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“See, Aron, you are missing the point.”

The point being that you can’t win picking a fight with the media, that is.


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The Mumme Poll tweeteth.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a momentous decision, but I’ve followed up on the suggestion from a couple of commenters the other day (thanks, guys!) and opened a Twitter account for the Mumme Poll – @MummePoll.

We’ll see where it takes us.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Another day, another bunch of stories to chew on…

  • When you read the set of questions that starts off this piece, you begin to understand (1) why Jim Donnan had a reputation for being a bit, um, prickly on the fan circuit and (2) that Mark Richt has the patience of a saint.  I’m guessing that next year that guy will ask Richt what’s going on with the quarterbacks.
  • The SEC isn’t going to force any conference school to rearrange its schedule to appease Alabama over its bye-week concerns.
  • Here’s another sports writer who doesn’t understand that the NCAA has nothing to do with the BCS or a potential D-1 football playoff.
  • I don’t know about you, but urging the SEC to take the lead on conference expansion so the Big Ten can’t claim the mantle of “trend setter” strikes me as the kind of thinking that gets you stuck in a land war in Asia.
  • You’ve probably already heard about this, but it’s good to know that Florida’s drug testing program continues on its merry way in the post-Harvin era.
  • Mike Slive doesn’t miss Lane Kiffin.
  • Presented without comment “First staged in 1972, Hot Greeks mixed the homoeroticism of college football with the dire stakes of the Peloponnesian War.” Also, drag mutants.


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A sign that the end of days may be nigh

Mark Bradley, of all people, is a voice of reason on the Logan Gray situation.


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As the ‘Cock crows

Is there anything more reliable in the world of college football than South Carolina fans’ preseason confidence that their school is headed to the SECCG?  Oh sure, the reasons for optimism change, but the final destination is always a lock.

And they know that the road to Atlanta runs through Athens.  No doubt it’s been a tightly contested series during the Richt era, but Georgia has won far more often than it’s lost during that time.

Things are going to be different in 2010, though.  Georgia will be starting an inexperienced quarterback.  The Dawg defense gave up a lot of yards in the game last year.  Three defensive tackles graduated.   Georgia’s offense will be one-dimensional.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

But mainly it’s that quarterback situation.

Simply, all of UGA’s QB problems mean one thing – the stakes have risen for USC on Sept. 11.

I would come back with the obvious set of rejoinders here (Carolina’s issues at linebacker, offensive line and running back come to mind, as well as the Spurrier-Garcia relationship), but I won’t because it’s already been carefully considered and discarded by the author.

For the first time in recent memory, I can pass the snicker test with the claim USC has just as much talent, if not more, than Georgia in 2010.

The 2010 offseason has officially commenced in Columbia.


UPDATE: Yeah, it’s just you.


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