Wednesday morning buffet

Another day, another bunch of stories to chew on…

  • When you read the set of questions that starts off this piece, you begin to understand (1) why Jim Donnan had a reputation for being a bit, um, prickly on the fan circuit and (2) that Mark Richt has the patience of a saint.  I’m guessing that next year that guy will ask Richt what’s going on with the quarterbacks.
  • The SEC isn’t going to force any conference school to rearrange its schedule to appease Alabama over its bye-week concerns.
  • Here’s another sports writer who doesn’t understand that the NCAA has nothing to do with the BCS or a potential D-1 football playoff.
  • I don’t know about you, but urging the SEC to take the lead on conference expansion so the Big Ten can’t claim the mantle of “trend setter” strikes me as the kind of thinking that gets you stuck in a land war in Asia.
  • You’ve probably already heard about this, but it’s good to know that Florida’s drug testing program continues on its merry way in the post-Harvin era.
  • Mike Slive doesn’t miss Lane Kiffin.
  • Presented without comment “First staged in 1972, Hot Greeks mixed the homoeroticism of college football with the dire stakes of the Peloponnesian War.” Also, drag mutants.


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15 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Russell

    “According to the report, Hernandez was open with teams at the NFL combine about his past marijuana use, explaining that it stemmed from the 2006 death of his father, Dennis, who died of complications following hernia surgery while Hernandez was a junior in high school.” So it’s his Dad’s fault for dying. Pitiful…


  2. NCT

    Coming soon to the Interwebs near you, a blog titled “The Hot Twat of Tangier”.


  3. ConnGator

    Love Richt’s backhanded slap at lame FSU fans. More subtle than Spurrier, but still good.

    Richt might be my favorite rival coach (aside from a moment of weakness in 2007.)


    • Badmarinara

      I don’t think he meant to comment on FSU. Sounds like self deprecation regarding UF.

      Hmmm, how many times was A. Hernandez suspended from the Gators? Good example to be settin Corch M.


    • Prov

      Why are Gators so obsessed with “The 15 yard penalty”? Is it because Georgia actually won that year? UF has beaten UGA almost every year for two decades but that penalty still seems to be on the mind of most Gators. Has winning become so second nature that you need something to get fired up about?


      • ConnGator

        Not obsessed, just disappointed. Georgia was going to win that game without that stunt. All it did is risk a brawl (similar to USC – Clemson) for nothing.

        Also, it is the only instance I can think of where a head coach planned in advance to take a penalty that he knew could cause trouble.

        But since it is a sore point I won’t bring it up again.


  4. kevin

    “With 2010 football schedules already set, however, fixing the problem in the short-term is more difficult.”

    I thought the Bama faithful have been crowing about the schedule is not yet final??


  5. Chuck

    Richt may be a saint for the way he handles those questions, but it is clear that he could solve all his problems if he would just listen to my advice, and the rest of you can just watch and learn. 🙂


  6. 69Dawg

    Apparently smoking the evil weed is only evil at UGA. The rest of the schools give a wink wink nod nod.


    • 81Dog

      I bet Hernandez was on double secret probation. Doing the right thing is always on the mind of Urban Meyer, and the mind of his team. It’s a big deal, and it gets handled….as soon as the kid runs out of eligibility, or turns out to be a flop.


  7. Vious

    Not surprising about Alabama. Changing was only going to enrage everyone but Alabama.

    Tennessee had a crap schedule 2-3 years ago and the SEC never flinched when the Vols complained.

    Helping Bama was going to set a terrible precedent for future issues


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      While I have no love for Bama the real point is the incompetence (or worse) of who did the scheduling. Whoever did it (and that can be found out easily) should be fired immediately. The only way to take gamesmanship out of the scheduling process is to have all conference games played within an 8 week period with no off weeks for anybody–period. Until then the cheaters (like CSS did for years with the GA-FLA game) will use connections at the league office to try to get an advantage. You know, not that it will happen, but with all this conference realignment talk Bama is a very attractive commodity. Suppose the Texas AD and Mal Moore decide to get together and build their own conference around those 2 schools? Can you imagine the impact of that? Invite the best of the Big 12 ( Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc.) and the SEC (UGA, LSU, Auburn, et al) and leave out the Vandys and Baylors of the world. What kind of TV deal do you think a 16 team conference like that could get? It would serve Mike Slime right. By the way, the only difference between Mike Slime and Junior is one of relative position. They are the same guy, just in different bodies. That is why Slime hates the Lamer so much. He sees his own faults in Kiffin.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Here’s a possible “Super Conference” discussed above. East: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida,Tennessee, LSU, Ole Miss and Arkansas. West: Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma State. Each team plays all the other teams in its division, plus 2 teams from the other division (that rotate every 2 years home and home), plus 3 out of conference games, every year.


  8. Jay

    Oh my GAWD…bammer has to play former bammer coach Bill Curry’s finely tuned GEORGIA FREAKIN’ STATE team on Nov 20 before the Auburn game (that is to be played in Tuscaloosa)….and Auburn has a bye after playing UGA on November 13….the unfairness of it all!