Mind blowing stat of the day

In 2009, if you could have chosen one SEC quarterback to lead your team in a conference game, I suspect it wouldn’t have been Joe Cox, but the stats for passer rating would tell you to pick again.

(h/t Doc Saturday)


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32 responses to “Mind blowing stat of the day

  1. gj

    Alternative title: AJ Green is really really good.

  2. HVL Dawg

    It has been pretty common for UGA fans to throw rocks at Joe Cox since the season ended.

    With friends like these …….

  3. Dog in Fla

    A true Coxian effort by Joe as well as our quarterback coaches, who are among the best in the country.

  4. Millenium Dawg

    Good job by Joe Cox considering all he faced last year, but those 11 interceptions look like a high price to pay for the yards and TDs. Though without looking at each game, I don’t know how much those INTs really hurt our chance to win. I do know that Tebow won all his SEC matchups until the eventual MNC beat him.

    • RedCrake

      Something tells me if Timmy had been working with a defense coached by Slick Willie Martinez, Bryan Evans running around the secondary, and our kick coverage, he wouldn’t have won all those matchups.

      Tebow had a subpar season last year through the air (by his standards anyway). But their defense was nasty.

      • You fail to mention the flip side of that argument: Joe never got to go up against Willie’s defense in a game. 😉

        • Will (the other one)

          Well, he did face Arky’s D, which statistically was about as bad. He did pretty well in that game.

          • Mayor of dawgtown

            The problem last season wasn’t Joe Cox, it was the D and lack of a running game the first half of the season. Can you imagine what kind of season the Dawgs would have had without Joe Cox? Try 5-7 or 4-8.

  5. Millennium Dawg

    Correction: Millennium Dawg.

  6. gj

    @HVL, any rock throwing was inferred by you and certainly not implied by me. Joe played his butt off for the red and black, and I salute him for bleeding for the team. I have never questioned his resolve or motives.

    However, I don’t think that being a UGA fan means that I can’t look critically at the stats. Observing that Joe was not the game manager or decision maker that many pundits led us to believe does not make me an enemy.

  7. Chuck

    Just my $o.o2, but Cox would have been recognized as a big winner if we had had a reasonably good D. At the same time, when Joe started pressing in tough games, and threw picks and gave the opponent a short field, the D would press more, and really, it is a miracle we didn’t lose more. Could have/should have won the LSU game, too.

  8. Derek

    It just goes to show that there are lies, damn lies and statistics. The statistic that allowed Joe to lead in passing efficiency was the yards per attempt and while it was excellent, I think that Bobo deserves the credit for that number while the 2 ints. plus per game is on Joe.

  9. Dboy

    Oh snap. What a stat! There were multiple problems on last years team. Cox was a minor one. I remember a non- existent running game fir first half of the season, a bending and breaking Defense, Obsurdly dismal TURNOVER MARGIN, often laughable kickoff coverage, and tons of penalties. I remember the Joe Cox – AJ Green saving several games (ark, SC) and should have miracously won the LSU game… Of course ST and the Defense turned that W into an L. remember the stories about Joe in the huddle trying to explain to the younger players where they should line up. Joe was not perfect but he gave UGA his all and we raised up our leg on the guy…

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky I trust you’re pushing a small point with those stats. The sample size is borderline and no running stats are figured in, which is where you-know-who made his bones.

  11. Greg

    We only lost two more games last year than we did the year before with Knowshon, Stafford and MoMass. The constant – the awful Willie-led defense. The only game where they really stepped up at all was LSU….and they managed to break when the offense finally got us ahead in that game.

  12. Badmarinara

    Joe was very good. He tried to do too much but that wasn’t his fault. He had to. He may not have been great, but few are. He just needed some help (running game, def). I still thank him for everything he gave to the team…all five years. He won us games we shouldn’t have. He’s a d@!! Good Dawg. Heck even Stafford lost to USC and Tenn in bad games the year we finished #2. He wasn’t perfect either.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Joe Cox was directly responsible for 9 UGA wins in his career-8 last year and the Colorado game in ’06. He is a DGD in my book, too.

  13. dboy

    “I think that Bobo deserves the credit for that number while the 2 ints. plus per game is on Joe.”

    How is it possible to separate the two?

  14. Mike

    I’ll take Cox as the starting Georgia QB to face the Gators any day

    • Aligator

      i will too

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        UGA didn’t lose to FLA because of Joe Cox. If Cox had been the QB for FLA and the GPOOE had been the QB for UGA, FLA would still have won because FLA had the better D. All the more reason that one of the Gator D-linemen should beat the living sh!t out of that self-righteous asshole for stealing all the credit for when the Gators did well. The thing that is particularly pathetic is that the pompous dick actually believes that crap about him “willing his team to victory” all by himself and such. Last time I checked he hadn’t made a single tackle or intercepted any passes. The D won the games. Tebow just scored TDs when the rest of the offense got him close enough so he could run what was effectively a glorified QB sneak.

  15. I’ve never understood what everyone had against Joe last year. I agree he wasn’t the best QB ever, but for what he had to work with for the first 6 games, he was pretty damn good. I say he should get some credit from UGA fans (never happen), but what do I (and the stats) know?

    Also, how bad was Willie’s D that with a QB doing that (imagine back in 2003 if we’d have had that production) we still lost 5 games?

  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    The one fault I lay at Joe Cox’s feet that, had nothing to do with any other element of the team, is rushing things under pressure. He may have adopted that habit from Stafford, who could thrown it out of bounds from anywhere. If he did not have that shortcoming, the current reviews would be calling him intelligent and efficient.

  17. 69Dawg

    UGA we don’t just whip dead horses we make glue out of them.