Help a DragonCon fan out.

Georgia Tech can’t find a place on campus to store the Ramblin’ Reck.  This is an engineering school – an engineering school in the South, mind you – with no one capable of figuring out a place to park a car.

My suggestion would be to put the damned thing up on blocks and stick it in some frat house’s front yard.  Feel free to help our Jacket brethren out with your own ideas in the comments.


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22 responses to “Help a DragonCon fan out.

  1. dcugaqb07

    You’re original subject line was correct, Senator. Don’t forget that holy relic’s confer a bonus to attack and defense rolls against opponents. It’s only a matter of time before the Reck’s broken down for parts so that the Jackets can each carry a piece as part of their uniform…


  2. RusDawg

    I would suggest in the bleachers……they never get fully used anyways….


    • 81Dog

      Good point, Rus! They could park it under the East stands. Except when they play UGA, FSU or Clemson, they don’t really need the space for anything even on game day….errrr, game Thursday night.


  3. 202Dawg

    My dad’s got a gully behind his house. There used to be a junk Model-T down in there. One more POS won’t hurt…


  4. Pumpdawg

    Bring it to Athens. Since UGA owns their football team,might as well own their junk too.


  5. aristoggle

    Does Nathan Deal still have that junkyard up in Gainesville?


  6. Russell

    To make a little cash, you could let people passing by take a whack at it with a ball bat.


  7. 81Dog

    I dont know where they can park it, but they better be careful which set of callow nerds they let move it by trailer to the new garage.

    It’s amazing that for all their genius, wealth and power, nerd alums can’t come up with a garage for their holiest icon. It’s a freaking car, pencil necks. Find a garage, maybe even one with a garage door.

    Absent that, surely you twirps can find an empty spot on campus that measures, say, 30 feet by 30 feet, and construct an actual garage. Don’t you weasels have a School of Garage Engineering over there? Build one for a class project. When you get it built, have someone from the College of Door Locks secure it for you.

    It’s not rocket science. Which is ironic, because you actually have a school for that over there, don’t you? I can see Tech President Vernon Woermer, or whatever his name is, gazing out his office window and musing, “We can put a Tech man on the moon, but we can’t find a place to park our junky little jalopy.”

    Sic transit gloria, nerds.


  8. Russ

    I thought Buzz was the mascot…but it does make sense that the actual Tech mascot is an unfeeling, inanimate object. That said, why not dig an underground tunnel like a true yellowjacket nest and have Buzz and th e Reck come flying up out of the midfield logo before games? A nice added touch for the Redcoats would to be to have a couple of folks run up with fire extinguishers made up to look like giant cans of Raid and spray the hole…


  9. dean

    My suggestion would be to leave it out on Techwood until they can determine where to keep it.


    • Brad

      I liked the part in the article where they said the reck should be in a place near the center of campus so that they didn’t have to drive it through surrounding neighborhoods.


      • Rival

        Ah, but you forget about the genius of the Perfect Option.

        If the reck is in danger of being carjacked – and if it’s near campus or Home Park then it certainly is – the car can distract its assailants by simply pitching the driver or passenger out the doors.


  10. Dawg19

    What are they talking about?

    It’s been in Mark Richt’s garage for nine years…


  11. Rival

    When leaving comments, please do not forget that techies routinely (if not constantly) disparage Uga (a living, breathing animal), even to the point of laughing at the deaths of our (far cooler) mascots.

    The gloves should not only be off, but preferably left in your gym bag.


  12. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Park it in the hood, somewhere down near Spellman. Nobody gives a damn about that piece of shit enough to bother with it, there are plenty of 94 Lincoln town cars to be had.


  13. Will (the other one)

    Melt it down and use it as a urinal for visiting fans.


  14. Rusdawg

    Wait….do they have a girls dorm over there? There has to be TONS of space in that place!


  15. NoDawg

    There are so many Dawg fans that are huge asses they should just pick one and drive it in.


  16. NRBQ

    Haw. Haw. Haw.

    You are a winner, Ahmed.