“Coach Meyer knows what he’s doing.”

You ever read those stories about parents who host parties with alcohol for their teenaged kids and their friends and defend their stupidity by insisting that they’d rather have them drinking safely at home than going out to do so?

I think I’ve figured out what goes on in Gainesville, Florida.

… Wondy Pierre-Louis, a Gators cornerback from 2006-09, said Meyer instilled fear in his players about smoking marijuana and often threatened to kick players off the team in meetings and huddles.

Pierre-Louis estimates about 75 percent of the 2006 team smoked marijuana based on internal talk among players and teammates posting positive tests.

Better to smoke a little weed in the privacy of one’s own place than to wander downtown, drink, fondle a couple of strippers and get in a fight.  In public.

Especially when you know they’ve got your back.

… Many of UF’s punishments regarding drug use seem to be out of Meyer’s hands. Florida’s Substance Abuse Committee regularly tests athletes and issues a one-game suspension after two failed tests and an indefinite suspension after five failed tests.

The entire policy, however, isn’t so clear cut since Athletics Director Jeremy Foley has the power to “recommend reduction of sanctions” after a Florida athlete tests positive. Foley can review new information on a Florida-administered drug test and makes the final call on an appeal.

And they know.

… The Globe’s report on Hernandez was a shock to Pierre-Louis, who said he never knew Hernandez failed a test.

Usually word gets around on something like this, he said.

“I think every athlete gets the same suspensions, but maybe with the starters, they won’t bring the news out as much,” said Pierre-Louis about the UF coaches.



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18 responses to ““Coach Meyer knows what he’s doing.”

  1. kckd

    I thought for sure our policy was one failure = one suspension

    five times = indefinite? Does that mean you can still come back after that too? Tell me we are tougher than that. man alive.


  2. That’s more close to standard than folks realize. Failed school administered tests are up to the athletic department policy and they are subject to conditions (and wishes). Guys fail drug tests all the time. Only the NCAA sanctioned drug tests hold a standard suspension.

    This is a part that a lot of fans either don’t realize OR want to believe they’re school doesn’t do. It happens most places. While 75% seems high, I’d put it around 1/3 for weed and closer to 40% when blow, perscription drugs etc are factored in. The fact remains on a school sanctioned test the athletic department/coaching staff is free to alter punishment.

    Is it fair? No. But it happens. Something a scrub might be booted for like a failed drug test becomes something a starter has to run stadiums or hills for.

    Truth hurts but that’s the facts in the world of college football. Its not just a Florida thing.


    • anon

      75% seems high — I think that’s what he was saying in the original article.



    • Hogbody Spradlin

      That structure (letting the administrative people instead of the coaches set punishment) superficially makes sense. Take the punishment away from the coaches who have the most obvious conflict of interest. However, since when are athletic department people free from temptation?

      Also, anybody who has ever taken a toke thinks everybody in their peer group does it.


    • Aligator

      true, it happens everywhere


  3. Bulldog Bry

    If everyone is hitting the bong pipe, then why in God’s name are we giving automatic two game suspensions for it? ?And what “team violation” did Bruce Figgins break that he got six games? Selling it?


  4. So, the penalty for smoking reefer is a tad bit more stringent than the penalty for eye gouging. Maybe Spikes told Corch Irvin Meyers he was stoned when he committed the infraction and that’s the reason the suspension went from a half game to a whole game. It all makes sense now.

    That Jeremy Foley seems like a pretty cool cat to play for. Now join me in a rousing chorus of …..

    We are the boys from old Florida
    Where the buds are the fairest,
    The blunts are the squarest
    Of any old state down our way

    We are all stoned at old Florida
    Down where the old gators play
    In all kinds of weather
    We’ll all smoke together
    for F-L-O-R-I-D-A

    The lyrics were always confusing to me….


    • Puffdawg

      And I would like to conclude by saying that old Gator chant we love to do: “One two, three fo’ five, dem deah Gata don’t take no jive.”


      • Aligator

        percy harvey and corch irben myers an da nationul champyonship gaytus.


        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Ali, spelling and grammar are important. Go find LSU Freek’s masterpiece & check your composition.

          It’s Irvin Myers. Everybody knows that.


  5. BenG

    Hell of a recruiting pitch Corch has there.


  6. 69Dawg

    Wow what a shocker that some schools don’t enforce dope smoking. Heck some of these teams couldn’t field a team if they suspended every player that smoked dope. CUM does whatever it takes to win and Jeremy Foley has a vested interest in him succeeding.


  7. Cojones

    Speaking of glass houses….didn’t Quincy Carter puff a few doobies in his time? And he wasn’t admonished until about the fifth time in the pros.
    The posts to the La.-Lafayette story on the entrepreneurial spirit among our college football players is worth reading the responses on this subject.


    • Normaltown Mike

      If Greg Blue’s halloween costume is an indication, QC was into more than Northern Lights…


    • Aligator

      yep sure did … yeah what was that LBer’s name who stayed drunk all the time and got kicked off the bengal’s five times?


  8. Vious

    On one hand, anyone who knows anything knows that UGA should not be mocking UF too much with this….b/c things have happened similar to this while Richt has been at UGA.

    On the other, Meyer hiding 75% of the team is laughable and should warrant possible firing….