I hope they can get a refund.

The NCAA puts the kibosh on Tiger Prowl.

… The NCAA Division I Board of Directors finalized legislation Thursday effective immediately limiting no more than two football coaches per school from visiting a prospective recruit in the same day during an evaluation period, NCAA spokesman Erik Christanson confirmed by e-mail Thursday night.

The rule change takes direct aim at recruiters riding to high schools in stretch Hummer limousines, a controversial tactic Auburn coaches began last year.

You gotta love Gene Chizik’s response.

“All of the different recruiting ideas that we came up with last year, people want to ask the question what kind of effect did they have on recruiting?,” Chizik said. “I don’t know whether that’s something that played a huge part in our success with our signing class or not. … It’s all about how hard you work and it’s all about relationships.”

Riiight.  That’s why you doubled down with a bus this year, Coach.



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5 responses to “I hope they can get a refund.

  1. dboy

    The Auburn duschemobile.


  2. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    I had a good laugh at chiziks response as well. Easily the most disingenuous statement of the month.


  3. 81Dog

    Maybe Cheeze-ik can take a page out of the Wild Boyz Notebook. I’m sure the AU staff wouldnt mind cranking up the volume and going shirtless. There probably isn’t anything they could do that would offend the delicate sensibilities of AU fans if they thought it would help them even slightly against Alabama. This includes human sacrifice. I don’t think that’s on the NCAA banned list yet, so watch out down there in Lee County.

    To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, no AU coach ever got fired for underestimating the taste of the AU fan base.


  4. FJ

    When I heard about this last year I thought it must be against some NCAA rule. Obviously, cruising around in a limo or duschemobile was never the intent of the “evaluating period”.


    • dboy

      I thought that sending young ladies to recruits’ football games was against some sort of NCAA rule as well (a la kiffin). Alas, the NCAA hasn’t made a rule for everything just yet.