning to change their Western opponents from LSU and Auburn to Ole Miss and Miss St.? I mean, if you let one team strong-arm the entire process, are you not setting up the conference to lose it’s entire structure?


  2. Phocion


    You can say it is too late to do anything…that it’s Alabama’s fault for not speaking up earlier…that it is too difficult to change all the other teams’ schedules…

    But you can’t say that “(t)here is really no argument to be had here.”

    The scheduling sucks.

    If UGa ended up getting Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Alabama all after their bye-weeks you guys would be pissed too. So can the false indignation at the Tuscaloosa administration for trying to rectify the situation…you would want the Athens administration to try and achieve the same result. If they didn’t, you would be ticked that they were just letting it happen rather than fighting back.


  3. Vious

    Would anyone actually believe that Alabama would help Auburn or any of their other rivals?

    Of course not….UT and other teams have been screwed by the schedule as well in the past….did the SEC help them?

    Bama got screwed…tough, deal with it

    If UGA had gotten screwed, the SEC wouldn’t even think of helping us


  4. Cojones

    The sorry s#*!h*&%s can kiss my *#! . They were f#!&*d from the git-go and want to p!## on the rest of us. Who do the effing a$$&%#&s think they are? The mutha#*@$**s need to *%#&!^#**and can go s*!# off a cliff. Their *+%##* overload their #%@!&&*^ing #$!&&*!$%^#@^&%$#$%. And that goes for their *&@#^%! mascot as well.


  5. Dawgfan17

    There was a thread on CBS by a Bama fan claiming if they split their team into two squads both would be in the top 25. If they are really that deep will it make any difference how rested other teams are? Besides St. Saban is the greatest coach in the history of sports, it is only fair to give other teams an extra week to prepare for his genius.


  6. Badmarinar

    UGA didn’t whine when we had one of the nation’s toughest scheds 2 yrs ago so stop your whining now. Poor bamers. Boo hoo.


  7. Jay

    Do not be shocked at the SEC office working hard on this. Look who runs that place. It is full of bammers, from Commissioner and bammer lackey Mike Slive to associate commissioner and bammer grad Mark Womak.



    That &%*#%!!! pig!#*%*^#$%!! Slive can turn his $!#^##* inside-out and go **#^! #!**^&% with his hand! The same goes for that !&!#!$@%!**!#$%**^*$!# Womack.

    Jus’ kiddin’.