A sign that the end of days may be nigh

Mark Bradley, of all people, is a voice of reason on the Logan Gray situation.


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9 responses to “A sign that the end of days may be nigh

  1. Brandon

    Begin buying your non-hybrid seeds immediately.


  2. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    See, now the reaction that I’ve been getting for that same opinion is the “how dare you throw gray under the bus! He should get a chance!” really people.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Macon Dawg has a pretty thoughtful take as well.


    Would somebody please explain to me the relationship between Kyle King and Macon Dawg over at Dawg Sports, the relationship between Sprints and Cocknfire over at Team Speed Kills, and the relationships between the various bylines over at Dr. Saturday.


    • Kyle and I aren’t actually related, which is probably to his credit.

      Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal!

      Seriously, Kyle is the proprietor of the blog and I’m just the guy he let’s write some things on his blog from time to time. I don’t know what the other folks’ situations are, except that all of us are really just frustrated Matt Hintons. And thanks for the shout out.


  4. Vious

    He is dead on correct. People jumping off the edge are for the most part doing it for no reason.

    Add in that many are bashing Logan when they would be doing the same thing makes it even more laughable.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I just don’t get it. Players are part of a team. The coaches have to make a decision about who is the starter and who is a back-up. Been that way forever. So a guy doesn’t get picked to be the starter. Gonna take his ball and go home. Every player would leave if that was the right thing to do. 11 players on offense, 11 on defense and a few special teams guys (kicker, punter snapper, etc.). Guess the starters have to cover kicks because the backups are all gone ’cause they couldn’t start. Grow up! Are you a team player or not? If you aren’t a team player be gone and good riddance.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      P.S. I guarantee that there are other guys who WANT to be part of the team and who will do what the coach says for the good of the team. If Gray leaves, let him go and get a JC guy who really wants to be a Dawg to take his place.


  6. Way more to it than just being “a team player” or someone who “wants to be a part of the team.”

    For some kids just being a Dawg is enough. They’ll give their heart and soul just to wear the colors and if that means being a back up then so be it. I know that first hand as I was content to be a Tar Heel even though a coaching/philosophy change at my position meant I’d likely not play.

    Other guys go to school to do more than practice football. It doesn’t make them bad teammates or bad people. There’s a reason a guy like Aaron Corp transfers from USC to Richmond or Robert Marve goes from Miami to Purdue. They went to school to play football. It is less about the colors, the school or the coaches and more about getting to play the game they love. Between meeting room politics, styles of play and a myriad of other factors there are plenty of reasons why kids could want to leave. Very rarely does a guy not starting or not playing not contemplate how green the grass would be on the other side. Clemson just saw Willy Korn, a kid that dreamed of going to Clemson his whole life, transfer. Surely its less about him being “a bad teammate” and more about him wanting to maximize his football career and enjoy his college experience.

    To put it simple, a lot of guys factor playing time into their overall college experience and when they’re miserable its better to leave no matter how much they like things away from football.

    Hell, I grew up dreaming of going to UNC, turned down offers from schools where I’d have been at worst a 3 year starter in BCS conferences. When we had a coaching change in the secondary I called schools, talked to old recruiting coaches and thought about packing up and leaving so I’d get to play. I wasn’t a bad teammate, just had to realize what mattered more to me; going to UNC and never getting a fair shake or playing somewhere wishing I was hanging out at Carolina.