Yellow-tinged delusions of grandeur

If you like grandiose pronouncements from the Georgia Tech fan base, here’s the best one I’ve seen since we were assured by a blogger a few years back that Morgan Burnett’s commitment to Tech meant that “… the whole dynamic of high school recruiting in the state of Georgia has changed“:

… The drafting of BayBay as the first receiver off the board in the 2010 NFL draft should be a great boon to our program. No longer can opposing coaches negatively recruit against us, telling future wide receivers that they will never play in the NFL if they come to Tech. We now have proof that if you play WR well in our offense, the NFL will find you & do so sooner rather than later…

Tell that to Justin Scott-Wesley.



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14 responses to “Yellow-tinged delusions of grandeur

  1. Ben Rockwell

    I was really surprised to see him go so high since his specialty seemed to be running fly routes when the D was pulled up close to stop to the option and then dropping critical fourth down passes in huge rivalry games (hey-o!). 25/yds a catch is great, but with that stat was the caveat that he “needs to work on his route-running.”

    Even still, bully for Tech. If they want to think that folks are going to keep sleeping on that wide receiver in the flexbone/triple-option/novelty that even Willie Martinez and Co finally stopped, that’s great. The only thing better than beating Tech is beating Tech when they think they’re better than the Dawgs.


    • So you’re saying beating them every year is great? Because my Tech friends have never thought they weren’t better than Georgia.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    CPJ knows what he’s doing…he uses Jedi mind tricks to get Bay-Bay to commit to Chan Gaily knowing that he’ll leave Navy, take the Tech job and in his second season lead his team to an ACC championship and a loss to the worst Dawg team in 14 years.


    • Paul's Johnson

      This entire thread is a Jedi mind trick. Heads you win, tails I lose. Football is a team sport, gentlemen. Tech knocks off a UGA team in 08 that featured two 1R picks. UGA returns the favor the following year.

      But I think the drafting of Thomas shows that a big-play receiver with the right measurables can attract NFL attention even in the TO offense. That we didn’t get this former Stanford commit proves what exactly?


      • Normaltown Mike

        It’s as much a vindication of CPJ “preparing a WR for a NFL offense” as Randy McMichael & Ben Watson being drafted was a vindication of CMR “developing Tight Ends”.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, Drew Hill and Calvin Johnson were first round picks too, but Tech still sucked then and it’ll suck just as much 10 years from now.


  4. RedCrake

    To put it simply…

    When an elite reciever is convinced to come to Tech by Paul Johnson and goes in the 1st round, we can revisit this conversation.


  5. David

    Yeah, and you can also be an RB, go play in the triple option, get named ACC player of the year, and still not get drafted until the third day of the draft (I refuse to believe Dwyer has slid this far solely on the drug test).


  6. Vious

    All I know is that even in our sucky years, we are still kicking their ass

    They will NEVER be a program that is a game-changer in college football nor will they ever be looked upon as an NFL factory with their offense


  7. Dawgfan17

    I am actually just shocked the Raiders didn’t take him with their first pick. Has all the measurables but hasn’t shown the ability to run anything but a go route, that had Oakland written all over it. May turn out to be a good NFL reciever but the offense is still not one that will attract a lot of top level guys to GT. That said they really only need one really athletic guy that can go run go routes to make it work in their offense so I think that Johnson will be able to fill the role well enough over the years. The questions at Tech under Johnson will always be 1) can they play D and 2) can they keep a starter a qb healthy for all their games 3) how often will Tech catch the ACC with teams like Miami, FSU, VT all in down years at about the same time. My guess is that as those teams are up Tech will be down and as those teams are down Tech will seem up.


  8. Sanford222View

    Aren’t Tech fans supposed to be good in math? Last I checked a sample size of one WR who wasn’t recruited by Johnson and has yet to make one catch in the NFL is hardly valid statstically speaking.


    • 81Dog

      Remember, this is the program that couldnt count the number of seats in its own stadium for years, overestimating what was left after “downsizing” by about 5,000 seats. This is also the program that got caught by the AJC trotting out 13 players for a defensive stand on the goal line against UGA; the picture didn’t lie, though the refs somehow overlooked it. And most of all, this is the program that has racked up 1 win against UGA since Mark Richt arrived, and somehow manages to consider itself UGA’s equal on the gridiron.

      What’s the old line? Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure, I guess.


  9. The Realist

    Denver clearly showed a penchant for projects. They drafted two in the first round with Demaryius (grown men are not called baybay) Thomas and Tebow. They are not in “win now” mode, which is pretty shocking considering their division.

    For some reason, I feel like Josh McDaniels is suffering from the Bill Belichick syndrome. Just like Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis, & Eric Mangini, McDaniels has this air of superiority like he’s the smartest man on the planet, and anything he touches turns to gold. It didn’t work out so well for his three predecessors. I surmise he’ll fall flat on his face as well. One project is fine as long as you’re winning. But multiple first round projects + sub .500 seasons can cripple a franchise for a decade or more.