Monday morning buffet

College football’s dead period has begun in earnest.  You need to eat to keep your strength up:

  • This may be the dumbest conference expansion/realignment speculation piece I’ve read yet, as it completely ignores the primary motivation behind any (potential) movement – the almighty dollar.
  • Sounds like the Zooker has the Illinois faithful fired up “Very small crowd at the spring game. I’d say about 2,000 total, the smallest I can recall.”
  • Feel the sarcasm“From that hyped 2006 recruiting class (ranked No. 5 nationally, proof of Charlies Weis’ greatness, foundation for multiple BCS titles), there were two players picked: Sam Young and Eric Olsen, and both went in the sixth round.”
  • Doc Saturday breaks down Ryan Mallett.
  • Evidently it’s not to early to begin speculation on who might be the top pick in the 2011 NFL draft.  Plus, there’s a familiar name on the list.


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14 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Charles D.

    More than one familiar name…we lost Cam Heyward, an in-state guy, to Ohio St, in the same recruiting class that we lost Allen Bailey, who might also be a top 10 pick in next year’s draft.

    We also lost Morgan Burnett, a legacy, and Eric Berry(who was a Ufk legacy) in that class.

    In their places we got: Vance Cuff (Berry was recruited as CB, and may play that in the NFL), John Knox, Justin Houston (really, really painful when you look at the DE’s we went after, and Houston was the only good one we wound up with) and Corvey Irvin.

    Yes, it was time for Martinez and co. to go, but the defense would obviously have looked a lot different if the coaching staff had taken care of business on the recruiting trail. The 2007 class is the one that really set the program behind.


    • Charles D.

      Or, if you really believe that we told Allen Bailey that he could play MLB in college, then we got Charles White instead.


    • Calling Heyward an in-state guy is a bit misleading. He’d only lived in Georgia for a year or so at the time of his recruitment and made it pretty clear that he wanted to head back north.

      Burnett wanted immediate playing time, which he was promised at Tech. It’s hard to blame him for that.

      And Berry was never serious about considering playing anywhere besides UT, at least from what I’ve heard from some folks who claim to know the family.


      • Charles D.

        You can excuse-make all you want, as many did on Signing Day that year, but the fact is, we did not take care of business, and it has cost the program on the field.

        Say what you will about Heyward, but it isn’t like the kid went to his father’s alma mater. The coaches were simply unable to sell him on all the things that going to UGA could do for him. That is their fault.


        • GlenCoffeeIsForClosers

          Chuck D. most of the kid’s family lives in Ohio. He grew up there. His mother made clear that she wanted him to go back there.

          Are you telling me that if you lived 16 out of your 18 years in Athens then moved to Ohio that it would be Tressel’s fault for not “selling you” on the place if you committed to Georgia? Seriously, think about how ridiculous that seems. Glengarry Glenross was a fine movie and all, but methinks someone is placing too much faith in the power of salesmanship

          On the plus side you absolutely made “911 Is A Joke.” Good work there.


        • DawgPhan

          It’s hardly excuse making, as much as it is the truth.

          Why didnt we get any of the first round talent from this past draft?

          Coaches didnt ID the best talent and couldnt sell the kids on UGA?

          Sometimes you can’t sell someone who isnt buying.


          • You just hit on the key here. If the coaches can’t identify a recruit as being SEC-worthy (one of Neil Callaway’s less endearing qualities) when in fact he is, that’s a much bigger problem for me than them not being able to convince every in-state recruit to come to Athens.


        • Reptillicide

          We didn’t sign every top player in the state of Georgia in 2007? That is an outrage!!!


  2. Ray

    Where’s Julio on that list?


    • Charles D.

      He will be right there at the end of the season. There could be 4 WR’s in the top 10 of next year’s draft: AJ, Michael Floyd, Julio and DeAndre Brown.

      The recruiting services were spot-on with these guys. Scout had 1. Julio 2. AJ 3. Brown 5. Floyd out of h.s and Rivals had them 1,2,4 and 5.


  3. HamDawg11

    Julio will never be a top 10 pick unless he figures out how to catch the dad-gum ball! While he’s a physical freak, he lacks the hands of a top college receiver, much less NFL receiver.

    Maybe he’ll be drafted as a safety! tee-hee


  4. Cojones

    When will the idiotic stories of conference expansion ever stop? They aren’t even imaginative. They conjure up innane responses and the smug “winners” claim money will dictate. What a bunch of nonfootball turtles turn up. Folks, look for the logic in these tomes written by any pundit with low clicks and a failing job on the horizen. Logic is lost by the second sentence when they make unsubstantiated claims to nonexistent and fallacious thinking. When you don’t question their skip to the chase without substantiating their argument , you become their foil to sellout the SEC. Delany is looking to expand the Big10 because they were held back in competition when they didn’t name a conference championship. The SEC then showed them the error of their ways. He needs only one team to get to the number desired for a conference championship game. If he puts a couple more teams in to dilute his conference, that is no reason for us to follow the stupid suit. Make the pundits show you what in their argument means “Mo Money” to individual teams. The only team that fits the argument is ND and possibly Texas. I think we should stop all this Pomme de Rue by letting them both join the SEC and be done with the paranoia created from thin air by Delaney and the crude-thinking Big10 writers. If we really think expansion is correct, why not screw them first? Why in God’s Green Earth would we wait for the Big10 to lead the way? They are now playing catchup because they didn’t have a clue about competition before. Now that their dim light comes on many years later is no signal that their fuzzy thinking has matured, only caught up. This year they will put up their perennial “champion” ,OSU, who will be crushed again by an SEC team, hopefully the Dawgs. I truly want a piece of their Yankee butts! But they will probably escape to their pussy sisters in the Pac10.


  5. Cojones

    And it’s the Big10 writers who jump in and rate Julio above AJ just to increase our angst at their stupid thinking. ESPN is composed mainly of Big10 shills who delight in taunting the Dawgs. You are not a true Georgian if you ever forget. Schlabach is the only even-handed writer in the bunch. When he writes of the few bad moments that the Dawgs have had, he uses a velvet hammer.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    UGA has NEVER lost to a Big 10 team. Ever. And we play them in bowl games all the time.