Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

I feel for Mark Richt, who’s trying to hold together a dicey depth situation at the most important position on the field, but his insistence on the “Aaron has not won the job” line is getting amusing.  I almost expect him to keep using it should Logan Gray leave the program.


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  1. Keith

    Why CMR doesn’t hire a publicist to help him with his skills on the circuit, is beyond me. I hope this is nothing more than a smoke screen for pushing AM over the summer and into fall camp. I would hate though to think he was doing this just to keep LG on campus.

  2. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    He’s doing it to keep LG here. AM may not have won the job yet, but CMR knows damned well that he will be the starter.

  3. Irishdawg

    I was there last night, and thought Richt handled the question the best way one could. He’s not going to lay out what was said between he and Logan, and he’s made Logan aware of how fluid the QB situation is.

    Mark Fox was there too, and that guy can work a crowd.

  4. Macallanlover

    I don’t see how Richt’s stance can be regarded as “amusing”. It would be no surprise at all if AM holds onto the #1 spot, but stating a player #1 on the depth chart is not the same as naming him the starter. This is a traditional approach for all coaches, not just an attempt to mislead Gray by CMR due to lack of depth. Gray himself said after the Spring Game that it was a long time before opening day and a lot could change.

    You have to look at Gray’s opinion of his own talent here. If he believes he possesses the ability to be the starter at UGA, or any other D1 program, why would be leave? If after 3 years on campus under the same offensive coaches he cannot win the position outright from a RS Freshman who has never taken a snap in college, exactly where would he go to prove himself? The only possible explanation, other than an emotional over-reaction, is he doesn’t think he is being given a fair shot. I find that hard to believe with Richt and Bobo’s past favortism to go with more senior players. I just don’t think Gray is thinking clearly here. He is one ankle turn, or hammy, from being number one at UGA, a school he seems to like, even before he weighs his chances of moving ahead of Murray in August or September. You are either talented young man, in which case you strap youer helmet on and fight, or you don’t want to compete at a high level.

    • Mac, I may be completely misreading the situation, but I suspect that Gray has a fairly clear-headed opinion of his own talent. I think he knows that he’s not going to be a long term #1 QB at Georgia and has come to terms with that. The problem is that, in light of that, he wants to move to a position that gives him a better opportunity to have a long term shot to play, but the coaches don’t want him to move.

      • Macallanlover

        You and Cojones may be right, I clearly don’t have enough information to disagree strongly, and I could be misreading Gray’s desire. I felt he was considering a transfer to play QB somewhere, but maybe he is insisting on a shot at WR (which I would give him sparingly this year at UGA if he is capable of contributing.) We will know soon if he decides to leave since he would have to clearly state the position to any coach he contacts.

        Regardless, I feel CMR shot straight with him so he knows where he stands and can make his decision off that conversation with full confidence that he has all the facts from the UGA side. He will be on his own about whether the other coaches he deals with will shoot straight with him. Fins to the left, fins to the right……..

      • Reptillicide

        I agree with your take on it, Senator. If anything, Gray fully realizes that he isn’t going to be the starter. He’s a bright kid, I’m sure he figured out that after 3 years with the program, if he isn’t #1 at the top of the depth chart at the end of Spring, with a redshirt freshman ahead of him, he probably never will.

        I’m sure the debate in his mind is not whether he SHOULD transfer or not, but rather, if at this point, it’s worthwhile for him to transfer elsewhere. Because with only 2 years of eligibility remaining, I’m certain he does not want to lose another year of it sitting out, or learning somebody else’s playbook, or worse, sitting behind another QB. There’s no guarantee that if he were to transfer elsewhere, that he would be a starting QB this Fall.

        That, in my mind, is why he’s mulling the position change. Because playing WR may be the best chance he has of playing ball before he has to say goodbye to his career, which is quickly approaching its end.

  5. Cojones

    The Senator is correct. And that’s the rub with Logan. He could have contributed more at WR last year, but had to sit and watch, then go in for a few plays in bad situations. He sees the same in store this year. While I like Murray, I’m not buying all the favoritism thrown his way by the “in” writers quoting Bobo and others the way they want to interpret their words. I believe Richt. While Murray is now in the lead, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be outcompeted. I know the smirk or “wink-wink” factor went up from the know-it-all crowd reading this, but aren’t these all opinions? As much as some would have us believe that they have an inside track (and they try to make it come true by underreporting Logan and overreporting Aaron), I just don’t believe their prejudices for certain players. By publishing such thoughts and speculation, they try to guide the thinking for the QB position while being detrimental to the competitive spirit Logan has kept alive. Insensitive words have been written as Gospel. We should glean fact from reports and do our own thinking instead of falling all over ourselves to be a favorite respondent to insensitive writings that sometimes comes from good writers. Nope, I’ll stick with our Coach on this one and hope that others follow their own sense of right for players and the team.

  6. Vious

    I find it a bit funny how everyone is convinced that AM will automatically be our 4-year stud

    Wait until he struggles like a freshman QB does….everyone will want Logan

    • Reptillicide

      Aaron Murray might not be our 4-year stud. But if he’s not… he’ll be our 3 year-left-early-for-the-draft stud. :p

  7. Now they can jump on you Sen! lol….I thought the same thing as you when I read that.

  8. I am the one who thought AM should not play last year. I am the one who thought all 3 spring practice QBs should share the reps equally. I did not think AM had anything sewed up. However, I now believe that he will be the Dawg’s starting QB for the next 4 years. I expect it to be a very productive 4 years for AM & for the Dawgs.
    Does anyone besides me think Ann Margaret when you see the initials AM?.

    • Macallanlover

      Only when I lie down, or take a shower. One of the sexiest women to ever walk this planet. Saw her in Vegas one time, my wife nudged me about thirty minutes into the show and said, “now I understand what you have been saying about her all these years”.

  9. Cojones

    Yep- it was just last night that my wife asked, “Is that youir Ann Margaret boner?”