Thursday morning buffet

Grab that plate, folks, and settle in.


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8 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    LSU counting press, ushers and concession workers in attendance figures is about penis size too. Sanford Stadium capacity is listed at 92,746. Tiger stadium capacity is listed at 92,400. So . . .?

    As long as we’re talking about penises today, Excalibur wants me to give him a shout.


  2. 69Dawg

    I think CTG’s statement about the amount of talent in state he has seen in the pros versus the amount that went to UGA was a little shot at CRG. When draft time rolls around the pro’s are going to listen to CTG on the subject of who has the talent to play at the next level and CTG wants that talent at UGA.


  3. Chuck

    I think the SEC penis size is just fine, too.

    One thing about the noise the NCAA is making (yes, I realize that is from another post, but it is related) is if conferences realign, or if the NCAA takes it ball and the SEC and others say fine, we’ll get our own ball, what happens to the bazillion dollar contracts that the SEC has with CBS and ESPN, for example? My guess is that the biggest penises belong to the folks holding those contracts.


  4. JC in Powder Springs

    It’s a tough argument on the recruiting front (Towers article) and easy to second guess. Dawgs have gone out-of-state to land Green, Stafford, Moreno, many others. No way Berry was coming to Athens. Not sure guys like Dunta Robinson, Brinkley’s, Cunningham would have been allowed entry to UGA. Does anybody care much about players like M. Hurt, Cam Newton, M. Bowman leaving state? There’s been misses – Marcus McNeill stands out in my mind. But I think this issue is overblown. There is a ton of talent in this state, but Dawgs can’t sign everybody and there’s a batch who won’t gain entry. When a guy like Rogers backstabs you, the best thing to do is kick his butt on the field, a la Jabari Davis.

    Here’s my second guess – Attrition is a recurring off-season problem. CMR should accept that some players will be bumped out each spring and get a couple more FAXes on signing day.

    The staff is out recruiting whether a press release is issued or not. Does the public need to know where/who we’re recruiting at all times?


  5. Vious

    Saban always struggles the year after major success

    His D losing players will hurt them significantly in several major games. If they get down a good bit, I don’t think their O is good enough to come back in ALL situations.

    I suspect they give up a few bombs here or there and end up losing 2-3 games


    • Aligator

      I think they lose at least 2 … expectations will be even crazier than last year for the Gators and he will tire of the rednecks and toothless wonders of Alabama and get the hell out after another year or so.


  6. Aligator

    I am so excited about Douche Saben.I can not wait to see the sheer horror that vanquishes the state of Alabama when he bails on UA in the next couple of years when he gets bored with the hillbillies, rednecks and psycho’s and goes onto coach some other desperate idiot for 7 million dollars. I am bubbling with joy!